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A Review of Louis Chenevert Performance at United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He became the President and the CEO of the company in 2008 after he was elected by the board of directors. He was made the chairman of the company’s board in 2010 and served in this position up to 2014 when he retired. Mr. Chenevert served as the director of UTC from 2006 to the time of his retirement. Before joining UTC, he was the president of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006. He also worked at General Motors for 14 years. He was the production General Manager of the company’s St. Theresa’s branch. Louis Chenevert attended the Universite de Montreal where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management. In 2011, he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal. Today, he is the chairperson of the International Advisory Board of HEC Montreal. He is also the chairman of the Friends of HEC’s board of directors.


The idea of UTC developed from his years of experience in the profession and his expertise as an executive employee in several multi-national companies. He decided to transform the industry by developing and manufacturing machines and technology needed in the industry. Louis Chenevert brings his ideas to life by focusing more on operational talent and engineering projects. He believes that these two areas are important in producing ideas and satisfying the needs and expectations of consumers. Chenevert is excited by the manner in which technology speeds up change through creating business opportunities in the company.


Being an entrepreneur, he created small group of employees, guided, appreciated, and inspired them to ensure their efforts are rewarded. This habit has enhanced the success of Louis Chenevert in his business ventures. Thinking big, staying focused, and thinking openly are some of the strategies that Louis applied to develop his business and success. Surrounding himself with winners made him a winner too. The company accomplished a number of things when Louis was the CEO. UTC acquired Goodrich and expanded its aerospace industry under his stewardship. The company had no scandals, public humiliation or failures. He lives behind an admirable legacy.

Todd Lubar’s Numerous Companies

Todd Lubar has turned out to be among the best businessmen in the world. He is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments and the president of TDL Global Ventures. Apart from dealing with entrepreneurship, Lubar is also a philanthropist who is on the journey of helping the society become a better place. He majors in finance and real estate. Since he is connected to real estate, as a philanthropist he is dedicated to developing homes for those with no homes. From Syracuse University Todd Lubar achieved a B.A in speech communication.

First of all, Todd Lubar was a loan starter at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. This gave him an opportunity to connect with prominent business people who advised him on business. They include; financial organizers, real estate agents, and insurance agents. He was able to acquire better skills on mortgage banking.

Soon after that, he joined Legacy Financial Group. He was great at his skills and as a result, this company earned $100 million when it came to loan. His hard work in his beginning career encouraged him to begin his first company called Legendary Properties LLC. This organization has achieved success due to the excellent business skills of Todd Lubar. The firm has completed more than 200 contracts. The other job that the company does is advertising to assist various real estate buildings.

On Ideamensch, he said that his achievement in business and especially in his career helped him connect with other business people in sealing business deals which led to him attaining $20 million. The hard work of Todd Lubar in the firm motivated him to start a branch called First Magnus Financial Corporation. Multifamily and single-family properties are greatly helped by Legendary Properties.

The organization has good services that are unique and as a result, the employees work even harder to make the firm better. Legendary Properties is among the top mortgage firms in the US, reveals The achievement of the company led to the next company which is Legendary Financial LLC. One of the jobs of this organization is lending loans to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Success does not come on a silver platter but through hard work and great skills.

Cancer Treatment’s Data Revolution

Cancer treatment is dependent on good data. In order to achieve that goal, doctors need multiple sets of data.

Tempus, a data-driven healthcare startup co-founded by tech guru Eric Lefkofsky is creating databases specializing in the specific data cancer specialists need.

When screening for cancer, the data sets specialists need gets very complex. They need genomic information combined with therapeutic data. Then you need molecular data alongside clinical data. Plus you need therapeutic and outcome response data. Since cancer patients tend to have multiple treatments at once, clinicians need not only DNA and RNA, they also need how each patient is responding to each treatment.

One prime example of this interplay is cancer centers using Herceptin. What you would do is to see the data interplay is looking over 2 years. That would require a grant and 90 days. According to Lefkofsky, this type of information should be easily accessible to researchers, clinicians, and all other healthcare stakeholders.

What inspired Lefkofsky to start Tempus was his wife’s diagnosis wit breast cancer. Lefkofsky, being a veteran of successful data-driven startups like Groupon was amazed that a truck driver had better data than oncologists have access to.

As healthcare record become more digitalized, the idea of Tempus is to create a way for electronic medical record (EMR) and pathology systems to dissect the data and feed it back to the origin. This way patterns between treatment and results would be easier to discover.

Oncology is just the beginning of how Tempus seeks to revolutionize healthcare data. Lefkofsky sees Tempus being implemented in data collection and analysis for neurological disorders in addition to CRISPR (which is a method of gene editing).

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a veteran of the tech world. Prior to co-founding Tempus, he co-founded Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago and more information click here.

Why is José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian Ad Agency Mullen Lowe the First Choice of Any Business?

Today any Brazilian business house looking for the best ad agency for his business would look no further than the Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian ad agency parallel to none in the country. The company is managed by the none other than the scintillating José Henrique Borghi, whose incredible depth of creativity has left many stupefied and agape. The amazing results, he had got for many of his clients have earned him an extremely high recommendation from all and especially his clients throughout Brazil and abroad. Everybody realizes that a great advertising strategy can make all the difference between a spectacular and a poor performance of any advertising and marketing campaign.

José Henrique Borghi and his team of experts are the ultimate in meeting all the requirements beyond expectation. Producing unusually inventive and graphically striking authentic ads, his ads not only capture attention but garner plenty of attention as well. He has helped create many campaigns that have managed to communicate the true essence of the company to its customers. His experience and exposure to a variety of business during his career come extremely handy. Over a period, José Henrique Borghi has proved that his unique ideas in creating ad campaigns faces no competition and yields outstanding results. It is his affectivity that has made many Brazilian business and entrepreneurs seek his help in turning the fate around of their ineffective and floundering advertising projects.

Throughout his career, José Henrique Borghi had worked for several ad agencies like Leo Burnett, Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB. He has over 25 years of rich experience behind him. One of his most celebrated campaigns is one that was created for Parmalat which spoke out against the prejudice meted out to people who have Down’s syndrome. His outstanding work has obviously won him numerous awards. He even got the ‘Advertising Professional of the Year‘ award in 2014.

The Success of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is known to be one of the most influential families in the United States with many resources as well as funds at their disposal that have been accumulated over the years through hard work. The DeVos family is an influential and generous family that has given billions of dollars of funds to many worthy organizations that have created initiatives to give back to communities across the United States that are less fortunate. The DeVos family is a family that is dedicated to each and every individual within the United States and believes that success is not generated from revenue. The DeVos family believes that success is generated from how much is given to those in need.


Among the many family members of the DeVos family, Richard DeVos is one of the most influential members due to the fact that he built the family company of Amway Corporation form the bottom up. Richard DeVos is an influential businessman who has passed on his passion for business to his son, Richard DeVos, a devoted son and a savvy businessman with a desire to grow the family legacy. Dick DeVos has already dedicated his entire life to the family business and has plans to grow it even further.


Even before a formal education, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to be a businessman and to follow the footsteps of his father. Dick DeVos has always been inspired by his father and by what he has accomplished and has looked to his father on many occasions for inspiration as well as advice. Even before a formal education, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to study economics and to become a part of the family company to help grow what his father worked so hard to grow for the past six decades.


Dick DeVos has fond memories working with his father within the family business. While growing up, Dick DeVos has distinct memories of working with his brother in order to help the company where they could. As a child, Dick DeVos remembers helping out by not only running errands, but also by filing important documents and even by giving product descriptions to the clients of the company. Dick DeVos has always been proud of his father and has demonstrated his pride by helping the family business grow and to grow the legacy for the future as well as for the future of the DeVos family.


Kenneth Goodgame New Career at True Value

True Value is a chain of retailer shops and owns a chain of hardware. True Value works as family and associates, and they believe this is what has made them succeed in business. True Value was founded in a primary reason for supporting the growth and success of self-governing retailers. The dedicated associates are always ready to assist the group of retailers operating True Value stores all over United States Of America as well as Internationally. The Associates equip the retailers with the needed know-how to see the organization realize its vision.

To be able to offer the best services and build their brand in a positive way, True Value declared the reformation of their organization. The reorganization was done in the supply chain, logistics, and their international distribution network by recruiting an addition of three executive officers. The hired team included Abhinav Shukla appointed to the position of Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. Shukla has an experience in global supply chain management as well as financial and operational performance. Tim Mills was appointed as the Senior Vice President for growth, he brings along his experience in hardware sales, procedures as well as planned advancement. Ken Goodgame formally worked at Ace Hardware and is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value; he took the place of Mike Clark who retired.

True Value is devoted to offering the best services to over 4000 independent retailers globally, and are planning to develop the DVT model through monetary funding. The CEO and the President of True Value mentioned the organization is committed and has switched its focus mainly on independent community hardware retailers to ensure their future is worthwhile.

Kenneth Goodgame is a renowned marketing guru. Ken offers motivation to individual who wants to gain financial knowledge and skills in the marketing world. To provide the inspiration, he launched his new website where he participates with others in conversations that their primary drive is to assist them in the financial market. Before his appointment at True Value, Ken was the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation, where he generated and synchronized designs for complete packaging restore upgrading of personalized labels branding. Ken is a Bachelor’s of Science Degree Holder in Marketing and Finance from the University of Tennessee.

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True Value Shakes Up Leadership Team

Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP of True Value Hardware Company

Diversant LLC under the leadership of John Goullet

There aren’t as many African American owned IT firms in the country. It is quite refreshing to see one company making big strides in a white dominated field. The company has been doing great even through the economic hard times. It comes as no surprise therefore, that the company has been named as one of the fortune 500 companies.

The CEO of the company, John Goullet has been part of the company’s growth from the start. He started out as an IT expert, but with time he branched out and started offering staffing solutions. When he decided to set up his own company, the idea was to create the startup that would offer IT staffing solutions to all other fortune 500 fortune 500 companies. Five years after the company was started, it has become one of the most successful ventures with a capital base of more than $30million. It has even gotten slotted as one of the top10 among the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation.

He operated his company, Info Solutions for a while before he took up the offer to merge it with Diversant which was owned and run by Gene. The resulting company, Diversant LLC, was to be under his leadership and as the leader, he can continue with his lifelong passion of helping companies and other organizations cope with the ever changing needs of the world of technology.

Currently, his company is mentoring those companies that are owned by minority groups. Through the program, the businesses that look like they have fewer chances of making it to the top have a bigger chance of making it. They are also in charge of a number of community outreach programs. One of these programs is the PACE, which stands for program for acceleration of careers in Engineering. Through the program, children that are in schools located in low-income areas are assisted to get an interest in technical careers and take up technical college courses.

The Harlem business alliance is another interest group that the company is helping. The group fights for the retaining of the Harlem business community after observing that businesses incubated in the area move out and forget the region. These and other activities just show how much John is interested in making things better for the community he comes from.

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U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Is Named Chairman Of The ICTA’s Board of Directors

The jump in the price of gold didn’t come as a surprise to U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl after the job report was released recently. Philip Diehl has talked about the price of gold, and what investors could expect over the next 12 months. Diehl has an impressive record in the financial industry. He was the director of the U.S. Mint, and he also served as chief of staff for the Senate Finance Committee.

Diehl knows a lot about the gold market and the rare coin market. He was recently named the chairman of The Industry Council for Tangible Assets Board of Directors (ICTA) because he has an extensive background in the money business. Diehl was the vice chairman of the Council. The Industry Council for Tangible Assets is the organizations that makes sure that the coin and paper money traders are operating according to the standards set by the ICTA.

Diehl recently told an interviewer that the price of gold is sensitive to rising interest rates, and the fact that the Feds are holding interest rates where they are helps the rare coin market.

Gold is currently trading at $1,326 an ounce. The U.S. economy is still not strong enough to sustain another rate hike, according to Diehl. That’s why Diehl tells his clients to put gold coins in their IRA accounts. The price of gold will continue to increase because of economic worries.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets is not concerned about what gold does. Diehl’s job will be to increase the membership in the ICTA, and he will also be the person that communicates with organizations in the coin and paper money sector of the financial industry.

Since Diehl was appointed president of the U.S. Money Reserve, the company has gone through a major internal realignment. Customer service is the number one priority, and relaying pertinent information to the company’s extensive client base is another priority.

According to Glassdoor and Crunchbase, hundreds of thousands of clients across the country depend on the U.S. Money to keep them up-to-date on the details that impact their investment in rare coins.

The rare coin market is changing faster than ever before, and the U.S. Money Reserve is playing an important role in communicating changes in regulations and precious coin values. More investors are adding rare coins to their IRA accounts, and Diehl thinks that is an excellent way to increase personal investment portfolios.

Mike Baur And His Relentless Effort To Fuel Growth Among Startups

As a leading entrepreneur and experienced banker, Mike Baur has continued to invest into the Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014 in a bid to support startups within Switzerland. The company has been working with leading academic institutions to source for intellectual content necessary to make the mentoring process easy.


The Swiss Startup Factory is also investing in imparting legal knowledge into the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs to allow them sail through regardless of the hurdles they encounter on the way. Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory as a part of his dream to work with young entrepreneurs and to emerge among leading venture capitalists in Switzerland.


Digital business solutions

The digitization process is sometimes bound by challenges and may appear challenging to a business if there is no sufficient information to inform the decisions one makes in the process of creating digital platforms that can help to run a business.


The entrants are first challenged to define their goals and plans regarding staffing and management before coming up with digital solutions. Once this is achieved, the team of professionals comes up with solutions and strategies that can be applied to enhance the potential of a business to succeed.


Marketing/Accounting support

The marketing team is tasked with ensuring the entrants understand the basics applicable when popularizing a business. They also offer accounting support to allow the businesses manage their finances better and come up with strategies that can propel the business to higher heights. Most upcoming businesses fail due to lack of proper financial management and this is an area the Swiss Startup Factory takes seriously when mentoring startup entrepreneurs.


Product development

The Swiss Startup Factory also takes into account the product development process and works to ensure the products presented to the market match the criteria to be classified as useful items that can stir a wave of purchases and preference over other similar items. Competition is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when designing a product since every company in the market is working to come up with a new superior product.


Mike Baur

A graduate of Bern and the Rochester University, Mike Baur is a dedicated professional with great focus on startups and nurturing ideas into successful businesses. He has worked as a private banker in Switzerland for nearly 20 years and before he exited the industry in 2014, Mike had made strides in his career. He is now a venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

The Ingenuity of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a unique individual who is not only a businessman, but is also an expert in technological innovation as well as an expert in leading not only companies but also individuals into the future of technological advancement. With over 30 years of experience in the technological and engineering industry, Mr. Kheradpir has climber the ladder to the top to now be the new CEO of Coriant, a transforming optical transport network that has already provided hundreds of thousands of services to businesses as well as clients that are located all over the world. As a technological company, Mr. Kheradpir hopes to show is true dedicated to this innovative company.

Coriant is a dynamic network solutions company that provides services that are not only fast-changing, but are also cloud-enable to keep up with the fast pace of many different industries around the world. For those who look to become or remain strong competitors within the business world, Coriant offers solutions that not only reduce the overall complexity of the system, but also improves the utilization of a multi-layer network. These new revenue generating generating services provide consumer-friendly applications such as video, mobile, and even the cloud. Consumers love the solutions and networks that Coriant produces due to the fact that it is easy to use as well as fast to use.

Currently Coriant provides innovative technological networking solutions to hundreds of thousands of businesses that stretch to be located in over 100 different countries around the world. The advanced technology that is used by Coriant has not gone unnoticed and has even demonstrated that Coriant is a company that is truly ahead of its time with regards to technological advancement. The number of services speak demonstrate Coriant’s innovation as well as the ability of the company to keep loyal customers and to please the clients with the innovative solutions provided.

Shaygan Kheradpir was chosen not only for his knowledge and expertise with technological solutions and networks, but was also chosen for his 30 years of experience that he already has within the industry. Though Mr. Kheradpir is new to the company, he is not a novice when it comes to the technology that is used or the services that is provided with the company. During his time with the Marlin Equity Partners, Mr. Kheradpir worked with some of the Coriant senior partners in order to set up the Coriant operating system.

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