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Jacob Gottlieb; Founder of Visium Plots a Comeback in Hedge Fund Investment

Like a phoenix, Jacob Gottlieb wants to rise again. After closing his hedge fund in 2016, Gottlieb is considering on raising money to start another hedge fund. Jacob Gottlieb liquidated his Visium Asset Management LP after his staffers were accused of insider trading. However, Gottlieb was never accused of wrongdoing.

In an interview where he highlighted his plans for a comeback, Mr. Gottlieb said that he loves investing and that is what he has been doing since he was a teenager. He went on to say that that is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

As a testimony to his determination to investments, the 46 year old has opened a family office by the name Altium Capital which he uses mostly for managing his personal wealth. At Altium, Mr Jacob Gottlieb works with other six employees, whereby his brother, Mark Gottlieb serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Like Visium, Altium Capital focuses its investments mainly in healthcare, as well as stock trading in the same.

At the time when Visium Asset Management was winding up, Mr. Gottlieb had promised that he had not the luxury to relax for long. True to his word, it seems like Mr. Gottlieb is making a comeback with a thud. Being a medical doctor, it seems his main area of focus is healthcare-centered hedge fund. While giving his opinion on why he wants to focus on healthcare, he pointed out that most firms have gone public thus their potential for value creation and destruction is huge.

Mr. Jacob Gottlieb had founded Visium in 2005 and at the peak of its growth; the company was managing a fund worth $8 billion. According to Wall Street Journal, Visium’s healthcare flagship fund, Visium Balanced Fund had an annualized return of 14.3% from 2001 to 2015. Of this, four years (2001-2005), Mr. Gottlieb managed the strategy in different accounts. However, in 2016, the fund lost 9.3% when senior employees of the company were charged of insider trading and mismarking securities.

End Citizens United Supports Candidates Refusing Corporate PAC Money

Many Democratic candidates this election cycle are refusing to take money from political action committees that are funded by corporations. They will instead only rely on grassroots supporters to fund their campaigns for office. They want to show voters that they don’t owe corporations anything and aim to keep it that way.

This pledge is mostly symbolic, the political action committee End Citizens United has said, but it’ still important. Most nonincumbents don’t receive this sort of money anyway and if they do it’s just a small amount of what they raise. Nonetheless, voters will be hearing more Democrats running for office refusing corporate money not just in this election but also in the 2020 presidential elections.

In all, End Citizens United says that 185 Democratic candidates have stated that they won’t accept any corporate PAC money. This is a Washington D.C-based PAC that is focused on campaign finance reform. They got their name from the infamous Supreme Court ruling that resulted in corporations flooding the political system with money to buy votes. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

So far, of these 185 candidates, 85 have won their primaries. Some of them have come to national prominences such as Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania, Randy Bryce in Wisconsin, and New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are all running for Congress. On the Senate side the people that have made this pledge are Cory Book, Sheldon Whitehouse, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The team at End Citizens United has said that voters across the nation sense that Washington is completely dysfunctional anymore. It’s for this reason that Democrats running for office are tapping into this sense and the anger that Washington only serves corporate interests with Republican in power in Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency.

End Citizens United is an ideological type of PAC. There are also labor PACS and corporate PACS. Any of these three types of organizations can give up to $5,000 to a candidate. There are also super PACS who are the ones that raise money from corporations and wealthy people and can spend as much as they want but are prohibited from providing funds directly to a candidate.



Freedom Checks- A profitable investment idea

A lot of information has been released about the effectiveness of various investment systems. Despite all the systems we have today, there are very few that are working. Most of the systems that are sold today are meant to make money for the makers and not for the buyer. What can investors do to get rid of such problems? Who can they follow to get the right information about investments? These are pertinent questions that need to be answered. If you need to make money through guidance by the skilled investment experts, you must go for the ones who have made it in their careers. The challenge we have today is that the highest number of people who call themselves experts today lack the basic investment knowledge to make even themselves profitable. They make money by scamming others.

Despite all the challenges that are associated with incompetence in the financial industry, we have some experts who have the required knowledge to help the people make the best business decisions. When looking for an opportunity to make money from the industry, these are the people to go to because they have what is needed to make it in the industry. One of the people we should follow is Matt Badiali, the creator of the freedom Checks system.Freedom Checks is an investment idea that many people have benefited from since he introduced it. In the first few months of introduction, there were challenges as some people thought the plan was too good to be true.

Matt Badiali was promising people that they would make huge profit amounts of money in a short time. Many feared that would be another get-rich-quick scheme. Despite the initial challenges, Freedom Checks programs still rolled out, and those who took early advantages have managed to succeed. The plan has turned out as Matt Badiali had explained.Behind the idea of Freedom Checks were businesses which people would invest in Checks. Freedom Checks were not coming from thin air; it was through investing that investors would earn returns. Just like in the stock market, investors have to invest in the right companies in order to see the desired results.



NewsWatch Review For Inspiration

We all get inspired whenever we hear stories about overcoming obstacles and making it in life against all odds. Newswatch persistently offers these types of stories that have been inspiring millions of people all over America. One story in particular is about a woman who won $141,000,000 playing the California lottery. In an interview she mentioned that she actually had a bad day at work the night that she checked her winning ticket. When she found out, she was astonished, and it pacified the bad emotions she was feeling due to her bad day at work earlier. This had changed her whole life! No longer did she have to work at a job that she also mentioned was very disgusting. It was at a fiber glass house.

In the NewsWatch video, an expert adviced people that if they win not to get over excited and make a mistake by doing something very drastic with their money. Instead, they should evaluate their financial goals and make a wise financial plan. The expert advised furthermore, to hire a trustworthy accountant who is able to give these kinds of financial advice.

Jokingly, the lady was somewhat humorous about what she would do with her money. She mentioned that she still wanted to live a very simple life and that she did not want any complications in terms of how wealthy people also have issues with money. Nevertheless, she was still very happy that she won.

What NewsWatch does is give people hope and inspiration that these things can actually happen to just anyone who gives it a try. It’s programs like these that are very beneficial to the american viewers because it offers great content, value, hope, and inspiration to take certain actions. This is exactly what our nation needs in terms of television! We as viewers want something that we can hold on to and look forward to. Television that gives us hope!

Robert Ivy is an Advocate of Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are as important to companies and individuals as formal education. Robert Ivy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) finds organizations help continue the education process and allows individuals to network with others and build credibility. Individuals thake on leadership roles within professional organizations help to build trust, as well as expertise. Organizations often provide tools such as websites, newsletters and webinars. Information such as this is very helpful to all members, but especially to those just starting on the profession. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Professional organizations often host an annual meeting or similar function that allows its members to meet and network with leaders in the profession. This type of meeting goes a long way to developing connections that can often turn onto job offers and other career advancement opportunities. Professional organizations provide opportunities to work on committres, take on volunteer opportunity’s and build relationships that may result in a variety of career opportunities. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

Robert Ivy finds one of the best perks when a member of a professional,organization is the assistance one can benefit from just being s member. Organizations often develop very credible reputations that enhance a members standing in the profession and find opportunities they never would have found otherwise. Many of the organizations have job fairs or confidential job postings that members on good standing can take advantage of. Organizations sometimes take on a political edge and lobby for decisions that will benefit their membership, as well as the profession in general.

According to Robert Ivy an organization presents a stronger voice than that of an individual ang gives the profession greater clout. Organizations yend to be more visible as a group and that adds muscle to their advocacy. Becoming a member of a professional organization demonstrates a commitment to excellence, ad organizations maintain a high level of professionalism, while staying up to date with the latest developments and trends. Being a member of a professional organization will always give a resume a little extra zing.

Robert Ivy likes the code of ethics that organizations bring. It demonstrates to clients that quality valurs and professionalism are maintained and that can give clients peace of mind when working with a particular company or individual.


Sameer Jejurikar Is Improving The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Sam Jejurikar has become one of the most respected men in his field today, not only for his knowledge and skill but for the contributions and effort he makes to improve the industry as a whole as well as its image. Sam is well-respected throughout the field by his peers for good reason and anyone looking into plastic surgery in the United States should check him out to understand what he does best.

As a well-rounded plastic surgeon, Sameer Jejurikar is capable of performing most types of plastic surgery for his patients, though he specializes in the nose, face, breast, and eyes especially. More than just his talent in plastic surgery, Sameer is an intuitive individual, capable of understanding his patients and what they are really looking for as well as what they need to go on with a good surgery. Before proceeding with any surgery for his clients, he ensures they know exactly what they want and what to expect once the surgery has completed. There is always a recovery period which requires a certain level of care, which is just as important as the surgery itself for it to remain in good shape.

Sameer is not just talented either, but kind in his presentation and execution. This is why he was the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Certification, as many clients have rated him highly over the years for his good bedside manner and disposition towards everyone around him. This award is actually quite the testament to how unique Sameer Jejurikar is in the industry, as less than 5 percent of all other physicians hold the title. The American Registry even bestowed Sameer Jejurikar with the award for Business Excellence, maintaining high standards for his industry and his practice.

Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is President of Worldwide Asset eXchange that is commonly known as WAX. Malcolm is also the Chief Investing Officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is a leading firm that engages in buying and selling items online in the marketplace by use of video games. Formerly, Malcolm CasSelle was the president and Chief Trading Officer at Tronc that was previously known as Tribute Publishing. While serving Tronc, Malcolm was tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing the rapid growth of the company’s assets leveraging digital properties.

Malcolm CasSelle also worked at SeaChange Int’l as an SVP & GM of Digital Media. Malcolm joined SeaChange after it purchased the company that he owned and led has the Chief Executive Officer called Timeline Labs.

OPSkins Company that Malcolm leads as its CIO is also an internationally recognized Bitcoin merchant. The firm has followers from various parts of the globe who make cross-border micro-payments regularly. OPSkins is a leading firm regarding user demand and market size for a regionalized protocol. There are several limitations in the marketplace in the centralized virtual assets marketplace. Consequently, the decentralized marketplace for virtual property leads as the natural next option that is in progress.

Recently, the founders of OPSkins have ventured into establishing that they are launching its new platform that will be for virtual asset commercialization. This program is called Worldwide Asset eXchange. The venture is P2P trading for virtual assets. It is built on the bases of decentralized fine contracts and blockchain. These smart contracts are designed with the aim of allowing buyers and sellers to trade with one another on virtual assets smoothly.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is tailored to solve fraud and fragmentation in the virtual asset trading platform. The two problems are the most challenging occurrences in the marketplace. The venture provides a solution to these two problems by employing a simple blockchain-enabled widget that allows all traders to directly sell and buy virtual properties without requiring to click off their gaming platform. WAX is made in such as a way that it can unite both local and international virtual asset traders while allowing them equal trading rights.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle:

Betsy DeVos, Friend or Frenemy?

A mixture of warmth and criticism is what awaited Betsy DeVos after a February 2017 announcement by the Trump administration that rescinded a federal policy that previously allowed transgender students to use the restroom that corresponded with their gender identities. The public reaction may be attributed to what could be considered two-faced behavior by DeVos where she has defended transgender rights while at the same time backed opposing policies by the Trump administration.


Hours before the February 2017 policy change was announced, DeVos met with an employee representative from the Department of Education to discuss the changes that were to come. While an aide assured the representative that DeVos opposed the change, the public wondered why there had been very little public warning that a rift existed between herself and the administration. The move came as a surprise to many, especially those aware of DeVos’s time in the Michigan state government.


Former state attorney general, Republican Mike Cox, had only good things to say about the education secretary.


“She was fierce in state politics,” Cox said. “She instilled fear in a lot of people, and it wasn’t because she’s wealthy. I’ve known her to be determined when it comes to reaching her goals.”


Randi Weingarten, a Democratic supporter and president of the American Federation of Teachers, also backed DeVos.


“People consistently underestimate Betsy DeVos,” Weingarten said. “She is quiet and personable, but she is also dangerous.”


DeVos had little experience in public education when she was confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education in January 2017. Critics worried that she lacked experience with the public education system, particularly the federal student loan program.


DeVos, who was born in western Michigan, is the daughter of a billionaire industrialist. She attended private schools in her hometown before attending Calvin College, where she graduated with a degree in business economics. DeVos entered state politics in 1982, just three years after completing college. She married former Amway CEO Dick DeVos, and in 2016, Forbes listed the DeVos family in the top 100 wealthiest families in America.


Betsy and Dick DeVos are known for their charitable contributions in Michigan and to Christian education. Many members of the public praise DeVos for standing by her convictions and personal beliefs while others feel that the family’s immense wealth has separated her from the reality of the public sector.


“I believe she does not want to deal with people who think and feel differently than she does,” one anonymous public educator said. “It seems like whenever someone opposes DeVos that she feels people are just after her money.”


Calvin College student Nolan Wolffis gave DeVos both criticism and praise.


“You can be bad at your job and still be a good person,” Wolffis told the media.


Visit to learn more.

Upwork Offers Opportunities to Freelance Workers

Upwork is a service that connects freelance workers with prospective clients. This online platform makes it possible for businesses and independent organizations to find help in a variety of areas, including accounting, design, marketing and writing. Those interested in joining the service should follow these steps:

Establishing a Profile

A profile is essentially a resume that outlines the candidate’s educational background, experience and capabilities. An electronic portrait should be included with samples of the person’s previous work. Candidates should also include their pay requirements. Once this information is received and reviewed, Upwork should provide a response within 24 hours.

Making the Right Contacts

The linking of the client with the worker is accomplished through the Connects program. In some cases, however, the clients may reach out directly to a prospective worker. In any event, the worker may wish to conduct a background review in order to ensure the reputation of the prospective employer.

Starting to Work

Once they begin working together, both the employer and the employee will have the opportunity to review and rate each other. Payment for each assignment may be either fixed or negotiated before the work begins. In terms of its share of the payment, the amount received by Upwork will equal 20 percent on the first $500 earned by a worker, 10 percent on earnings up to $10,000 and 5 percent earned beyond that amount.

The Payment Process

Workers can expect to be paid after their assignments have been reviewed by both parties. Freelancers who are hired on an hourly basis will be paid every week. Additionally, an hourly protection system is available in the event that a fixed-price worker has trouble obtaining the required compensation. If requested, payments can be transferred directly to a personal account.

The History of Upwork

Upwork was created in 2015 through the merger of the freelance websites Elance and and oDesk. Based in California, Upwork today has some 5 million registered clients who employ more than 10 million freelance workers. The company is involved in 3 million assignments every year that are valued at approximately $1 billion.

Winning With Freedom Checks

So what are Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks are the payments that master limited partnerships, or MLPs, pay to investors as a return. In 1987, Congress enacted Statute 26-F, which allows master limited partnerships to operate tax free as long as they meet certain requirements. Read more about Freedom Checks at The first requirement is that these partnerships must generate 90 percent of their revenue from the production, storage, processing, and transportation of oil and gas here in the United States, and that these companies must agree to pay out 90 percent of their income out to investors in the form of Freedom Checks. These companies find wells, refine the oil that comes from the oil fields, and transports oil and gas through the pipelines. Matt Badiali is the face of this Freedom Checks frenzy. Matt believes that virtually anyone can benefit from these checks despite their economic status. Regular, everyday people can take advantage of the opportunity at hand. In the past, the Middle East was the main source of oil for the United States. Read this article at Money Morning. As of now, import relations between the two have not been what they used to. Now because of the decline in import oil, American companies are forced find other avenues to become self sufficient. These companies, 568 in all, are now responsible to fill the void left behind by the Middle East. What makes these companies a good investment is the fact that they are able to operate tax free, which allows for expansion and progress, which inadvertently causes investors to become all the more wealthier. Badiali believes that investors should expect upwards of $30 billion this year, and the best part is that investors do no, DO NOT, pay taxes on these investments. All in all, these checks seem like a great investment opportunity that no one would want to miss out on.