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Marc Beer Renovia contribution to the health department

Renovia firm has a strategy to take a step ahead with different goods for pelvic floor disorders. This is after they sealed a $32 million Series B round together with a $10 million in a business debt. The firm is located in Boston, where it is improving numerous diagnostic and therapeutic goods to cure pelvic disorders.


Marc Beer Renovia’s firm launched its new commodity, Leva, which was permitted and authorized by the FDA. Longwood Fund is a healthy investment company that invested in Renovia to link up with the Series B round. The funds will head to improvement and testing extra therapy commodity comprising a new generation of the Leva equipment. He was able to graduate with a B.S. from Miami University.


Merging creative types of machinery with advanced health mechanism will provide customers with important data to make them aware of the new treatment preferences. It will also be able to add more knowledge and comprehension of pelvic disorders and reduce health costs. Through this partnership, the two will be able to share their ideas to improve the cure and the lives of numerous females affected by the disease. Marc Beer Renovia came up with this idea since it could reduce congestion of the ill in the healthcare institutions.


Marc Beer Renovia had a role of a strategic consultant in OvaScience. Through this position, he was able to assist the firm in making appropriate strategies to improve the firm. Renovia is the initial business that he took into perspective from 2015. He has also had 25 years of experience in improving commercialization in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. Furthermore, he is a skillful practitioner in that health expertise. He built Renovia together with Ramon and Yolanda in 2016. It positively sealed an agreement with a prominent financial institution in health funds.


During April 200, Marc Beer Renovia became the top management executive at ViaCell. This is a biotechnology firm that focuses on the collection, and advancement of umbilical cord stem cells. Through his leadership, the production of the firm grew spontaneously leading to more employment of more than 300 staff members. Later, the company was able to be recognized publicly in 2015. When still serving at ViaCell, he also functioned as a member of a board of directors of Erytech Pharma.


This is a biopharmaceutical firm which was transacted publicly. Besides that, he was able to hold different occupations with Genzyme. Lately, he served as the Vice President of Global Marketing. In this role, Mark Beer Renovia was in charge of the commodities that treated several illnesses internationally. He made sure they were distributed effectively, and preservations were handled in a professional way. In the business industry, he has been able to serve in numerous positions of sales and marketing at Abbott Laboratories. Learn more:

Flavio Maluf Explains Fiscal Incentive Laws In Brazil

Flavio Maluf is one of the most respected businessmen in all of Brazil, and he has done a good job working with their officials on explaining these laws to the people. There are many things that the Brazilian government has tried to roll out with Flavio Maluf’s help, and he has written on these things many times over. Look at what the Fiscal Incentive Laws are doing to make things better for the disadvantaged in Brazil. Visit to learn more

  1. What Are Fiscal Incentive Laws?

Fiscal Incentive Laws are set up to allow companies to put some of their tax dollars towards social programs that will help people. The idea is to grow the social programs faster by allowing these companies to support these initiatives, and it is very important for the people who are trying to make their charities grow or help their region grow.

  1. Examples

The Manaus Free Zone has grown because of tax programs like this. These zones can be used to help people get the services they need, and they can made to grow very fast because the social programs are changing the quality of life for the people there. The tax program is something that Flavio Maluf believes in, and he hopes that many companies will get onboard with this program because it can help a lot of people who truly need it.

  1. Flavio’s Authority

Flavio has the high ground with businesspeople in Brazil because he has been the CEO of Eucatex for some time. His family has run the company for ages, and he knows how the Brazilian economy can grow. He has ideas that will include these Fiscal Incentive Laws. The laws are very powerful because they can give more companies the chance to give their tax money to something that matters. Flavio would like to do the same because he knows it can help people live better lives.

  1. Conclusion

The people who are looking at the fiscal incentive laws in Brazil are going to be amazed by the fact that they can give their business taxes to goo social programs through this tax law that Flavio Maluf has explained.


Alastair Borthwick’s Legacy In Climbing Touches People Today

During his life which lasted from 1913 to 2003, Alastair Borthwick impacted the world of climbing in Scotland and throughout Northern Europe. A writer and broadcaster, he wrote extensively about many different topics but none so much as climbing and mountaineering around Clydebank and Glasgow. While he was not the only person who had covered the topic at that point in history, he was the only one to write about it in the angle that he did.

While climbing and mountaineering are now largely seen as a sport for everyone who is interested, this wasn’t always the case in the past. In fact, up until then, it was considered a sport for the elite of society who would travel to exotic lands in order to climb prestigious hills and mountains. This all changed during the 30’s when the economy in Northern Europe experienced a deep depression. Alastair Borthwick wrote about how views on climbing changed in society as the unemployed and laborers of society started to enjoy the sport as an inexpensive option for entertainment.

At the time, the elite that had helped a monopoly on the activity was none too thrilled with the developments that Alastair Borthwick had captured in articles and Always a Little Further. Even today, his book still sells well and many people consider it one of the quintessential works on the topic of climbing. Other authors had published works on climbing that featured the well-to-do and the technical aspects of the sport itself. Instead of taking this approach, Alastair Borthwick captured the stories of the commoners that made their way across Europe as they had plenty of time on their hands due to high levels of unemployment.

The common people participating in this sport was a completely alien concept to the rich that had held it so dead. People compared it to watching people from the East End, a low-income area, suddenly deciding that they wanted to start playing polo. While some may have been uncomfortable, this didn’t stop Alastair Borthwick from capturing the stories of the many people who had started to enjoy the sport.

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Guilherme Paulus Is Awarded For His Career

Guilherme Paulus is going to be one of about 300 attendees at Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios. The forum is for professionals who are involved with the tourism industry, as well as anyone else who is interested. Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios is going to be held in Renaissance Theater, a venue in San Paolo.

The entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus holds a high place in this forum because he is a big name in the industry. His company, CVC, has grown over 47 years into the third largest one of its kind. He has been given the pleasure of interviewing Pinho. The discussion between both men will be about how airlines and the various people who they work with can make hubs better. The forum will be wildly beneficial for the tourism industry in Brazil, as well as for the tourism industry in Latin America.


This past September, Professional Leader Magazine conducted an interview with Guilherme Paulus, the leader of Latin America’s largest tourism company. Guilherme Paulus has been applauded for linking up various things that are included in the tourism industry. For example, he has linked up hospitality and transportation. CVC offers cheap and affordable prices for tourists. The profit margins seem to go down, but the company actually does very well and attracts more clients.

CVC was named after the initials of Carlos Vincente Cherchieri. Several years after CVC introduced itself to the world, Cherchieri left Guilherme Paulus in charge of everything. The company retained its name, despite the fact that Cherchieri left. Now, after 47 years of business, CVC stands as a model company in the field of tourism. CVC can call itself Latin America’s largest travel operator. It is not the world’s largest travel operator, though it is up there as the third largest. Paulus has received a plaque for 30 years of business and hard work in a specific part of Brazil. This is one of many honors that he has seen for his longstanding career as leader and founder of CVC.

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Shervin Pishevar on Various Topics

Shervin Pishevar is a respected investor who has made numerous bold calls throughout his career. He recently tweeted for over 21 hours about the future. Most of his predictions were dire, and some people dismissed them as soon as he tweeted. However, other people are now worried that the economy is about to collapse.

Oil Prices

Over the past two months, the price of oil has dropped dramatically. Most people think that low oil prices are favorable for the economy. However, oil companies are more profitable when oil prices are higher. Oil drillers get crushed when oil prices drop rapidly. Shervin predicts that oil companies will continue to struggle in the years ahead. He thinks that companies should stop purchasing oil and should focus on developing renewable energy sources. Shervin has significant investments in solar energy companies based in California.

Stock Market

Shervin Pishevar also believes that the stock market is going to drop quickly in 2019. He thinks that the impending stock market drop will be worse than the crash in 2008. He also predicts that the ensuing recession will be worse than the recession in 2008.

There are various reasons for his predictions. He sees rising consumer debt levels as a critical issue in the economy. The last time that consumer debt was this high, most people had little in savings for an emergency. Interest rates are already low, so lowering interest rates will not provide an economic boost. Instead, the economy will languish with little growth for years.


Shervin Pishevar also tweeted about public education in the United States. He thinks that it is a bad idea to let students borrow so much money to earn a degree. He suggested that the United States government should hold colleges liable for the student loan crisis. Instead of taking out loans for college, Shervin Pishevar tells young students to find other ways to learn various subjects. Shervin also thinks many students will move to other countries where college is much less expensive.

Serge Belamant and Blockchain Tech: A Primer

Blockchain technology is on the bleeding edge of the new tech revolution. Serge Belamant helped create that revolution in the 90s. While the late 1990s and early 2000s saw rapid technological developments with the internet, apps, and digital communication growing like wildfire- we have not had any staggering success in consumer-facing tech other than mobile phones. That is all changing with the rapid and widespread adoption rate of Serge Belamant blockchain powered applications for daily life.Net1’s technology has the potential to create massive free cash flows in the fin-tech space. If things continue on the same path, it is very likely that the company will be in a top business position to purchase all of their public shares sometime before 2023.

This means that Net1 stock is currently tremendously undervalued with a pretty significant amount of upside potential to rise.Net1’s UEPS technology is a patented type of blockchain tech that is written directly onto a smart card that is similar to a debit or credit card. These cards are compatible with any system that uses EMVs, or European Mastercard or Visa.The cards are used wherever these cards are able to be processed and work exactly the same as your debit card does now, at least to the end user. On the POS sale, these cards can process blockchain-driven transactions without the need for a plugged in or internet connected system– which is unheard of in the point of sale industry.

Serge Belamant created this technology and now consumers are going to benefit from it.The biggest selling point of these cards is the fact that they are able to be used without a central processing computer. Generally, these systems are used by financial providers to create the opportunity for transactions to be encrypted, analyzed, decrypted and declined or authorized. The fact that the tech developed by Serge Belamant works in places other than your standard store is a huge deal. The future is filled with potential uses for the blockchain, and digital/financial transactions are an ideal place to start. The ability to reduce fraud and overhead make this tech something we will all see in our daily lives.

EOS Holiday Lip Balms Make a Difference

For the holiday season, the EOS company makes lip balms every holiday season for a select collection that they only sell around the holiday timeframe. The beauty vlogger Lip Balm Queen has beenn reviewing the holiday collection items from EOS this season. One of her recent reviews is of the holiday EOS lip balm trio pack.

The EOS holiday lip balm trio pack includes three different EOS lip balms from the exclusive holiday collection. Peppermint Mocha, Vanilla Bean, and Sparkling Ginger are included in the pack. The Lip Balm Queen viewed this as a really difficult product to find. She bought it on eBay initially, and then she finally found them stocked up at CVS. The three packs are also available from Ulta, Target, and most other retailers sells EOS lip balm products. She did reviews on Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla Bean, so the focus of her new review was the Sparkling Ginger lip balm in the pack.

The three pack of holiday lip balms have what the Lip Balm Queen calls an 80s looking designed package. The scent of the Sparkling Ginger lip balm reminds the Lip Balm Queen of a newly opened can of ginger ale. She said it tastes pleasantly of ginger without being overwhelming. The holiday three-pack EOS are available for a limited time only, so look for them soon this holiday season.

Tips from Ted Bauman on How to Protect Your Wealth

Understanding the status of the economy is essential for anyone who wants to protect his or her investment. Many investors have managed to protect their investments from market crash through the help of Ted Bauman, a financial expert. He is a part-time editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and his primary role is to provide investors with investment advice to enable them to protect their investments. He has dedicated his life to connecting people with resources which helps then enjoy freer financial lives.

Ted Bauman’s analytical mind aims at informing investors concerning strategies that they can use to protect their investments or assets. He provides the investors with practical tips from how to double their profits to how they can protect their privacy. With the help of the new technology, he tries to remain informed about the global economy, which helps him to provide investment advice to his clients. Below are tips from Ted Bauman that can help you protect your investment.

First, you should have a protection plan for your investments. Common sense is vital in creating a protective wall around your investment portfolio. You should not focus all your attention on huge gains within a concise time, but you should focus on developing a defensive strategy which will become profitable in the end.

Second, you should protect your investments by investing in bonds and stocks. Many investors do not want to invest in bonds because they don’t know anything about bonds, the bond market, and dividends. Those who have invested in bonds, receive monthly dividends while those who depend on stocks depend on everyday stock market losses or gains.

Finally, you should invest in both stocks and bonds. If you want to take a conservative risk and at the same time protect investment portfolio, you should invest in both stock and bonds. When you invest in bonds your portfolio will be protected in case the market crashes.

There are many more bits of advice from Ted Bauman, but the above tips are enough for you to protect your investment and obtain a considerable gain. You can follow Ted Bauman on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to learn more from him concerning how to protect your investment.

Ted Bauman’s Twitter

Jacob Gottlieb; Founder of Visium Plots a Comeback in Hedge Fund Investment

Like a phoenix, Jacob Gottlieb wants to rise again. After closing his hedge fund in 2016, Gottlieb is considering on raising money to start another hedge fund. Jacob Gottlieb liquidated his Visium Asset Management LP after his staffers were accused of insider trading. However, Gottlieb was never accused of wrongdoing.

In an interview where he highlighted his plans for a comeback, Mr. Gottlieb said that he loves investing and that is what he has been doing since he was a teenager. He went on to say that that is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

As a testimony to his determination to investments, the 46 year old has opened a family office by the name Altium Capital which he uses mostly for managing his personal wealth. At Altium, Mr Jacob Gottlieb works with other six employees, whereby his brother, Mark Gottlieb serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Like Visium, Altium Capital focuses its investments mainly in healthcare, as well as stock trading in the same.

At the time when Visium Asset Management was winding up, Mr. Gottlieb had promised that he had not the luxury to relax for long. True to his word, it seems like Mr. Gottlieb is making a comeback with a thud. Being a medical doctor, it seems his main area of focus is healthcare-centered hedge fund. While giving his opinion on why he wants to focus on healthcare, he pointed out that most firms have gone public thus their potential for value creation and destruction is huge.

Mr. Jacob Gottlieb had founded Visium in 2005 and at the peak of its growth; the company was managing a fund worth $8 billion. According to Wall Street Journal, Visium’s healthcare flagship fund, Visium Balanced Fund had an annualized return of 14.3% from 2001 to 2015. Of this, four years (2001-2005), Mr. Gottlieb managed the strategy in different accounts. However, in 2016, the fund lost 9.3% when senior employees of the company were charged of insider trading and mismarking securities.

End Citizens United Supports Candidates Refusing Corporate PAC Money

Many Democratic candidates this election cycle are refusing to take money from political action committees that are funded by corporations. They will instead only rely on grassroots supporters to fund their campaigns for office. They want to show voters that they don’t owe corporations anything and aim to keep it that way.

This pledge is mostly symbolic, the political action committee End Citizens United has said, but it’ still important. Most nonincumbents don’t receive this sort of money anyway and if they do it’s just a small amount of what they raise. Nonetheless, voters will be hearing more Democrats running for office refusing corporate money not just in this election but also in the 2020 presidential elections.

In all, End Citizens United says that 185 Democratic candidates have stated that they won’t accept any corporate PAC money. This is a Washington D.C-based PAC that is focused on campaign finance reform. They got their name from the infamous Supreme Court ruling that resulted in corporations flooding the political system with money to buy votes. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

So far, of these 185 candidates, 85 have won their primaries. Some of them have come to national prominences such as Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania, Randy Bryce in Wisconsin, and New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are all running for Congress. On the Senate side the people that have made this pledge are Cory Book, Sheldon Whitehouse, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The team at End Citizens United has said that voters across the nation sense that Washington is completely dysfunctional anymore. It’s for this reason that Democrats running for office are tapping into this sense and the anger that Washington only serves corporate interests with Republican in power in Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency.

End Citizens United is an ideological type of PAC. There are also labor PACS and corporate PACS. Any of these three types of organizations can give up to $5,000 to a candidate. There are also super PACS who are the ones that raise money from corporations and wealthy people and can spend as much as they want but are prohibited from providing funds directly to a candidate.