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Guilherme Paulus Is Awarded For His Career

Guilherme Paulus is going to be one of about 300 attendees at Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios. The forum is for professionals who are involved with the tourism industry, as well as anyone else who is interested. Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios is going to be held in Renaissance Theater, a venue in San Paolo.

The entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus holds a high place in this forum because he is a big name in the industry. His company, CVC, has grown over 47 years into the third largest one of its kind. He has been given the pleasure of interviewing Pinho. The discussion between both men will be about how airlines and the various people who they work with can make hubs better. The forum will be wildly beneficial for the tourism industry in Brazil, as well as for the tourism industry in Latin America.


This past September, Professional Leader Magazine conducted an interview with Guilherme Paulus, the leader of Latin America’s largest tourism company. Guilherme Paulus has been applauded for linking up various things that are included in the tourism industry. For example, he has linked up hospitality and transportation. CVC offers cheap and affordable prices for tourists. The profit margins seem to go down, but the company actually does very well and attracts more clients.

CVC was named after the initials of Carlos Vincente Cherchieri. Several years after CVC introduced itself to the world, Cherchieri left Guilherme Paulus in charge of everything. The company retained its name, despite the fact that Cherchieri left. Now, after 47 years of business, CVC stands as a model company in the field of tourism. CVC can call itself Latin America’s largest travel operator. It is not the world’s largest travel operator, though it is up there as the third largest. Paulus has received a plaque for 30 years of business and hard work in a specific part of Brazil. This is one of many honors that he has seen for his longstanding career as leader and founder of CVC.

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The Reasons Why Mr. Shiraz Boghani Is An Award-Winning Hotelier

The Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group Mr. Shiraz Boghani was awarded the Hotelier of the Year award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016 held by the Asian Media and Marketing Group. With experience in the hotel industry for over three decades, Mr. Boghani is a Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur who owns nineteen hotels in the U.K.Currently he is the Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP where he is also a founding partner.

Additionally, apart from the hotel industry, Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a founding Partner of Sussex Health Care Limited, and in England and Wales, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts. Mr. Boghani’s recent projects include the Grand Hotel &; Spa, The Conrad London St. James, York and 336 bedroom Holiday Inn Wembley London and 292 bedroom Hilton London Bankside.

The businessperson who moved from Kenya in 1969 to the U.K is also a philanthropist and is a significant supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation. He started as a trainee in accounts at Chartered Accountants and later moved to KPMG formerly called Thomson McLintock. He developed a business mindset, and in 1985, Sussex Healthcare was started where he was a copartner. Today, it stands as one of his ventures with a capacity of over 500 bed and 18 Care Homes. On the other hand, Splendid Hospitality Group stands as one of the fastest growing hotels in the U.K., As a result, the dedication and hard work of Mr. Shiraz Boghani.

Mr. Shiraz is a senior member in his Ismaili community among them Chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He is also a sitting committee member in the National Council and above all as the Chairman of Resource Development Convener Aga Khan University. Sussex Health Care Limited offer services to people either in the company’s homes or through the outreach programs. The staff at Sussex is qualified, and that is how the company has managed to run all its homes and outside hence delivering quality service. All these are made under the clear leadership of Mr. Shiraz Boghani. Not many people can lead such a big venture successfully.

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