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Jim Tananbaum on the Future of Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is a partner at Foresite Capital. He was interviewed recently and talked about his work experience and the future of healthcare. Most of his day is spent taking calls and attending meetings with members of his staff. The meetings revolve around company presentations and updates on the performance of portfolio companies. Jim said that he still manages to fix an hour to work out each day.

Jim explained that he brings ideas to life by engaging thought leaders in healthcare to give advice to the entrepreneurs in their portfolio companies. They are able to speed up the process of scientific discoveries that can have an enormous impact on treatment. Tananbaum mentioned that he was inspired by the ways innovation could be used to meet the largest needs in healthcare. This meant that there was great potential in the future for companies that were exploring how to tackle these problems. Tananbaum believes that Innovation in Healthcare has a long-term impact and value because it takes up more capital and time.

Jim Tananbaum studied Electrical Engineering, Math, and Computer Science at Yale University. He has a Medical degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard University. He started his first company known as GelTex Pharmaceuticals when he was finishing up on his MBA. The company developed Cholestagel and Renvela and had a successful exit when Genzyme acquired it. Jim was a founder of Theravance that developed drugs to treat asthma and staph treatment. He worked as a product manager at Merck where he was instrumental in making their drug one of the best-selling in the world. You can visit Medium for more info.

Jim gained experience in venture capital when he worked at Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners before starting Foresite Capital. Tananbaum was a leading investor in AmeriGroup. Jim was a seed investor in HealtheonWebMD and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. He provides information and access to its networks in the field. Foresite Capital invests in companies in several medical fields such as synthetic biology, gene sequencing, and data science. Aeri Pharmaceuticals is developing a drug that will treat glaucoma. This is one of the leading causes of blindness. More details can be found on page.

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