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Senator Kamala Haris Rejects Dark Money

In another win for transparent democracy in the United States of America, rising star Senator from California Kamala Harris has joined on with a pledge to refuse to take any more corporate PAC money. Harris has been identified as one of the Democrat’s rising stars of the future and it is refreshing to see yet another progressive Senator making the morally just and popular decision to begin refusing special interest money and instead relying on the support of every day working people. The future of the Democratic Party will rely on politicians like Harris who can identify the progressive trends that are beginning to define the next generation of leadership.


Harris cruised to victory in the 2016 elections winning 61% of the vote in California while garnering over 7 1/2 million votes to her favor. Since winning the seat, Kamala Harris has been barnstorming the country helping to support and fundraise for Democratic candidates near and far. In this regard, an organization like End Citizens United is absolutely instrumental. Created in March of 2015, End Citizens United has been constantly on the forefront of the battle in overturning the disastrous Supreme Court decision to allow a flood of special interest money destroy our electoral system. By supporting pro-reform candidates (like Harris) the folks at End Citizens United have been one of the key players in many of the major Democratic upsets so far in this election cycle. While California is a solidly blue state, and trending even more Democratic in recent elections, it is still refreshing to see a Senator take charge on this issue that could very well define the political process in generations to come. At this point, it seems a safe bet to say that Kamala Harris and ECU complement each other perfectly — both are extremely hard working, both have a passion for justice, and both are committed to ending the influence of corporations over our elections.

Moving forward, it would be refreshing to see even more Senators join with their California colleague in taking the pledge to reject corporate PAC money. But for right now, we should be routinely impressed with the ECU’s ability to get six U.S. Senators on board with their pledge. This idea has the support of independents and progressives alike and it could truly be the secret key to unlocking the “Blue Wave” that is purported to be coming in the 2018 midterm elections.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.