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Roseann Bennett Provides Invaluable Help For Couples Coping With Depression

Roseann Bennet has more than a decade of experience as a family and marriage therapist. She has helped people from every path of life deal with the challenges they faced. Bennett has built a reputation as a compassionate therapist with a background in therapy and assessment.


She is a forward thinking and effective business leader. She helped create the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009. This is a charitable organization with a focus and devotion on advocating for and treating families and people from every background. This is especially true for individuals marginalized or disenfranchised by the community.


May is observed as Mental Health Month. Millions of people have been reached through local events and the media. Roseann Bennet has planned the treatments, crisis management and case management for hundreds of individuals. She understands the fear and impact a mental health issue can have on a romantic relationship. Many of her clients are married couples headed for divorce or separation.


The cause of the unhappiness is often untreated and chronic depression. Her goal is to reach the individuals struggling with depression. Almost fifteen million Americans are affected by depression every year.


Depression can be situational, transient and reoccur numerous times. Depression can be linked to an event such as a medical problem or the loss of a job. Roseann Bennet identifies the trigger to help the individual move on. Many victims of depression do not eat enough or sleep too often. They can overeat, stop eating and experience difficulty with conversing and concentrating.


The person can feel responsible and not even realize they are depressed. The partner usually starts out sympathetic and understanding. This can change as time passes because the partner does not understand what is happening and becomes resentful or angry. This creates a distance between the couple that will continue to grow if the couple does not receive help. Visit This Page for additional information.



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