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Sahm Adrangi Explains Why He Is Negative On Proteostasis Therapeutics Stock

Sahm Adrangi of New York City’s Kerrisdale Capital Management recently sent out a negative report in regards to Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. At the same time he announced the schedule for the conference calls he would be holding to go into further details about this firm. He said he was taking a short position on Proteostasis Therapeutics which means if this company’s stock prices go down his firm’s hedge fund will increase in value.

Proteostasis Therapeutics is a biotech firm and the value of the entire company is basically based on one drug they have under development, PTI-428. This is a drug candidate which is being investigated as a cystic fibrosis therapy. When the FDA gave this drug both their Orphan Drug and Breakthrough Therapy designations investors drove this company’s stock prices up about 100%.

However, Sahm Adrangi says that his company’s analysts determined that this drug candidate is in all likelihood ineffective. They also pointed out that the there was a troubling pattern of low-quality data in regards to PTI-428. They also spotted that Proteostasis Therapeutics had omitted some details from their public disclosures about this drug candidate which the also found troubling.

In the negative report, Sahm Adrangi indicated that his company would be hosting a conference call on March 20th at 10:30 am ET. He said he would go into further details during his call showing why Proteostasis Therapeutics stock is now very overvalued. He also gave out the phone numbers to call for both those in the United States and those who were calling in internationally.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University and he is 33 years old. He started out in the financial industry as an analyst. For a number of years he worked for Longacre Fund Management which is a privately held investment firm. As of when he left Longacre in 2008 it had about $1.2 billion in assets under management. His specialty as an analyst at this company was to investigate distressed debts in order to possibly invest in them. Prior to that he had worked for Chanin Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank.

The Role of George Soros in Social Reform and Political Empowerment of the Marginalised

In most societies, it has always been the role of the fortunate to defend the interests of those less fortunate. Those in a position of power speak out on issues concerning the public. George Soros has done this throughout his life. He has always defended and taken issues that concern the public to heart. George Soros is a billionaire who gained his wealth through risky currency trades. With an estimated net worth of $24.9 billion, he has the power to influence others. At 85 years old the Hungarian born New Yorker has been an avid supporter of the Democratic Party and has funded many of its causes in the past. He donated funds to the party when John Kerry was running for president, in 2004 during that bitter loss to George Bush. When Barrack Obama ran for president, George Soros donated to the Democratic Party. Now he is back and is giving to the Democratic Party to enable Clinton to beat Trump. Soros is currently more politically engaged than he has been in the recent years. The engagement has been attributed to faith in Clinton and fear of the GOP candidate who Soros has accused of stoking fear in the people.

Mr. Soros has committed more than $25 million to Clinton and the Democratic candidates; as reported to Federal Election Commission records.Mr. Soros’ willingness to donate to the Democratic causes has been viewed as a positive sign for Clinton. Soros is one of the few that can influence other wealthy activists to donate to the campaign. It is similar to the 2004 elections when Soros, inspired by his opposition to the Iraq war, gave $27 million. In 2005 he was part of the formation of the Democratic Alliance. The aim was to focus more funds on groups that were seeking to build intellectual infrastructure for long-term causes such as climate change, income inequality and the role of big money in politics.

Mr. Soros is also a prominent defender of human rights. During the Ferguson riots, he donated $33 million to the movement. Through his nonprofit organization, Open Society Foundation, he was the man in the middle of all financing of the Black Lives Matter movement. Soros has always believed in equality. His organization has been donating to these types of groups since its formation in the 90’s.National Civil rights groups together with George Soros funded the “Black Lives Matter.” They saw it grow from a hashtag to a social media phenomenon. More than 500 people traveled from all across the country to support the Ferguson community. George gave a total of $5.4 million to Ferguson and Staten Island grass-roots efforts. The protest was to aid in the pursuit of more police reform, accountability and public transparency. Soros believes that whatever is not perfect about the society can be rectified and he uses his influence to create a better society.

Anthony Petrello: Drilling Industry Tycoon

Anthony Petrello is the current president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board and executive committee of Nabors Industries, Ltd., a Bermuda based drilling corporation which is known today as world’s largest drilling contractor for natural and geothermal gas. His salary back in 2014 totaled an amount of $68.2 million, and because of that, Anthony Petrello was distinguished to be one of the top-paid chief executives in the United States. The leadership of Anthony Petrello at Nabors Industries, Ltd has resulted in their tremendous growth. The company managed to secure multiple deals and contracts during his leadership, and has managed to expand overseas to include multiple projects. Nabors Industries, Ltd. is presently operating in four keys locations around the world – North America, Far East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and more information click here.

Back when he was a child, Anthony Petrello grew up in an Italian neighborhood in New Jersey. Anthony Petrello finished high school because of his dream of going to college, and has been given a scholarship to one of the top universities in the United States. He graduated from Yale University while under the scholarship grant, and has been awarded with a Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Science degree in Mathematics. He continued his studies in Harvard University where he earned his Juris Doctor degree, and after graduating, Anthony Petrello started working for different companies. He stumbled upon Nabors Industries, Ltd., and decided to dedicate 30 years of his life working for the drilling company. He worked hard to get to the top, and eventually, everything paid off as he was promoted to become the company’s CEO. His responsibility with the company includes overseeing its operations, and making sure that fair treatment among all the employees is being implemented and Anthony on Facebook.

The contract of Anthony Petrello with Nabors Industries, Ltd. states that 80% his salary should be based on the income of the company. Whenever their revenues are down, his salary would also go down. He believes that by setting an example, more and more executives would follow his footsteps, and would be more employee centric than being self-centric. Anthony Petrello continues to become an example especially to the company’s 100,000 employees, scattered across the United States and learn more about Anthony.

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Mike Baur Takes the Entrepreneurs to A New Plateau

Mike Baur is doing something that many entrepreneurs wished someone would have done a long time ago. He is laying the foundation and putting up the groundwork for a new environment where he can give people access to the keys to success when it comes to building a better business.


Mike has been able to do this for a long time because he has worked in the banking industry in Switzerland, and he knows what it takes to get the business loans. Mike is a mastermind when it comes to creativity, but he also realizes that he is not the only one that can help entrepreneurs lay the blueprint for a successful business structure.


Wih this in mind Mike Baur has assembled a great team of coaches and mentors that can break things down into a much better picture. He believes in helping people that may have a desire to improve their business structure or change the way that they are going to be doing business. This is why it has been very easy for him to put entrepreneurs on the right track. He has done it time and time again by setting up cohabitating workspaces and putting entrepreneurs on a fast growth track.


The 360 accelerator program is what people are interested in knowing more about. That is what has been created with the program that Mike Baur started up called The Swiss Factory start up. He has become a leader in the area of business start-ups, and he has shown many people around the world that he is a business leader that knows how to help entrepreneurs attract venture capitalists.


When it comes to funding a business there needs to be a plan in place. Many people do not have a proper plan and that is why so many businesses will fail.


A lot of people are going to look at the work that Mike has done and take time to adjust their businesses accordingly. He definitely has the ability to help many people that are trying to make things better for their business. With the Swiss startup Factory Mike Baur is going to help a lot of people that may have otherwise failed in their business endeavors. He knows a great amount about how businesses work, and he has the ability to change the way that people build their business model and work on returns on investment.


Marc Sparks; Entrepreneur, Capitalist, and Philanthropist

Most articles you read about entrepreneurs and capitalists have a part where there mentions the school and degrees acquired before getting into business. Not Marc Sparks, having graduated from high school back in 1975, and in business world ever since. Marc has gone through a lot, having been on top, to losing everything, to getting back on top again. Having learned what works and what does not, Marc has come out on top and started his own company called Timber Creek Capital, LP. Marc’s keen instinct has made him successful as he admits he has no formal training.


Timber Creek Capital is a family office, a private equity firm. Marc believes in helping out beginning entrepreneurs with achieving their dreams by providing the necessary funding, support staff, office space, networking, marketing, equipment, intellectual capital and merchant banking, legal, accounting, customer service, graphic arts, and web development. The most important thing of all, is that the company has a lot of fun guiding companies from idea, to reality. Marc has even wrote a book about his experiences called ‘They Can’t Eat You’ where he talks about the highs and lows in his life, how he got where he is now, and advice for others starting out their new venture.


Marc is also a philanthropist and is involved in many great projects, like Spark Tank, where social service executives can offer their ideas to produce social success. He supports Mommies in Need, an organization that provides free child care to mothers who are undergoing a health crisis and unable to care for their children temporarily, and Dogs Matter, a program that provides temporary foster care for pets of owners who are in treatment for addictions. The Samaritan Inn in the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Texas, and they offer programs to help get the homeless back on their feet, and provides meals. Marc Sparks sits on the Finance Advisory Board, at Samaritan. Marc also has a program called Sparky’s Kids to provide free Dell computers to kids who are less fortunate.


Marc Sparks feels blessed with his good fortune, and believes in giving back to the community and charities to help others who are not as fortunate. He is a man passionate with his life and it reflects in everything that he does. He doesn’t pat himself on the back, but believes it is his duty to help out wherever he can, and he does.




Sam Boraie, Businessman, Humanitarian and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development in New Brunswick, New Jersey and he is also an active philanthropist and humanitarian. He is currently a Board member at the State Theater New Jersey, Boys and Girls Club and Elijah’s Promise in the New Brunswick.


Boraie Development has been in business for over 30 years. They focus on real estate development, property management and marketing and sales within the urban real estate market.


Sam Boraie’s company was listed as a honoree of the State Theatre Benefit Gala on May 17, 2014. The Gala fundraiser brought in $765,000 for the non-profit community theater. The fundraiser and the money it brought in, will help the theater to continue bringing quality performing artists to the New Brunswick area, as well as, encourage an appreciation of the arts through education.


Elijah’s Promise, where Sam Boraie is a member of the advisory board, motto is simple, “Food Saves Lives”. Their purpose is to help break the cycle of poverty by providing food for those that are hungry. And since their tool is food, they not only are trying to alleviate hunger but also offer individuals the personal training in cooking they may need to supply nutritious meals to their family or education and job training in the culinary and baking arts programs.


Sam Boraie is and has made his mark on the New Brunswick community. As you can see his business, his philanthropy and humanitarian contributions have helped to continually lift a community up and to thrive.

Investing in Real Estate

There are many people today who are interested in investing in real estate for a number of reasons. Not only is it a great way to learn about the overall economy, but many people are starting to have success making money again in this area. After the financial crash, the real estate industry was a tough one to break into. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in terms of investment financing as well. This is usually one of the biggest obstacles to starting out in this industry. However, technology is allowing people more options to borrow the money to make an investment.


Arthur Becker


Some people in the real estate industry have been having success for decades. Arthur Becker is an example of this, and he has built up a large empire that is making a huge impact on the world. With all of the changes that are taking place in the economy, you need to make sure you are prepared to invest for the future. Arthur Becker has a lot of tips for people who are just starting out in the business. He wants to prevent people from making the same mistakes that he made when he was young. With that being said, he has proven that he is ready and willing to take a risk when he sees the potential reward is worth it. If you are in line with this line of thinking, you can learn a lot of great things from him.


Final Thoughts


Overall, real estate is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy today. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place as well. If you are ready to start your journey to investing, you need to make sure you are learning form people who have had success in this area over time. Arthur Becker is one of those people, and he wants to help others in their journey as well. Start learning about real estate today before you jump in and buy an investment property.

Road to Success with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC specializing in helping startup companies and also acts as Sr. VP of Legendary Investments started his career ( ) on Mortgage Industry in 1995. He started his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator for four years. During his stay, he worked hard to develop relationships with financial planners, Real Estate Agents and other people who he makes business with. In 1999, he became part of Legacy Financial Group that gave him the opportunity to grow more and expand his mortgage skills. He helped its Maryland office to produce a multi-million worth of loan volume yearly for six years.

He opened Legendary Properties, LLC on 2002. His involvement in real estate became successful. It resulted to fast development on purchasing, reconstructing, and profiting on hundreds of transactions. He had a great relationship with people involved in building trades that resulted to highly well executed products.

In 2003, he joined the Arizona Charter Funding and became the Senior Vice President at Charter Corporation until 2007, says his Linked In page. Because of the many changes happening on mortgage at that time, Todd decided to focus back on the origination of purchase money lending. He studied most of the scenarios in lending specifically those clients that are usually being overlooked by conventional lenders. He uses his firm to help those borrowers.

According to, Todd Lubar owned quite a few companies in the Demolition industry, Real Estate Developments, night clubs industry and recycling industry. His exposure on different industries developed his skills in understanding what makes a business successful. And despite of being successful, he never stopped; instead he created TDL Global Ventures to help those who are just starting their road to success.




Internet Of Things: Opportunities For Apple, Startups, And More

It is time to appreciate the great benefits which have come as a result of the internet of things. The future is here. Before the web evolves to take over the lives of the people, we must appreciate that it has done a great job so far. For this reason, we are here taking on the goodness associated with the comprehension of this fact to do better business.

According to Jason Hope, the internet has done business and lives better in many ways. For those who are looking for services and products and they have no idea where they can get them, they must also work to take the significant benefits associated with its use. For this reason, the businesses themselves have many things to get through their assistance and integration.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things was first developed to have two or more computers communicate in a way which was determined as seamless. For this reason, the internet developed through its innovation and strategic moves to have it better and more intense in innovation. Its use, which was seen through the 90s, became one of the fastest-growing and adopted the business idea. Any people sought to purchase computers for home and office use in various departments of state and companies in the country. They all worked to have a better way to conduct their business without having to do anything manually. When the world was enlightened about the use of the internet to become a source of all things you need, businesses and companies began working to improve their online management portfolios.

In the later times, everyone was acquainted with its use. For all daily businesses, everyone has a way to achieve internet connection. If you have a watch which accesses the internet, it becomes a smart watch. For this reason, there are many more devices in the world which have adopted to take on the use of the internet to make lives better. A smartwatch is capable of locating you at any time. I have access to your location using its in-built techniques. The internet of things has indeed worked for the benefit of the people.

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Anthony Petrello’s Work In Oil Drilling And Neurological Research

Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and was one of the most brilliant students in his class. He attended Yale University as a young man, and originally considered becoming a professional mathematician. He even studied under world famous mathematician Serge Lange who was instrumental in forging algebraic math. But when he came to graduate school at Harvard, he had a change of heart and decided to go into corporate law. After completing his J.D., he entered private practice at Baker & McKenzie in New York. While there, he served clients through advising compliance issues, taxation, corporate structure and other financial laws. It was through meeting executives from Nabors at Baker & McKenzie that he was offered employment at the oil company.

For more information about Tony Petrello’s salary, click here.

Anthony Petrello is the CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries, one of Houston’s largest oil drilling and rig equipment companies. Petrello has helped the company maximize both land-based and offshore drilling production and has helped bring investors and capital funding to the company. Petrello has also led Nabors to develop proprietary software and automated technology for operations, and as of 2006 the company has had one of the world’s largest land oil rig fleet, Nabors Industries. Petrello joined Nabors over 25 years ago as Chief Operating Officer and has had years of business and legal experience at other places.

Anthony Petrello is also married to Cynthia Carrafa Petrello and has a daughter named Carena. Carena was born with a neurological disorder that could not be cured, but it drove Anthony and Cynthia to be a part of a foundation to help other children born with similar disorders. He met Dan and Jan Duncan who also shared the passion of philanthropy at Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Anthony Petrello and his family gave a gift to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to help fund research. Petrello is hopeful that one day a cure can be found for Cerebral Palsy and similar diseases.