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Winning With Freedom Checks

So what are Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks are the payments that master limited partnerships, or MLPs, pay to investors as a return. In 1987, Congress enacted Statute 26-F, which allows master limited partnerships to operate tax free as long as they meet certain requirements. Read more about Freedom Checks at The first requirement is that these partnerships must generate 90 percent of their revenue from the production, storage, processing, and transportation of oil and gas here in the United States, and that these companies must agree to pay out 90 percent of their income out to investors in the form of Freedom Checks. These companies find wells, refine the oil that comes from the oil fields, and transports oil and gas through the pipelines. Matt Badiali is the face of this Freedom Checks frenzy. Matt believes that virtually anyone can benefit from these checks despite their economic status. Regular, everyday people can take advantage of the opportunity at hand. In the past, the Middle East was the main source of oil for the United States. Read this article at Money Morning. As of now, import relations between the two have not been what they used to. Now because of the decline in import oil, American companies are forced find other avenues to become self sufficient. These companies, 568 in all, are now responsible to fill the void left behind by the Middle East. What makes these companies a good investment is the fact that they are able to operate tax free, which allows for expansion and progress, which inadvertently causes investors to become all the more wealthier. Badiali believes that investors should expect upwards of $30 billion this year, and the best part is that investors do no, DO NOT, pay taxes on these investments. All in all, these checks seem like a great investment opportunity that no one would want to miss out on.