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The Chainsmokers pays tribute to Avicii, the ‘Wake me up’ hitmaker during the 2018 Billboard Awards

This year’s Billboard Music Awards was lit. There was an outstanding lineup of performances that kept the crowd on their feet the whole time. The event was attended by many celebrities in the Showbiz industry. However, despite the glamour, fun and energetic performances, there were a few somber moments. The Chainsmokers and Halsey took their time during the first hour of the live telecast to pay tribute to the late Swedish DJ Avicii.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers started by taking the crowd through a quiet moment to remember the life of the ‘Wake me up’ hit maker. Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers continued to note that the passing of Avicii was a great loss to the music industry and also to them since he was a close friend. According to Andrew Taggart, Avicii inspired many people across the world in so many ways.

Halsey on his part noted that Avicii was a nice artist to work with since he was easy with everyone. Halsey who lives with bipolar disorder noted that the passing on of Avicii was painful for everyone who loved him loved him dearly. Halsey continued to note that Avicii’s death is a reminder to everyone that they should support their friends and family members struggling with mental issues.

Avicii, whose official names are Tim Bergling was 28 years-old at the time of his death. In 2016, Avicii announced that he was leaving live performances to try and find a balance in his life. He passed on April 20th, 2018 but the police did not release any report on his death.

At first, his family was reluctant to comment on his death as they requested time to mourn their son. Later on, his family released a statement indicating that Avicii took his life. According to the family, Avicii was a perfectionist who struggled to find a balance in his life. Avicii worked so hard causing extreme stress.

About Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers is a production duo that comprises of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. The duo made a debut in the music industry by creating remixes of the popular indie bands that attracted millions of views. The two the released their first single in 2014 called ‘Selfie’ that celebrated 2010 narcissism.

Lawrence Bender and Michael Masden Create the Tragic Budd of Kill Bill Vol. 2

An unimportant character in Kill Bill Vol. 1, “Deadly Viper Budd” takes on a prominent role in the second film in the series. As Bill’s sad-sack brother Budd, Michael Masden almost steals the show from the other actors. Ultimately,  and David Carradine aren’t upstaged in the film. Director Quentin Tarantino and Producer Lawrence Bender knew enough to give Masden the proper room to expand on the character of Budd. In doing so, audiences gain sympathy for this one-time world-class assassin who has fallen on hard times. Instead of skipping all over the world to take on deadly missions, Budd succumbs to alcoholism and works as a bouncer in a strip club.

The scene where the strip club manager brutally berates Budd further adds to the sympathy audiences feel for the character. Truly Budd has fallen from grace. Considering who his brother is, Budd could return to prominence in some way. He chooses not to. Perhaps severe guilt over the murder he committed in his life led to his downfall. Maybe guilt over only one incident played a role in his decision to move on. Budd certainly hasn’t lost his propensity to be a killer. After all, he does try to suffocate The Bride by burying her alive.

Budd definitely needs money. We know this because he attempts to ransom The Bride Did he squander all his earnings from his assassination days? Incredibly, the financially-struggling Budd won’t sell his samurai sword even though he could receive millions for the blade. Sentimentality exists in Budd’s heart and mind regarding the glory days of his membership in the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

Maybe Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino should revisit their plans to team Masden and John Travolta up in the proposed Vega Brothers movie. Maybe the duo can bring Masden back in flashbacks for the proposed Kill Bill Vol. 3 film in development.

Lawrence Bender has a lot of his production plate. His name appears connected with several films in development. A few of those projects could lead to Lawrence Bender receiving more Oscar and BAFTA nominations. The chances of seeing Budd back in a new Bender/Tarantino film are slim, but the world of Hollywood filmmaking can be surprising.