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Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is President of Worldwide Asset eXchange that is commonly known as WAX. Malcolm is also the Chief Investing Officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is a leading firm that engages in buying and selling items online in the marketplace by use of video games. Formerly, Malcolm CasSelle was the president and Chief Trading Officer at Tronc that was previously known as Tribute Publishing. While serving Tronc, Malcolm was tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing the rapid growth of the company’s assets leveraging digital properties.

Malcolm CasSelle also worked at SeaChange Int’l as an SVP & GM of Digital Media. Malcolm joined SeaChange after it purchased the company that he owned and led has the Chief Executive Officer called Timeline Labs.

OPSkins Company that Malcolm leads as its CIO is also an internationally recognized Bitcoin merchant. The firm has followers from various parts of the globe who make cross-border micro-payments regularly. OPSkins is a leading firm regarding user demand and market size for a regionalized protocol. There are several limitations in the marketplace in the centralized virtual assets marketplace. Consequently, the decentralized marketplace for virtual property leads as the natural next option that is in progress.

Recently, the founders of OPSkins have ventured into establishing that they are launching its new platform that will be for virtual asset commercialization. This program is called Worldwide Asset eXchange. The venture is P2P trading for virtual assets. It is built on the bases of decentralized fine contracts and blockchain. These smart contracts are designed with the aim of allowing buyers and sellers to trade with one another on virtual assets smoothly.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is tailored to solve fraud and fragmentation in the virtual asset trading platform. The two problems are the most challenging occurrences in the marketplace. The venture provides a solution to these two problems by employing a simple blockchain-enabled widget that allows all traders to directly sell and buy virtual properties without requiring to click off their gaming platform. WAX is made in such as a way that it can unite both local and international virtual asset traders while allowing them equal trading rights.

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Stream Energy support to the Dallas community

Stream Energy was formed in 2005 and its headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas. It is among the prominent and foremost firm for direct selling service. The firm also provides energy, defensive and house services to its clients. In regard to corporate philanthropy, the Stream Energy works to achieve and support it. Lately, the organization launched a charity institution, Stream Cares, to publicize its philanthropic activities in Texas.

Stream Cares Foundation anticipates assisting the individuals in need through supporting them and the society as a whole. By doing so, the company is able to create a good image for the clients and the public. Stream Energy has been able to create a strong bond with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross as they work towards achieving their role in helping the needy in the community.

In addition, Stream energy offers residential and commercial services such as energy, telemedicine, and effective medics. Prosperous Stream associates receive their payments through commissions made to the sales while some functions as individual business persons. A key issue that the Stream acquaintances are concerned about is homelessness. Another development that Stream energy has been able to do is to work together with the Hope Supply Co. They were also able to pay the entrance and food costs for beyond a 1000 homeless children at the yearly splash. Hope Supply Co offers diapers, clothing, and school supplies for the children who have no shelter. The company has been able to work alongside with Stream for the past four years.

Stream Energy has also partnered with the Salvation Army through which they were able to donate several thousand for the individuals whose houses and business premises vanished in North Texas. Furthermore, the firm also worked with the Operation Once in a Lifetime to offer moral and financial support to Dallas families. Besides that, it also offered transportation services to the poor military veterans. The company’s objective is to assist and uplift the lives in Dallas and Texas through their kindness and dedication to helping the needy.

A Special Meeting For Felipe Montoro Jens

The special meeting was organized and held in Argentina and the city was referred to as Mendoza. In the meeting, there were Inter-American Development Bank prominent leaders in the meeting. The bank’s president Luis Alberto attended the meeting. In addition, Mr. Dyogo Oliveira who is the acting minister for the planning, development & management was in the meeting. The report of the meeting was later discussed by Felipe Montoro Jens.

During the meeting, Dyogo Oliveira was defending the private investments which were something increasing in Brazilian infrastructure. He tried to request for a mechanism that can guarantee finance which can be used in leveraging the Latin Americans investments in the private infrastructural projects. He also had some proposals that he talked about. He talked of the bank being able to promote the studies and it will help in pointing out the most effective solution in the management risk of the projects. The bank will also be having that regions private investments leveraged. Even the president of the bank and also the chairman of the governors meeting agreed with Mr. Dyogo’s idea. He added by saying that it was the time for the secretary of the state to start dealing with the economic and business from the Spain support. The market dynamism can make Brazil the best-preferred country and it was also the priority country. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The minister also discussed the bank’s requirements in doing new investments in the countries. The projects should be supported because the fourth industrial revolution is coming and they will have to face it. In their projects, they have been trying to improve on road infrastructure and sanitation water to the citizens of Brazil. Due to the coming industrial revolution, it is the time they start investing in the modern structures and it will be a way of promoting the industrial revolution in that region.

According to Luis, there have been challenges in Latin America and should be the first priority to be considered in infrastructural convergence. It requires to become a connection improvement because the resources that the government has is lower than required. The region will be requiring necessary development so that it can overcome both growth and development obstacles.


Felipe Montoro Jens Government Projects

With economic growth in Brazil booming, numerous people are excited about the future. Felipe Montoro Jens is a leader in the nation for multiple reasons. Not only is he a successful business owner, but he also helps people in his community.

Felipe Montoro Jens owns a construction company that has expanded in recent years. Instead of just building homes, he now works on construction projects for the government. The government of Brazil is focused on developing new roads and bridges throughout the country. These investments in infrastructure should facilitate higher levels of economic growth. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Construction Company

When Felipe was young, he had a successful career working for a large company. However, he wanted to own a company to increase his income. He decided to establish a construction company focused on building homes. Building a house is a much more complicated process than many people realize.

The first few years of running the business were tough. He invested a lot of his capital to sustain the company. He also worked long hours each day. Although it was hard work, he is proud of everything that he has accomplished.


Felipe enjoys building roads and bridges in Brazil. Not only do these projects earn income, but he also feels like he is helping his country. He has lived in Brazil for his entire life, and he is proud of the growth in the country.

One issue with government projects is that they take several months to complete. There are multiple restrictions on working hours for his employees. He plans to streamline these processes in the coming years.

Felipe also wants to donate more money to charitable causes in Brazil. He is passionate about helping children who are born into low-income families. He believes every child deserves a quality education in Brazil. Visit:

José Auriemo Neto: One of Brazil’s Best Business Professionals

In Brazil, Jose Auriemo Neto is among the nation’s top business professionals. He is currently JHSF’s CEO and chairman, and he has been with the company since 2003. JHSF is a Brazilian real estate agency whose aim is to help in the sales of shopping centers, airports and other types of large companies. In the years since Jose Auriemo Neto has been with JHSF, the company has grown significantly, thanks in no small part to his background in real estate.

His skills and experience in the real estate field have been instrumental to JHSF’s success in the real estate industry. Clients trust JHSF greatly when it comes to buying and selling large properties. The company’s CEO has completed degrees in business and finance, which have definitely helped him build a successful real estate career for himself. To know more about him click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s role at JHSF is quite an important one, and he works on many different projects for the company. Regarding the sale of purchase of properties, Mr. Neto is prepared to help his clients with almost any kind of issue of question that they may have. In addition to everything else, Jose Auriemo Neto also contributed to a few projects focusing on parking lot crowding.