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Capital Group Continues Grow Despite the Economy

Timothy Armour is the current chief executive officer and chairman of The Capital Group and also the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company Inc., which is part of Capital Group. Tim Armour is an equity portfolio manager. Throughout his time at Capital Group, Timothy Armour has gained more than 34 years of investment experience at the Capital Group. He started out at Capital Group as part of The Associates Program and years later covered global telecommunications and American service companies.


Capital Group appointed Timothy Armour chairman in 2015, following the sudden death of chairman, Jim Rothenberg. As chairman and as member of the Capital Group’s management committee, Tim Armour works to continue Capital Group’s successful growth as well as overseeing the firm’s operations. Within weeks of becoming chairman, Timothy Armour reached a huge deal with Samsung Asset Management. This deal sends Capital Group materials to Samsung, allowing them to use on a variety of products. Samsung will also be able to learn Capital Group’s unique management style, while also working together to support Korean investors and more information click here.


Timothy Armour has become vocal about the soon coming time of economic growth, increased inflation and growing rates. Tim Armour believes that we will no longer see lower interest rates than what we have seen already. Timothy Armour has warned his investors that turbulence lies ahead and says its a result of the incoming president’s uncertain policies. Tim Armour has seen shift in the stock mrket with banks rising higher and utilities languishing and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Timothy Armour received his Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Middlebury College. Tim Armour has been interviewed by several magazines including Financial Times and Bloomberg. He’s made several appearances on MSNBC and CNBC, where he discussed investing and the current economic situation. Tim Armour is currently a board member on a handful of groups including AMCAP Fund, SMALLCAP World Fund, Inc, The New Economy Fund,Global Discovery Fund, American Funds and Scotia Global Opportunities Fund. Timothy Armour continues to grow his company and keep it strong. He managed to keep his firm afloat while many panicked during a sudden stock market fall and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


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Jim Tananbaum on the Future of Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is a partner at Foresite Capital. He was interviewed recently and talked about his work experience and the future of healthcare. Most of his day is spent taking calls and attending meetings with members of his staff. The meetings revolve around company presentations and updates on the performance of portfolio companies. Jim said that he still manages to fix an hour to work out each day.

Jim explained that he brings ideas to life by engaging thought leaders in healthcare to give advice to the entrepreneurs in their portfolio companies. They are able to speed up the process of scientific discoveries that can have an enormous impact on treatment. Tananbaum mentioned that he was inspired by the ways innovation could be used to meet the largest needs in healthcare. This meant that there was great potential in the future for companies that were exploring how to tackle these problems. Tananbaum believes that Innovation in Healthcare has a long-term impact and value because it takes up more capital and time.

Jim Tananbaum studied Electrical Engineering, Math, and Computer Science at Yale University. He has a Medical degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard University. He started his first company known as GelTex Pharmaceuticals when he was finishing up on his MBA. The company developed Cholestagel and Renvela and had a successful exit when Genzyme acquired it. Jim was a founder of Theravance that developed drugs to treat asthma and staph treatment. He worked as a product manager at Merck where he was instrumental in making their drug one of the best-selling in the world. You can visit Medium for more info.

Jim gained experience in venture capital when he worked at Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners before starting Foresite Capital. Tananbaum was a leading investor in AmeriGroup. Jim was a seed investor in HealtheonWebMD and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. He provides information and access to its networks in the field. Foresite Capital invests in companies in several medical fields such as synthetic biology, gene sequencing, and data science. Aeri Pharmaceuticals is developing a drug that will treat glaucoma. This is one of the leading causes of blindness. More details can be found on page.

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Cancer Treatment’s Data Revolution

Cancer treatment is dependent on good data. In order to achieve that goal, doctors need multiple sets of data.

Tempus, a data-driven healthcare startup co-founded by tech guru Eric Lefkofsky is creating databases specializing in the specific data cancer specialists need.

When screening for cancer, the data sets specialists need gets very complex. They need genomic information combined with therapeutic data. Then you need molecular data alongside clinical data. Plus you need therapeutic and outcome response data. Since cancer patients tend to have multiple treatments at once, clinicians need not only DNA and RNA, they also need how each patient is responding to each treatment.

One prime example of this interplay is cancer centers using Herceptin. What you would do is to see the data interplay is looking over 2 years. That would require a grant and 90 days. According to Lefkofsky, this type of information should be easily accessible to researchers, clinicians, and all other healthcare stakeholders.

What inspired Lefkofsky to start Tempus was his wife’s diagnosis wit breast cancer. Lefkofsky, being a veteran of successful data-driven startups like Groupon was amazed that a truck driver had better data than oncologists have access to.

As healthcare record become more digitalized, the idea of Tempus is to create a way for electronic medical record (EMR) and pathology systems to dissect the data and feed it back to the origin. This way patterns between treatment and results would be easier to discover.

Oncology is just the beginning of how Tempus seeks to revolutionize healthcare data. Lefkofsky sees Tempus being implemented in data collection and analysis for neurological disorders in addition to CRISPR (which is a method of gene editing).

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a veteran of the tech world. Prior to co-founding Tempus, he co-founded Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago and more information click here.

How Securus Technologies is Promoting Safety

Securus Technologies is a company that provides a wide array of products and services to the prisons industry. It was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has offices in other regions including Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton, Texas, and Allen. They offer information management systems, detainee communications products, and parolee tracking devices. Securus employs more than a thousand people who are stationed at its offices around the country. Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of the company. He has held the role since 2008.


The company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions, patents, and developing new technologies over the years. Securus serves more than two thousand facilities in the US and Canada. The company recently unveiled their Wireless Containment solution that prevents illegal phones from accessing mobile networks. The company has acquired several companies including Telerus, Primonics, CellBlox, Guarded Exchange, and Jpay.


Securus released a list of comments that they had received from their clients at different correctional facilities a few months ago. The comments were compiled from thousands of emails and letters that were sent by members of law enforcement and prison officials who used Securus’ products to solve and prevent crimes. The names of the officials and the facilities were withheld in line with Securus’ obligation to protect the identities of their clients.


Smith said that the company had dedicated itself to innovation and releasing a new product and service to help their customers each week. The first comment was from an official who said that they were able to obtain information from phone calls to get a search warrant. The search warrant yielded positive results. An official was arrested for smuggling contraband into the facility. The official thanked the company and the staff for helping them to arrest the culprit.




Drummer of Brazilian Rock Band Viper Cassio Audi Ruled the Air Waves in the 1980s and 90s

Cassio Audi was the charismatic drummer of the Brazilian rock band Viper that was quite a rage in the 1980s and 90s. Of particular note were albums like Soldiers of Sunrise, To Live Again, Theater of Fate, Projeto SP Metal and the Killera Sword. Though the group was in existence for a little over 12 years (1985 to 1997), its influence extends well beyond the 1990s, into the present times.

Clearly inspired by Iron Maiden, especially in its first album Soldiers of Sunrise, the group was extremely successful in Brazil for quite some time after that. Though Audi left the band in the early nineties, it is the albums in which he was the drummer that defined what Viper was originally famous for- a neo-classical progressive metal group that had captured the imagination of Brazilian hard rock music lovers.

Indeed they don’t make iconic rock bands like Viper anymore, nor do they make artists like Audi anymore. When he played, it was with the passion and gay abandon that only a true blue rock ’n roll artist can muster. Like many rock stalwarts of the past Audi’s drumming was all heart and passion, and those who watched him play were often transfixed.

The very sound of the band changed with Audi’s leaving and for the purists among Viper fans, having Audi play the drums was what made Viper so special. Though so many years have passed since he moved on, the memory of the times lives on in the hearts and minds of his fans. Old video recordings of Audi playing at various gigs can sometimes be seen on YouTube, and judging from the nostalgic comments of fans, one can tell that Viper and its original drummer live on in the hearts of the fan with the same intensity that they did two decades ago.

Jason Hope Readies the Internet of Things

Consumer driven technology is what moves the marketplace and you can bet your bottom dollar that entrepreneur Jason Hope is aware of this fact. Jason Hope is a philanthropist, a tech based entrepreneur, and a self described futurist. For the better part of the last several years he has been gearing himself up for what could be the next big trend in consumer technology. Only this time, this trend could lead to an evolution in the way that we live our day to day lives. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, at its most basic and bald definition, refers to the networking of every day items with the internet in order to create some form of automation. Consider a coffee pot that you could turn on with an app on your phone. Consider also a smart car that can drive you wherever you need to be after a night out on the town. These consumer based marketing concepts may seem silly at first glance but they understand what could be a shift in how we live our very lives and what Jason knows.

Hope has worked with some huge corporations and foundations in his career. He’s helped to fund or found 15 different companies and he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars along the way. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the next big trend. He believes that it is going to be the next step in social consumerism and one that every corporation or investor would be better served to start paying attention to and read full article.

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Karl Heideck, Experienced Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck explains Litigation

Karl Heideck explains Litigation

What is litigation? Litigation is a legal court hearing that involves two people in which one is defending and the other is enforcing. In a legal court proceeding, one party is the plaintiff and the litigator represents the plaintiff. The litigator oversees the whole litigation process from start to finish. To be a litigator, the individual must have an undergraduate degree and pass the Law School Admissions Test.

The next stage in this process is obtaining a Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited law school. The last step is passing the bar exam and to keep up with continued education courses for renewal of the license as it requires and learn more about Karl.

The litigation process is the litigator initiates the process with a letter of demand. This takes place after an investigation of the current issues at hand. Afterwards, the attorney and the plaintiff files a document called a complaint with the courts and in turn the defendant gets served. The defendant has a specific amount of time to respond by filing a response. Sometimes the parties agree to settle outside of court and if that happens, a conference follows. If the parties do not agree to settle, the trial starts with all the evidence presented and a jury renders the verdict. Trials can take months to years to resolve before a verdict is rendered.

Karl Heideck is a skilled litigation attorney with impeccable experience to handle all litigation needs. He started his career as an associate at Conrad O’Brien. His role at Conrad O’Brien was to handle commercial litigations and representing the clients in those cases. He also reviewed the government investigation documents in those cases. Karl Heideck specializes in pharmaceutical litigations, white collar defense, and bankruptcy. During his time at Pepper Hamilton LLP, he was a project attorney that handled trial preparations and reviewed the documents for investigations.

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Marc Sparks; Entrepreneur, Capitalist, and Philanthropist

Most articles you read about entrepreneurs and capitalists have a part where there mentions the school and degrees acquired before getting into business. Not Marc Sparks, having graduated from high school back in 1975, and in business world ever since. Marc has gone through a lot, having been on top, to losing everything, to getting back on top again. Having learned what works and what does not, Marc has come out on top and started his own company called Timber Creek Capital, LP. Marc’s keen instinct has made him successful as he admits he has no formal training.


Timber Creek Capital is a family office, a private equity firm. Marc believes in helping out beginning entrepreneurs with achieving their dreams by providing the necessary funding, support staff, office space, networking, marketing, equipment, intellectual capital and merchant banking, legal, accounting, customer service, graphic arts, and web development. The most important thing of all, is that the company has a lot of fun guiding companies from idea, to reality. Marc has even wrote a book about his experiences called ‘They Can’t Eat You’ where he talks about the highs and lows in his life, how he got where he is now, and advice for others starting out their new venture.


Marc is also a philanthropist and is involved in many great projects, like Spark Tank, where social service executives can offer their ideas to produce social success. He supports Mommies in Need, an organization that provides free child care to mothers who are undergoing a health crisis and unable to care for their children temporarily, and Dogs Matter, a program that provides temporary foster care for pets of owners who are in treatment for addictions. The Samaritan Inn in the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Texas, and they offer programs to help get the homeless back on their feet, and provides meals. Marc Sparks sits on the Finance Advisory Board, at Samaritan. Marc also has a program called Sparky’s Kids to provide free Dell computers to kids who are less fortunate.


Marc Sparks feels blessed with his good fortune, and believes in giving back to the community and charities to help others who are not as fortunate. He is a man passionate with his life and it reflects in everything that he does. He doesn’t pat himself on the back, but believes it is his duty to help out wherever he can, and he does.




Australia’s Sensuality Boutique Honey Birdette Plans on Taking on the US and UK Market

The US and Uk market is a happy lot thanks to the welcoming news of the Australia’s number one lingerie brand planning on venturing into their market. For quite a long time now, lingerie have been used to spark the much-needed sensation in any relationship.

While announcing these news Honey Birdette brand founder Eloise Monaghan confirmed that their decision to open a US e-commerce site was well informed and could not come at a better time than now. According to the brands sales revenues, the brand realized over a span of a year an increase of about 374% in online sales from the US market. In addition to the brand’s site being a platform in which the lingerie company can serve better its customers, it also is an opportunity for the company to improve on their revenues. Through the website, Honey Birdette will be able to offer a wide range of lingerie products to its customers and offer incentives such as free deliveries for orders above the $50 mark.

The other great news that come with Honey Birdette is its planned expansion in the UK market. In addition to the three retail outlets the business opened last year in the UK market, Honey Birdette has ten more stores lined up to be opened in UK. This is not as the business is planning to take the number up to 40 stores by the end of 2018. For a vibrant industry as the lingerie one, this is just but the start of great expectations.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a lingerie boutique that was started by Eloise Monaghan in Australia in 2016. The business has grown in leaps and bound over the couple of years stretching its boundaries to market outside its home market.

Currently the business has 55 retail stores in Australia and enjoys a strong backup from the investment company BBRC. For as low as £35 for briefs and £60 for bras create the sensation in your relationship with one of the best brand in the market.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

Duda Melzer’s Sprint to Success

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian businessman that’s made a big splash onto the scene in the last few years. In 2015, he was named the chairman and CEO of his family’s business called RBS Group. This is a leading media company in Brazil. He’s also the founder of e.Bricks, which focuses on funding digital sector through venture capital and other funding efforts. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also involved with the largest wine company in Latin America and the contemporary art scene. Having such a diversified background has helped this entrepreneur expand into many different sectors.

Duda’s some what of a late bloomer, graduating college at 26 years old in Brazil. He then moved on to an MBA from Harvard University. He continues with educating himself through professional courses also through Harvard. Duda’s worked in the US as a financial analyst and also for his family’s company as a connection between the US and South America. He also worked in a leadership role for a company called Box Top, which is seen as an “unconventional” media outlet. He still operates businesses in both the US and Brazil. Although he got somewhat of a delayed start, he’s managed to accomplish some impressive achievements for only being 44 years old. He credits mentors from Harvard University as his motivation for success and Duda of Twitter.

Duda Melzer not only works with his family, he’s also involved in charity work for an organization they started over 35 years ago. The charity aims to help disadvantaged and at-risk youth and teens in Brazil.The group also works with the public sector to increase their effectiveness and success rate.Their most notable campaign has been called “Love is the Best Inheritance.” Duda’s success has been recognized by many outlets, especially the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, who touts him as one of the top entrepreneurs in 2017. Duda Melzer aims to outpace the competition not only in his professional life but by his winning spirit and nature and More information click here.

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