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Dr. Clay Siegall: Changing Lives Via Targeted Cancer Therapies

Cancer seems to strike fear in most people’s heart and for good reasons. This deadly disease has taken the lives of millions throughout the years. Cancer can manifest itself from the lungs, from the prostate, from the skin and from other organs. Fortunately, cancer has seen better days because today’s advanced medicines are giving it a striking blow. Antibody-based therapies are the game-changers in today’s cancer-research society. These powerful therapies has one of the best progressive approaches to fighting the disease. On the other hand, Dr. Clay Siegall stands at the top of the ranks when it comes to developing these medications and here is why.

Dr. Siegall is the president, the founder and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. This special organization is located in Bothell, Washington, and it has made a huge imprint on cancer research. The organization has estimated 1,000 employees and with many more job openings in the future, it will definitely be adding to this total. Drug development is something that this organization and Dr. Siegall has thrived-off. Of course, drug development just happens to be one of the organization’s core principles. Seattle Genetics develops and commercializes high-quality medications for fighting cancer, which are known as antibody-drug conjugates. The organization has had its ups and its downs, especially from its inception, but it has pulled through to become one of the most important institutions in this dynamic field.

Having an extended educational-base is a good thing and Dr. Siegall certainly fits the bill. This man is multi-talented in a number of fields that pertains to the medical community. He has been honored numerous times with awards, and he currently holds more than 15 patents. Dr. Siegall’s philanthropic ways has helped to set himself apart from other individuals in this sector of business. Thanks to the recent developments of targeted-cancer therapies, more and more lives have been saved at a much higher rate than before.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Helping Their Patients to Heal

There are many career opportunities in cancer treatment facilities. There are positions available for administrative and hospitality service. This is a very important role to play in patient care. Whether it is comforting a patient, being a cook, or chaplain, they are all important jobs that help the patient to feel better and more comfortable.You could also get a job as a dispatcher, housekeeper, or operator. Surgical technicians are also needed, and duties for this position include keeping the environment sterile and handling instruments during surgery. It is also important to understand the different procedures.Cancer care treatment centers also need people who can fill various professional and management positions such as in accounting or IT. These positions can include accountant, finance analysis, chief nurse, or director of relationship marketing to name a few.

As chief nurse, you would need to be able to work well under pressure and collaborate with leadership and other experts in order to provide the patient with the best cancer care. As an accountant, you would have to keep journal entries and create all the needed and necessary documentation for the treatment center. You would also have to complete monthly reconciliations. Other positions that they need to be filled include coding manager, pharmacy operations, nurse advisor, and territory manager.As a coding manager, duties include delivering services by coding denials, appeals, and production as well as implementing improved processes to maintain efficiency. A nurse advisor is expected to work with all CTCA locations and to address oncology concerns. A nurse advisor is needed to advocate for both caregiver and patient needs by offering a smooth transition into care at the Cancer Care treatment center.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides compassionate care to its patients. It was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Every hospital is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and offers a welcoming environment not only to their patients but to the family of their patients as well. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides the best therapies that they can in order to help their patients win the fight against cancer.Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been trying to beat the fight against cancer for 30 years and have come a very long way in their research findings. They are committed to tailoring the best cancer treatment plan to their patients and have many tools that they use to make their patients well again. They have drug therapies, advanced radiation therapy, and surgical alternatives that are less invasive than the traditional method. They are fully accredited and are capable of treating many different levels of cancer.

Eric Lefkofksy Helping Cancer Research With His Startup Tempus

Cancer is a disease that has gradually been becoming an epidemic. Millions of people are affected by it, and more or less, everyone knows someone who has cancer. As per the statistics, 40 percent of the US Population has one or the other kind of cancer. Even though many different types of cancers are curable nowadays, it leaves a profound impact on patients’ lives, physically as well as mentally. One of the core issues as to why cancer therapies are not as effective as they should be even till date is due to the lack of centralized data about cancer treatment and therapies. There is no single venue where one can find all the cancer therapies related data, and this has been one of the leading causes of concern for oncologists for years.

Tempus, a technology firm started by the successful and reputed entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, aims to change all that. It is a data analytics and management company that in a way takes into account and collects EHRs as well as other cancer therapies related data. It helps the oncologists and doctors to correlate various cancer-based data to help provide better and more efficient treatment. Tempus collects its cancer therapies related data from hospitals and medical facilities treating cancer. Ideally, such a task would take more than six months to one year when done manually, but with the help of technology, it is done at the click of a button today. Tempus has enabled the oncologist to pinpoint which cancer therapy is suitable for someone and which wouldn’t be effective. It has made it possible for the people to survive and battle cancer with confidence.

Oncologists can take the clinical and molecular data of each patient into account as well when deciding the treatment plan of each patient. It is helping in providing cancer therapy that is highly accurate and is known to have been effective. Eric Lefkofsky rose to fame in the corporate world after starting Groupon. He has started many other companies till date include Lightbank Investments, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies. Eric Lefkofsky is also a passionate philanthropist and has a family foundation that is associated with many charities.

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