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Sameer Jejurikar Is Improving The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Sam Jejurikar has become one of the most respected men in his field today, not only for his knowledge and skill but for the contributions and effort he makes to improve the industry as a whole as well as its image. Sam is well-respected throughout the field by his peers for good reason and anyone looking into plastic surgery in the United States should check him out to understand what he does best.

As a well-rounded plastic surgeon, Sameer Jejurikar is capable of performing most types of plastic surgery for his patients, though he specializes in the nose, face, breast, and eyes especially. More than just his talent in plastic surgery, Sameer is an intuitive individual, capable of understanding his patients and what they are really looking for as well as what they need to go on with a good surgery. Before proceeding with any surgery for his clients, he ensures they know exactly what they want and what to expect once the surgery has completed. There is always a recovery period which requires a certain level of care, which is just as important as the surgery itself for it to remain in good shape.

Sameer is not just talented either, but kind in his presentation and execution. This is why he was the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Certification, as many clients have rated him highly over the years for his good bedside manner and disposition towards everyone around him. This award is actually quite the testament to how unique Sameer Jejurikar is in the industry, as less than 5 percent of all other physicians hold the title. The American Registry even bestowed Sameer Jejurikar with the award for Business Excellence, maintaining high standards for his industry and his practice.

Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is President of Worldwide Asset eXchange that is commonly known as WAX. Malcolm is also the Chief Investing Officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is a leading firm that engages in buying and selling items online in the marketplace by use of video games. Formerly, Malcolm CasSelle was the president and Chief Trading Officer at Tronc that was previously known as Tribute Publishing. While serving Tronc, Malcolm was tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing the rapid growth of the company’s assets leveraging digital properties.

Malcolm CasSelle also worked at SeaChange Int’l as an SVP & GM of Digital Media. Malcolm joined SeaChange after it purchased the company that he owned and led has the Chief Executive Officer called Timeline Labs.

OPSkins Company that Malcolm leads as its CIO is also an internationally recognized Bitcoin merchant. The firm has followers from various parts of the globe who make cross-border micro-payments regularly. OPSkins is a leading firm regarding user demand and market size for a regionalized protocol. There are several limitations in the marketplace in the centralized virtual assets marketplace. Consequently, the decentralized marketplace for virtual property leads as the natural next option that is in progress.

Recently, the founders of OPSkins have ventured into establishing that they are launching its new platform that will be for virtual asset commercialization. This program is called Worldwide Asset eXchange. The venture is P2P trading for virtual assets. It is built on the bases of decentralized fine contracts and blockchain. These smart contracts are designed with the aim of allowing buyers and sellers to trade with one another on virtual assets smoothly.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is tailored to solve fraud and fragmentation in the virtual asset trading platform. The two problems are the most challenging occurrences in the marketplace. The venture provides a solution to these two problems by employing a simple blockchain-enabled widget that allows all traders to directly sell and buy virtual properties without requiring to click off their gaming platform. WAX is made in such as a way that it can unite both local and international virtual asset traders while allowing them equal trading rights.

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Betsy DeVos, Friend or Frenemy?

A mixture of warmth and criticism is what awaited Betsy DeVos after a February 2017 announcement by the Trump administration that rescinded a federal policy that previously allowed transgender students to use the restroom that corresponded with their gender identities. The public reaction may be attributed to what could be considered two-faced behavior by DeVos where she has defended transgender rights while at the same time backed opposing policies by the Trump administration.


Hours before the February 2017 policy change was announced, DeVos met with an employee representative from the Department of Education to discuss the changes that were to come. While an aide assured the representative that DeVos opposed the change, the public wondered why there had been very little public warning that a rift existed between herself and the administration. The move came as a surprise to many, especially those aware of DeVos’s time in the Michigan state government.


Former state attorney general, Republican Mike Cox, had only good things to say about the education secretary.


“She was fierce in state politics,” Cox said. “She instilled fear in a lot of people, and it wasn’t because she’s wealthy. I’ve known her to be determined when it comes to reaching her goals.”


Randi Weingarten, a Democratic supporter and president of the American Federation of Teachers, also backed DeVos.


“People consistently underestimate Betsy DeVos,” Weingarten said. “She is quiet and personable, but she is also dangerous.”


DeVos had little experience in public education when she was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education in January 2017. Critics worried that she lacked experience with the public education system, particularly the federal student loan program.


DeVos, who was born in western Michigan, is the daughter of a billionaire industrialist. She attended private schools in her hometown before attending Calvin College, where she graduated with a degree in business economics. DeVos entered state politics in 1982, just three years after completing college. She married former Amway CEO Dick DeVos, and in 2016, Forbes listed the DeVos family in the top 100 wealthiest families in America.


Betsy and Dick DeVos are known for their charitable contributions in Michigan and to Christian education. Many members of the public praise DeVos for standing by her convictions and personal beliefs while others feel that the family’s immense wealth has separated her from the reality of the public sector.


“I believe she does not want to deal with people who think and feel differently than she does,” one anonymous public educator said. “It seems like whenever someone opposes DeVos that she feels people are just after her money.”


Calvin College student Nolan Wolffis gave DeVos both criticism and praise.


“You can be bad at your job and still be a good person,” Wolffis told the media.


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Upwork Offers Opportunities to Freelance Workers

Upwork is a service that connects freelance workers with prospective clients. This online platform makes it possible for businesses and independent organizations to find help in a variety of areas, including accounting, design, marketing and writing. Those interested in joining the service should follow these steps:

Establishing a Profile

A profile is essentially a resume that outlines the candidate’s educational background, experience and capabilities. An electronic portrait should be included with samples of the person’s previous work. Candidates should also include their pay requirements. Once this information is received and reviewed, Upwork should provide a response within 24 hours.

Making the Right Contacts

The linking of the client with the worker is accomplished through the Connects program. In some cases, however, the clients may reach out directly to a prospective worker. In any event, the worker may wish to conduct a background review in order to ensure the reputation of the prospective employer.

Starting to Work

Once they begin working together, both the employer and the employee will have the opportunity to review and rate each other. Payment for each assignment may be either fixed or negotiated before the work begins. In terms of its share of the payment, the amount received by Upwork will equal 20 percent on the first $500 earned by a worker, 10 percent on earnings up to $10,000 and 5 percent earned beyond that amount.

The Payment Process

Workers can expect to be paid after their assignments have been reviewed by both parties. Freelancers who are hired on an hourly basis will be paid every week. Additionally, an hourly protection system is available in the event that a fixed-price worker has trouble obtaining the required compensation. If requested, payments can be transferred directly to a personal account.

The History of Upwork

Upwork was created in 2015 through the merger of the freelance websites Elance and and oDesk. Based in California, Upwork today has some 5 million registered clients who employ more than 10 million freelance workers. The company is involved in 3 million assignments every year that are valued at approximately $1 billion.

Winning With Freedom Checks

So what are Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks are the payments that master limited partnerships, or MLPs, pay to investors as a return. In 1987, Congress enacted Statute 26-F, which allows master limited partnerships to operate tax free as long as they meet certain requirements. Read more about Freedom Checks at The first requirement is that these partnerships must generate 90 percent of their revenue from the production, storage, processing, and transportation of oil and gas here in the United States, and that these companies must agree to pay out 90 percent of their income out to investors in the form of Freedom Checks. These companies find wells, refine the oil that comes from the oil fields, and transports oil and gas through the pipelines. Matt Badiali is the face of this Freedom Checks frenzy. Matt believes that virtually anyone can benefit from these checks despite their economic status. Regular, everyday people can take advantage of the opportunity at hand. In the past, the Middle East was the main source of oil for the United States. Read this article at Money Morning. As of now, import relations between the two have not been what they used to. Now because of the decline in import oil, American companies are forced find other avenues to become self sufficient. These companies, 568 in all, are now responsible to fill the void left behind by the Middle East. What makes these companies a good investment is the fact that they are able to operate tax free, which allows for expansion and progress, which inadvertently causes investors to become all the more wealthier. Badiali believes that investors should expect upwards of $30 billion this year, and the best part is that investors do no, DO NOT, pay taxes on these investments. All in all, these checks seem like a great investment opportunity that no one would want to miss out on.


Stream Energy support to the Dallas community

Stream Energy was formed in 2005 and its headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas. It is among the prominent and foremost firm for direct selling service. The firm also provides energy, defensive and house services to its clients. In regard to corporate philanthropy, the Stream Energy works to achieve and support it. Lately, the organization launched a charity institution, Stream Cares, to publicize its philanthropic activities in Texas.

Stream Cares Foundation anticipates assisting the individuals in need through supporting them and the society as a whole. By doing so, the company is able to create a good image for the clients and the public. Stream Energy has been able to create a strong bond with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross as they work towards achieving their role in helping the needy in the community.

In addition, Stream energy offers residential and commercial services such as energy, telemedicine, and effective medics. Prosperous Stream associates receive their payments through commissions made to the sales while some functions as individual business persons. A key issue that the Stream acquaintances are concerned about is homelessness. Another development that Stream energy has been able to do is to work together with the Hope Supply Co. They were also able to pay the entrance and food costs for beyond a 1000 homeless children at the yearly splash. Hope Supply Co offers diapers, clothing, and school supplies for the children who have no shelter. The company has been able to work alongside with Stream for the past four years.

Stream Energy has also partnered with the Salvation Army through which they were able to donate several thousand for the individuals whose houses and business premises vanished in North Texas. Furthermore, the firm also worked with the Operation Once in a Lifetime to offer moral and financial support to Dallas families. Besides that, it also offered transportation services to the poor military veterans. The company’s objective is to assist and uplift the lives in Dallas and Texas through their kindness and dedication to helping the needy.

Whitney Wolfe security and development of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe travels with a personal security guard who does the duty, even at the firm’s offices after the neo-Nazi cyber-attack. She acknowledged this matter of security to the public when the cybercrime suspects besieged Bumble’s team. The criminals also posted the photos and the mobile numbers of the staff members of the firm. This resulted in the FBI to step in and eliminate this crime. The post was a call to action to overthrow the feminists of the organization.

The attack occurred two weeks earlier to the white- supremacist assembly. Whitney Wolfe told the media source that there exists a lot of hate and fury against the feminine organizations. There are a variety of individuals who have faith in women not serving as leaders and being in charge. However, Whitney Wolfe is troubled about the future situations that may occur to her employees who mean a lot to her and to the company. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

Whitney Wolfe is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. Before starting the firm, she recognized a gender inequality in dating and she wanted to curb the issue. Furthermore, she became tired of a hierarchical system in which women would stay patient for their counterparts to request them out. In Bumble, ladies have an opportunity to make the initial move to guys. From this situation, she gained the power and confidence to concentrate and remedy the issue.

Through the app, operators are able to discover new friends, work and also love. Placing women at the forefront is a small segment of Bumble’s tactic of dating. During 2016, the firm launched BFF, an app that permits women to find friends rather than men for dating. In addition, the organization initiated to hold occasions that will help to target women for their commitment and improving the base. The company has four years since it was formed and has gained more than 35 million users.

Through this, the firm was able to become one of America’s quickest- developing dating app with the operators increasing by 70% annually. The firm generated $100 million in revenue for the previous year.

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The Reasons Why Mr. Shiraz Boghani Is An Award-Winning Hotelier

The Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group Mr. Shiraz Boghani was awarded the Hotelier of the Year award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016 held by the Asian Media and Marketing Group. With experience in the hotel industry for over three decades, Mr. Boghani is a Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur who owns nineteen hotels in the U.K.Currently he is the Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP where he is also a founding partner.

Additionally, apart from the hotel industry, Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a founding Partner of Sussex Health Care Limited, and in England and Wales, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts. Mr. Boghani’s recent projects include the Grand Hotel &; Spa, The Conrad London St. James, York and 336 bedroom Holiday Inn Wembley London and 292 bedroom Hilton London Bankside.

The businessperson who moved from Kenya in 1969 to the U.K is also a philanthropist and is a significant supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation. He started as a trainee in accounts at Chartered Accountants and later moved to KPMG formerly called Thomson McLintock. He developed a business mindset, and in 1985, Sussex Healthcare was started where he was a copartner. Today, it stands as one of his ventures with a capacity of over 500 bed and 18 Care Homes. On the other hand, Splendid Hospitality Group stands as one of the fastest growing hotels in the U.K., As a result, the dedication and hard work of Mr. Shiraz Boghani.

Mr. Shiraz is a senior member in his Ismaili community among them Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He is also a sitting committee member in the National Council and above all as the Chairman of Resource Development Convener Aga Khan University. Sussex Health Care Limited offer services to people either in the company’s homes or through the outreach programs. The staff at Sussex is qualified, and that is how the company has managed to run all its homes and outside hence delivering quality service. All these are made under the clear leadership of Mr. Shiraz Boghani. Not many people can lead such a big venture successfully.

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End Citizens United Adding Momentum To O’Rourke Campaign

In a sign of true desperation, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has called in his once bitter enemy President Trump to conduct one of his infamous rallies in support of the Cruz campaign against the surging Congressman Beto O’Rourke.

Political observers nationwide initially considered the Senate seat held by Cruz to be among the safest bets for Republicans in the nation. After all, elected Democrats in the Lone Star State are about as rare as polar bears there.

But all the polls show the race is dead-solid even. The momentum is clearly behind O’Rourke. Furthermore, the Congressman has been endorsed by End Citizens United, a political action committee that is backing candidates who are fierce supporters of campaign finance reform.

Beto O’Rourke is accepting no corporate cash, big money donations from billionaires or support from Super PACS. He’s funding his effort in the same way that End Citizens United raises its cash — with hundreds of thousands of small donation from individual American citizens.

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End Citizens United has managed to raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm election cycle. The average donation to the group is just $14. The whole idea of End Citizens United is to end the corrupting practice of major corporations and other mega-money influences from “buying’ political candidates in America.

End Citizens united was founded in 2015. It is headquartered in Washington D.C. and led by CEO Tiffany Muller. Its goal is to overturn the Citizens United ruling issued by the Supreme Court in 2010. That was the decision that determined that “corporations are people” and the “money equals free speech.”

Since the 2010 Citizens United ruling, massive amounts of dark money has been greasing the wheels of greedy politicians willing to do anything to get elected.

Placing candidates like Beto o’Rourke into high office is a first step toward getting a grip on a campaign finance system that is badly broken. ECU would like to flip both Houses of Congress from red to blue in November. Sending O’Rourke from the House of Representatives to the Senate would be a significant step forward.



Gareth Henry is experienced in the financial world

Gareth Henry has excellent skills and is also experienced in finance and investment. He has in the past worked with several great financial institutions at the managerial positions and displayed great talent enabling such organizations to achieve great success. Henry is also learned because Gareth earned a degree in Actuarial mathematics and statistics. From school, he went to work at Schroders and here he was working as a product manager. His work involved researching various assets and recommending the ones which would be excellent to invest. He worked for this firm and gained the experience he wanted that is when he moved to Fortress Investment Group. He went to the United States and served as the managing director of the company. He was also in charge of the marketing department. The positions enabled Henry to attract a large customer base.

Gareth Henry worked at Fortress Investment Group and continued to gain experience. He then moved to another investment company known as Angelo, Gordon & Co. He is the managing director of the company and also serves as the Global Head of Investor Relations. The two positions allow Henry to help the company to acquire new customers and maintain the clients it has already acquired. Institutional Investors 2011 Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars. Henry is tasked with building experience and meeting with various customers around the world to help them in the management of their money.

Gareth Henry is happy to join the company, and he is sure to help them achieve their goals like he has done in the past with several other companies like Fortress Investment Group. He joined one of the best investment firms in the world, and he will work to maintain its position and also boost its growth and expansion. The president of the company is happy to be working with one of the talented financial experts Gareth Henry. He praised him as being experienced in the world of finance and as someone with considerable expertise who will take the company to the next level. It is expected that his experience and leadership skills will help the company to continue expanding and achieve its missions.