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Bruno Fagali, A Little About Compliance

Bruno Fagali is an intense advocate for human rights. He has proposed greater laws concerning the area of compliance. But, what exactly is compliance? Compliance can be defined as the need for justification in your actions to a higher power. In the legal essence, compliance is the adherence to regulations and laws as well as the accountability for said regulation. When individuals are made to comply with regulations, justice prevails in society.

Bruno Fagali is an attorney with a long history of fighting for greater compliance. He has seen operations where corporate partners are swindling money from the people and the government; he has seen operations that pretended they were legitimate businesses, but, really, they were fronts for slave labor and child labor; he has even seen operations that profit from alcoholism and teenage death and disease. Bruno Fagali is a strong advocate against all of these societal atrocities.


When Bruno Fagali began his fight for greater compliance within the country, he had a long road ahead of him. He had to make many speeches and face many petition signatures. He received threats from some of the cartels, but he is a brave soul. He prevailed. Now, there are stronger compliance laws against the corporations that once participated in child labor and forced slave labor. He has made punishments clear for anyone who agrees to be partners with these businesses. There will be strict fines and sanctions imposed against those corporations.

For businesses who engage in tax evasion, false advertisement, and underage promotion, they will have their adverts pulled and face strict fines for their actions. Bruno Fagali does not support teenage alcoholism and the idea that corporations are advertising to teenage children. This is unacceptable. He has made it so that the organizations who use models in their photography must also note it if the model’s photos were photoshopped. This will prevent the rampant spread of anorexia and bulimia.

Thanks to Bruno Fagali, the country is facing an economic upswing. The sanctions are cleaning up the economy and all is becoming well. The country is thankful for Bruno Fagali and all that he does in the fight for freedom.

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