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Upwork Offers Opportunities to Freelance Workers

Upwork is a service that connects freelance workers with prospective clients. This online platform makes it possible for businesses and independent organizations to find help in a variety of areas, including accounting, design, marketing and writing. Those interested in joining the service should follow these steps:

Establishing a Profile

A profile is essentially a resume that outlines the candidate’s educational background, experience and capabilities. An electronic portrait should be included with samples of the person’s previous work. Candidates should also include their pay requirements. Once this information is received and reviewed, Upwork should provide a response within 24 hours.

Making the Right Contacts

The linking of the client with the worker is accomplished through the Connects program. In some cases, however, the clients may reach out directly to a prospective worker. In any event, the worker may wish to conduct a background review in order to ensure the reputation of the prospective employer.

Starting to Work

Once they begin working together, both the employer and the employee will have the opportunity to review and rate each other. Payment for each assignment may be either fixed or negotiated before the work begins. In terms of its share of the payment, the amount received by Upwork will equal 20 percent on the first $500 earned by a worker, 10 percent on earnings up to $10,000 and 5 percent earned beyond that amount.

The Payment Process

Workers can expect to be paid after their assignments have been reviewed by both parties. Freelancers who are hired on an hourly basis will be paid every week. Additionally, an hourly protection system is available in the event that a fixed-price worker has trouble obtaining the required compensation. If requested, payments can be transferred directly to a personal account.

The History of Upwork

Upwork was created in 2015 through the merger of the freelance websites Elance and and oDesk. Based in California, Upwork today has some 5 million registered clients who employ more than 10 million freelance workers. The company is involved in 3 million assignments every year that are valued at approximately $1 billion.