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Misconceptions About Depression and How Neurocore Comes into the Picture

Because of the kind of stigma surrounding depression, most people suffering from it do not seek assistance. Additionally, the condition is misunderstood by many people in society. What people do not realize is that any mental health patient needs support and care in order to help them come out of their medical situation. Here are some facts about depression, which most people do not appreciate. Read more about Neurocore at

Depression comes in many forms

One of the misconceptions which people have is that depression is simply one type of mental illness. What they do not know is that it comes in various forms. Some of the categories of depression include, major depressive disorder, post-partum depression, persistent depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder. All these types of depression manifest themselves differently.

Genetics may cause depression

While most studies show that depression is usually caused by external factors, some studies also show that one’s genetic makeup can make them more susceptible to the condition. Therefore, if depression runs in your family, you may be at a high risk of being depressed at some point in life.

Depression contributes to numerous deaths in the US alone

According to data availed by the World Health Organization, WHO, most of the suicides committed in the US alone are prompted by depression, or some form of mental illness. Statistics also show that depression is to blame for most of the disability cases in parts of the world.


Depression may not be obvious

For most people who interact with depression sufferers, it is not always easy to notice the symptoms, unless one is keen. However, symptoms such as weight loss, lack of sleep, sadness, and even numbness, can signify something serious.

About Neurocore

It is a common misconception that mental illness cannot be treated. This is not true. At Neurocore, people suffering from depression can get the help they need. Neurocore use technological advancements to diagnose mental health issues. Afterwards, a personalized treatment plan is created for each patient. This plan involves therapy and medication, which also improve the brain’s performance. Read more about Neurocore at