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Rodrigo Terpins and The Risks One Takes in Joining Professional Races

Our daily sufferings can often be subdued when we do things that we love. The things we do that reverberate our pulses, that agitate our senses, that makes us feel alive and make us want to be where we want to be is what gives meaning to our daily existence. No matter the money, the wealth or achievements we have, that would be nothing if we can’t feel the love and life that we’re supposed to feel. This is something that people like Rodrigo Terpins have been confronting lately. This is also something that may also be truly universal. Check out




The Sertoes Rally Competition



While it’s not a universal experience, many can relate to why Rodrigo Terpins had put his life and neck on the line just to pursue his dream to win the Sertoes 22nd Edition. It was a joyful, satisfying but a remarkably dangerous racing experience. Imagine: you go through miles and miles of distance in a dangerously fast speed, with competitors who are also trying to win the race. Imagine the horror and risk of putting your life on the line. You may be able to survive at the end of the race and feel the victory of the entire game, but what about the risk you’re putting? What about the life that you’re putting on the line because of what you’re doing? Such is the danger that Rodrigo Terpins is facing right now, as he goes on with his career in racing, and as he pushes to greater heights in his entire racing career.



The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally race is also an excellent opportunity for Rodrigo Terpins to prove himself worthy of the legacy of love of sports that came from his father. It paid off, though, as Rodrigo Terpins, with his team, won 7th Position under the Prototypes T1 category.



We should also point out here that this victory is a result of the many years of arduous experience that Rodrigo Terpins already experienced, dating back to when he joined with the MEM team in 2015 for a Cuesta Off-road 2016 race that had put the racing team of Rodrigo Terpins on the map.