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Sheldon Lavin Takes OSI Group to Unimaginable he also serves as the CEO of the Company

An organization’s success is solely dependent on the leaders serving within. As for OSI Group, the organization is equipped with among the best leaders. Among the various leaders at OSI Group are such as Sheldon Lavin who is the current serving chief executive officer. Far from displaying good leadership skills, Sheldon Lavin’s tenure as a leader at OSI Group has lasted for over four decades.

Background Data

OSI Group was once a small butcher shop located in the heart of Chicago Illinois. The butcher shop was owned by Otto Kolschowsky. Since the butcher shop was launched after a vast German population settled in Chicago Illinois in the 20th century, the shop grew with time. There came a time that Otto Kolschowsky even opened another branch in Maryland. After years of handling the business alone, Otto saw it fit to engage his sons in the business thereby rebranding the butcher shop to Otto & Sons; this was among the various transitions that OSI Group has undergone over the years more

A Symbiotic Relationship is established

McDonald’s is a restaurant that has been there since the 20th century. Since the restaurant required vast amounts of meat products in order to ensure that the customer demand for their various products has been met, the entity decided to form a collabo with Otto & Sons. The partnership between the two business entities has been very fruitful. As McDonald’s grew, the growth of the fast food joint also triggered the growth of OSI Group. For instance, since McDonald’s was growing at an alarming rate, Otto & Sons had to formulate a way to ensure that food transported over long distances could still maintain its freshness. Luckily, the use of liquid nitrogen as a food preservative during the 1960s came in handy, and Otto & Sons could deliver meat products over long distances while also ensuring that the food products are still fresh upon arrival.

About Sheldon Lavin

Since the demand for meat products was high owing to the fact that McDonald’s was growing fast, Otto & Sons decided to construct a plant that would be solely dedicated to serving the McDonald’s entity. While constructing the plant, there were some financial constraints, but luckily Sheldon Lavin saved the day by assisting Otto & Sons in sourcing out funds that would come in handy while completing the plant. Far from that, Otto & Sons later rebranded to OSI Group in the 1970s. During the same period, Sheldon Lavin also joined the company, and he served as a managing partner. Currently, Mr. Lavin serves as the chief executive officer of the company.