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Butt’s up, Doc? An Inside Look At Gluteal Augmentation with Dr. Mark Mofid

What does cosmetic surgery mean to you? For some, it means reshaping a part of themselves that is interfering with their daily well being, and for others, it means reshaping past surgeries that have effected their daily health. Regardless of the story behind the action, the patients expect the same outcome – perfection.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s practice is dedicated to not only giving you the perfect service, but the perfect experience as well. To staff at Dr. Mark Mofid’s office in the San Diego and La Jolla area in California, perfection is not just in the office – it’s a lifestyle that is lived through the staff and patients alike.

Dr. Mofid has extensive knowledge and history involving himself in, what is now a rising trend of cosmetic surgeries called gluteal augmentation. Gluteal augmentation is essentially, enhancing your exterior to give you a fuller, more balanced shape. The surgery rose to power in Brazil, which Mofid had currently studied and trained, specifically for gluteal augmentation practices.

For now, gluteal augmentation has risen, and continues to do so to this day and there are many ways to go about the procedure. While most surgeons are placing their implants above the muscle, Dr. Mofid says intramuscular implants are the way to go. When placing the implant within the muscle, you decrease your risk of movement, feeling the muscle and the accumulation of fluid. It is low risk – lower than breast augmentation, and easy to remove.

There are many benefits to the procedure, including a needed confidence boost if this is something that deters you in every day life. Gluteal augmentation, and many other forms of augmentation are transforming both the patients and our culture as perfection in every day life becomes the norm. What used to be an unspoken process, is now out in the open as the movement of self love proceeds to evolve us and move us closer to ultimate refinement and more