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The Doors of the Mighty Fortress Church are Open to All

The Mighty Fortress Church is a place of worship where the outside world cannot reach. Bishop Thomas Williams has a message for all who come, and it is that we need to be receptive to the word of God in order to feel peace and to gain the blessings that he has to offer. He encourages everyone to partake in daily scripture study, prayer, and in regular attendance. There is so much hate and negativity in the world, and it is important to feed our spiritual selves so that we can be strengthened and so that we will be able to overcome our many challenges. Read more on

Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior bishop of The Mighty Fortress Church. He has been preaching the word of God for well over 30 years, and he feels it is his mission to help the Lord’s flock to get back to Him. He also believes that the answer to the problems of the world lies in the Holy Bible. Bishop Williams is the founder and president of the Mighty Fortress International Ministries, and he has a vision that the whole world will hear about God’s plan. Williams graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as a Master of Arts Degree. He also has two honorary doctorate degrees and is the father of three children.

The Mighty Fortress Church does not see color, or gender, or anything else that the world may judge. Instead, it’s doors are always open to all who come and is a pace of respite from daily life. The fortress is a place to grow closer to the Savior and to strengthen your testimony. The Fortress is accepting of all who come and does not discriminate. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

The Mighty Fortress Church and its members are committed to preaching the Word of God and to treating everyone with respect. Their focus is on exalting the Kingdom of God and believes that their mission is to prepare believers for their assignments. The Mighty Fortress Church reaches out to all who need help and support through a global voice.

The beliefs that the Fortress upholds is that God is the sole creator of all things and that he manifests in the form of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. It is also believed that Jesus Christ rose from the dead to save us and that the Bible is inspired by the Word of God. The Fortress and its members also believe in the power of baptism and in communion. The Fortress always has room for new members and will preach and teach to all who will listen and who present an open heart and willingness to learn.