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Boraie Development and The High-Rise Real Estate Venture of Shaquille O’Neal

We hear from NJTV News online that one of the recent big investors today in the Newark’s rising real estate industry is no other than Shaquille O’Neal. He’s one of the first-time investors today who see big potential in Newark and who believe in the greatness of the once forgotten and undervalued Newark real estate environment. O’Neal is a Newark native, and his support for the community is not just inspiring, but an example of how to invest in the places where you came from.



According to, his support for Newark comes in the form of building the Shaq Tower. This is a milestone , and it is a showcase of how much the Newark can do in terms of its investment projects. This Shaq Tower is also seen by the Mayor of Newark as an indication that the city is indeed on the rise. It also helps that O’Neal chose the Boraie Group as the partner for his new apartment building project. He even jested that Boraie Group is the Kobe Bryant of the real estate development, and it’s the perfect company to guide him through his venture.



On the part of Boraie Development, Vice President Sam Boraie said that O’Neal’s project is a testament to the 50 years of progress in Newark in its high-rise development. It is also exciting to know that there is another $150 million worth of investment that O’Neal has set aside for 350 market-rate apartments to be located at the McCarter Highway.



It’s also inspiring to see that Newark will increase its potential to offer jobs to people because of this. There will now be an increase of economic activity in the city because of this new high-rise housing project that O’Neal shares for the people of Newark. This Shaq Tower housing project from Boraie Development would consist of 21 stories across a 184,000 sq. ft of real estate, with 20,000 sq. feet of total rental space. There are also 169 rental units that are made available for private buyers.



About Boraie



The extraordinary thing about Boraie Development ( today is the fact that it offers the most reliable products in real estate development, real estate marketing, and property management to investors and buyers across the New Brunswick area. Its specialties in developing outstanding structures with its excellent architects have been consistent.



Most of all, it has built a record of always delivering their products at the right deadline. With at least twenty employees in the company, Boraie retains its excellent record over the years.