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GreenSky Credit eschews revolutionary disruption for creating real value

In the battered fintech sector, one company has weathered the industry’s perennial challenges and come out on top. GreenSky Credit is one of the only remaining fintech companies that has proven to have a truly profitably business model that has made money year in and year out.

The company was founded in 2006 by polymathic entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik had been tossing the idea for GreenSky Credit around for a couple of years. As a principal in e-consulting firm Outweb, he had worked extensively with some of the biggest players in the home-improvement business. He realized that there was a huge opportunity for someone who could help contractors to overcome the sticker shock that many customers were experiencing as job bids came in wildly above what they had expected.

What Zalik realized is that the home-improvement game was an area where everyone involved could consistently profit with near certainty. The homeowners themselves could proceed with projects that would have otherwise certainly fallen outside of their budgets. This would allow homeowners to create the living environments they desired as well as helping them to increase the value of their homes.

At the same time, the GreenSky Credit platform has been a godsend for contractors. Before, contractors had no way of providing bridge financing to customers. While bridge financing is a critical part of larger real estate development and improvement projects, with major real estate developers having access to sophisticated credit lines that allow them to stay nimble as investors, few, if any, average Americans have access to the kind of 5- and 6-figure revolving credit that is often needed to complete major home renovation projects. Now, GreenSky Credit had provided these customers with the functional equivalent of bridge financing for individual homeowners.

Finally, because the average GreenSky Credit borrower has a FICO score of 760, the lenders themselves were able to benefit from their relationship with GreenSky by padding their books with top-quality loans. GreenSky currently works with 14 of the top lenders in the United States, including Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s Bank. The company is positioned soundly for continued growth.

New Video Chat Service Nets Talk Fusion Top Communications Industry Award

Talk Fusion is a revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their clients over email and other social networking platforms. The company offers innovative solutions for video marketing via proprietary video technology. It does this through developing video email, conferencing and broadcasting solutions, as well as video-based products for social networking.

The company was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, the founder, and current Chief Executive Officer. Because of his leadership, the concepts of philanthropy and giving back to the community are deeply ingrained into the company culture. The main aim of Talk Fusion is to change lives, and help businesses grow, trump their competition, and drive up sales through its video technology. The company’s products are affordable and are marketed through a sort of network marketing model in over 140 countries by independent sales associates.

In mid-2016, Talk Fusion’s flagship Video Chat product was awarded the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The award was created to honor revolutionary data, voice and video communication services and products. TMC Chief Executive Officer, Rich Tehrani, announced the award via a press release in August 2016. He lauded Talk Fusion’s innovative products, calling the company market leaders within the communications industry, offering the best products in the market today.

He went on to explain Video Chat’s ease of accessibility played a significant role in getting Talk Fusion the award. By harnessing the potential of WebRC technology Video Chat lets users talk with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. This accolade was the second Talk Fusion received from TMC in 2016.

On receipt of the award, Bob Reina explained that Talk Fusion would be launching a number of innovative products in the course of the year. These include FreeTrials and the WebRTC reader, as well as a new, more exciting website. Talk Fusion’s reputation for efficiency and innovation has meant that user anticipation for these new products has been growing exponentially.

Talk Fusion offers businesses a way to be memorable, create exciting content, and remain relevant to their clients. With the success of Video Chat and the other new products in the pipeline, businesses can now access new technological solutions to help them stand out from the crowd.

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Portable Connections

Portia Kersten is the CFO of Skout, an app developer that is changing the way people connect to each other day to day. Skout is presently the largest social networking app available on iOS and presents a nuanced platform for spontaneous connection, allowing people to make new friends and meet new people. Kersten recently sat down with the Huffington post to discuss her upbringing and vision for the future of her company, as well as give some helpful tips on surviving the modern business environment.

Interviewed by Huffington Post journalist Laura Dunn she was asked about her upbringing and the impact it’s had on her leadership, responding with a childhood love of Shakespeare, in particular The Merchant of Venice, and her namesake character, Portia. Her previous employment at General Electric and the practices she learned there, which she finds very useful in her current position as Chief Financial Officer for Skout. When asked about maintaining a work/life balance, Kersten recommends prioritizing tasks and ensuring “efficiency in all things”, which she treats as a day to day mantra. The CFO goes on to praise her colleagues at Skout who work tirelessly to support the company they have built together. Kersten goes on to speak of her experiences as a woman administrating a fast-moving start-up, and giving survival tips for others in a similar position. When asked about any other female leaders she may have admiration for, she responded with former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, whom despite potential disagreement with her political ideology, it cannot be denied was a woman who took charge at a time when her country was in a dire place financially.

The article was concluded on the topic of Skout’s future as a company, and what Kersten would like to see out of the company she has helped to build. The CFO hopes to see Skout continue to grow, and help connect people around the world to one another, intoning that the feedback from their new roll out in the Philippines has been very positive, and that the heartwarming stories of community that she sees everyday through Skout’s services are what make her job worthwhile.

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66% Of Correctional Facilities Leaders View Video Visitation As A Great Technology They Require

From a recent research conduct leaders of correction, centers are looking forward to improved technologies in their centers. The technologies will not only ease their jobs but add more security and cut costs. This is in relation to the high cost of living in the correction centers requiring more advanced technological solutions to cut it. The correction agencies are also open to adopting video visitation as a communication strategy for all inmates while 33 % of them opt to be provided for with tablets. This is a great correlation to what Securus Technologies does and can work greatly in assistance the correction centers adopt technology in promoting safety in the prisons. If you are interested in acquiring the app, find the Securus video visitation application on iTunes or if you are an Android user, find it on Google Play.

From the research conducted by Securus Technologies, many agencies are in the process of speeding up technological operations in prisons considering constant pressure caused by the budgets. As an effort to create better opportunities for agencies leaders Securus Technologies has built a 10,500 square facility houses to allow all leaders experience the real effect of technology before they integrate it in the budget cutting system. Securus Technologies not only provide safety technological solutions, but it is very considerate of costs incurred in correction centers. Half of the agencies are looking forward to promoting inmate satisfaction in their facilities and improved profitability which will require advanced solutions, not the traditional ones.

Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies has dedicated over 30 years of its service to promoting safety and improved welfare of inmates. The firm has been serving over 3,450 correction agencies through providing technological solutions for criminal investigations, information safety, communications, public safety and monitoring f products. The firm has over 800 innovations like biometrical analysis machines and video visitation apparently meant to make the lives of the incarcerated easy. Securus Technologies has also been dedicated to promoting inmate communication and reconnection between inmates and their families. Their efforts have been adopted by thousands of families as an effort of keeping contact with their loved ones in prison.

Securus activities are promoted by its team of patents, engineers, sales persons, software developers and field persons. They have been dedicating their efforts to smoothen the life of prisoners by technology and cost cutting. Securus has used that platform to introduce technology to prisoners which in a way is a great rehabilitation strategy that will help them pick up after completing their jail terms. Also, the firm has been dominant in the technological market as a major service provider for most correction agencies. More than 1,200,000 incarcerates have benefited from Securus Technologies solutions.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the health supplement for anxiety Securus, nor is it a part of the Securus America agency.

Connection Strategy To Connect To Your Incarcerated Loved One

Securus Technologies is the main supplier of technology solutions for both civil and criminal justice and, therefore, works to keep the connection between families and incarcerated individuals. On 16th February 2016, it announced a new mobile app for inmate video phone calls that could be used for both Android and smartphones and tablets as well as the Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. This application is an excellent way to keep us connected to our loved ones who are behind bars. It has widened the opportunity to remain in touch without having to go through the rigidness of various jails and prisons. There is no need for webcams, tethered computers or any additional hardware.

This video visitation application is free and enables families to share memories. It is available on Google Play as well as the App store. I get the chance to synchronise the details regarding their visitation to my calendar to receive notifications as the date gets closer. I can now spend special occasions with my loved one without too much hustle. It helps me eliminate the inconveniencing journey to the jail and also gives me more connection than just connecting through a phone call.
Securus Technologies is a communication company that works to build its portfolio by offering high-tech applications to suit law enforcement and correction sectors. This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It has an excellent wide spread of more than 3,400 facilities. These include law enforcement facilities, public safety facilities as well as the correction facilities. In total, this system serves up to 1,200,000 inmates across North America.
This company is highly efficient. It has a variety of techniques that help in the communication system such as investigation, incident management, information management, emergency response and public information. Securus Technologies is also in charge of inmate self-service, biometric analysis, monitoring goods and service as well as inmate communication. I believe it plays a great deal in making our world a safer place to be while maintaining communication between loved ones.
John Bell joined as Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, and he is also the drive in the company. He joined on December 30, 2015, at Holy Cross. He had previous experience in his career from other institutions such as Verizon, IBM. AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as NTT Verio. He is responsible for the 30 individuals on the ground as well as the other 100 sales people.
Learn more about Securus on the about page of their website.