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Graeme Holm: To Infinity and Beyond

A true competitor will find the will to prosper in any endeavor. This is the case with Graeme Holm. As a former semi professional football player, Holm made the transition into finance after an injury stopped his career. He was able to swiftly transmute his competitive spirit into the banking world earning his way to manager by the age of 21. Being a genuinely compassionate person, Graeme has primarily focused on home and investment loans throughout his career. Holm noticed a void in the home loan and mortgage industry within his community and set out to help people fill those gaps.
For people all over the world, the knowledge of repaying home loans and finance management has not always been easily accessible. So in 2013, Graeme along with Rebecca Walker formed Infinity Group Australia. Their passion to help families reach their fiscal goals gave them all the momentum they needed in the beginning.
With an authentic approach towards helping people better their financial lives, IGA quickly grew within its first year. The company has made amazing strides helping the Aussie community and expanding its reach every year since it’s 2013 start. With over 20 staff at IGA, each member serves as a unique branch to a powerful tree.
Holm’s passion to help mortgage borrowers reduce debt has kept him going through all of these years. Providing support and guidance to every person he deals with puts his clients at ease. Banks are machines that often work as a system and not so much as a service. Graeme Holm has helped fill this gap tremendously in the Australian Mortgage market. His vision to build a rapport with clients has given his business longevity. Countless testimonials from current and previous clients illustrates the manner of which Holm and his business operates. He stated in a recent interview that his persistence of not giving up is what has made him truly successful. When you love what you do it is not a job or just a career. The passion he has for others spills over into his business matters. He along with his company has earned several awards over the past decade. Driven by those that he serves, Graeme Holm goes to infinity and beyond for his clients.

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