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The Reception of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has recently released the rest of his debut novel. The novel is written in a unique style. This style is inspiring a lot of criticism and controversy. For this particular novel, Penn has chosen a less traditional route and written in a difficult to understand manner. The confusing mix of subjects is written in a way that provides Penn with the opportunity to deliver harsh truths among a mix of events. Overall, the reception of this novel has been passionate. Many people believe that the novel is an opportunity for Penn to vent his personal opinions and views on the world. Penn however, fails to concede this point. He is quoted as saying “I think, we are in a sad to state where fiction is attributed to opinion… Where fiction can’t be just read as it is.”


This quote seems to imply Penn may not agree with every opinion of his character but it is not conclusive. What is conclusive is the attention being received by Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In the last few years, the acclaimed actor has in his own words fallen out of love was acting. He intends to make novel writing his new creative outlet. In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, he seems to express some doubt that his future novels may be published however he does intend to write them. Overall, he expresses an appreciation for being able to work independently.


Sean Penn’s main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a depressed middle-aged man who supports himself through a variety of odd jobs. These jobs include selling to septic tanks as well as acting as an assassin. The main character engages in a series of tirades throughout the book expressing his disgruntlement with the world as it is in his story. Within the book, the main character writes a letter to what many people believe is a symbol for Donald Trump. The parallels between Sean Penn’s politics and the politics of his main character lead many people to believe that this is just a vent book for that actor.


The Progress of Fortress Investment Group under the Leadership of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a renowned layer who Co-founded the Fortress Investment Group, a private equity firm in 1998. Randal Nardone graduated from the University of Connecticut, with a career of Bachelor of Arts/Science and also from Boston University where he earned Doctor of Jurisprudence. He started dealing with Finance Corporation like Thacher Profit and Wood, he progressed to BlackRock Financial and later joined Union Bank of Switzerland. The Swiss bank is known to be prolific with high investment rate, despite that he still left to start his firm.

In 1988 he co-founded the firm Fortress Investment Group, which developed massively into a profitable company. He is now the chief operating officer and manager, and he oversees the legal matters and structured finance. Recently he was ranked at the top spot of Forbes Billionaire list. Randal Nardone is ranked 557th currently in the billionaire’s list, with $1.8 billion net worth. His firm Fortress Investment has been the foundation of his massive wealth. In another compensation of cash, he got over $100, 000,00. Together with his team Michael Novogratz, Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger and Wesley Edens became remarkable billionaires. After they sold their minatory interest for $890 million to Japanese Investment Company, Nomura, Nardone got an additional $100 million in net cash as from 2005.

In 2012 the Fortress Investment firm was praised and gained recognition from the institutional investor and also from 2010 to the year 2015 got credited as the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year. In 2014 Randal Nardone earned an award as the Hedge Fund Manager of the year, from the institutional investor and also Management of the Year, from HFMWeek. He got all these awards under the firm Fortress Investment Group that has been flourishing.

Currently, Randal Nardone is still a CEO of the firm Fortress Investment Group. The company has progressed gaining productive investments. In 2016 the firm was managing over $70billion in alternatives assets. The assets are distributed among credit funds, liquid hedge and among private equity. In 2017 the Softbank acquired the Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 Billion. In December the same year that when the Softbank group finally purchased the firm. Randal Nardone who is age 51 years is a brilliant investor who has yielded incredible results from his commitment. Being part of a group of outstanding investors have made his profit in the long-run. The Fortress firm is no longer an individual company, but he is still the CEO.

Drummer of Brazilian Rock Band Viper Cassio Audi Ruled the Air Waves in the 1980s and 90s

Cassio Audi was the charismatic drummer of the Brazilian rock band Viper that was quite a rage in the 1980s and 90s. Of particular note were albums like Soldiers of Sunrise, To Live Again, Theater of Fate, Projeto SP Metal and the Killera Sword. Though the group was in existence for a little over 12 years (1985 to 1997), its influence extends well beyond the 1990s, into the present times.

Clearly inspired by Iron Maiden, especially in its first album Soldiers of Sunrise, the group was extremely successful in Brazil for quite some time after that. Though Audi left the band in the early nineties, it is the albums in which he was the drummer that defined what Viper was originally famous for- a neo-classical progressive metal group that had captured the imagination of Brazilian hard rock music lovers.

Indeed they don’t make iconic rock bands like Viper anymore, nor do they make artists like Audi anymore. When he played, it was with the passion and gay abandon that only a true blue rock ’n roll artist can muster. Like many rock stalwarts of the past Audi’s drumming was all heart and passion, and those who watched him play were often transfixed.


The very sound of the band changed with Audi’s leaving and for the purists among Viper fans, having Audi play the drums was what made Viper so special. Though so many years have passed since he moved on, the memory of the times lives on in the hearts and minds of his fans. Old video recordings of Audi playing at various gigs can sometimes be seen on YouTube, and judging from the nostalgic comments of fans, one can tell that Viper and its original drummer live on in the hearts of the fan with the same intensity that they did two decades ago.

Australia’s Sensuality Boutique Honey Birdette Plans on Taking on the US and UK Market

The US and Uk market is a happy lot thanks to the welcoming news of the Australia’s number one lingerie brand planning on venturing into their market. For quite a long time now, lingerie have been used to spark the much-needed sensation in any relationship.

While announcing these news Honey Birdette brand founder Eloise Monaghan confirmed that their decision to open a US e-commerce site was well informed and could not come at a better time than now. According to the brands sales revenues, the brand realized over a span of a year an increase of about 374% in online sales from the US market. In addition to the brand’s site being a platform in which the lingerie company can serve better its customers, it also is an opportunity for the company to improve on their revenues. Through the website, Honey Birdette will be able to offer a wide range of lingerie products to its customers and offer incentives such as free deliveries for orders above the $50 mark.

The other great news that come with Honey Birdette is its planned expansion in the UK market. In addition to the three retail outlets the business opened last year in the UK market, Honey Birdette has ten more stores lined up to be opened in UK. This is not as the business is planning to take the number up to 40 stores by the end of 2018. For a vibrant industry as the lingerie one, this is just but the start of great expectations.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a lingerie boutique that was started by Eloise Monaghan in Australia in 2016. The business has grown in leaps and bound over the couple of years stretching its boundaries to market outside its home market.

Currently the business has 55 retail stores in Australia and enjoys a strong backup from the investment company BBRC. For as low as £35 for briefs and £60 for bras create the sensation in your relationship with one of the best brand in the market.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

Former Hawks Ownership Sues Insurance Company over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Company, the former NBA franchise ownership group, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance Company for the contract breach which involved the claims for settlement made by the previous management team led by Danny Ferry.

The former ownership group of the Hawks (AHBE) had the inclusion of the controlling partner Bruce Levenson. The litigation did not have any addition of the current management of the company which is under the leadership of Tony Ressler.

The lawsuit filed in the Fulton County Superior Court in September against New Hampshire Assurance Company and Bruce Levenson. AHBE has a claim that the insurance company had them covered for any loss related to the wrongful termination of work, workplace torts, and employment practices. According to the documents presented in court, the company gave notice to the insurance form in 2015 about the covered claims for recompense.

Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement in closed doors with the insurance company in 2015. The six-year relationship ended with a closed sum of $18 million in 2012. The sale of the franchise was approved two days after the events were presented in court. The Ressler-led group was to purchase the team while the process in court continued.

According to a PR News report, the current ownership of Hawks, the litigation has nothing to do with the new management. For this reason, they are aware of the litigation. The parties involved in the litigation are former managers of the company. Therefore, they do not have any further comment on the matter.

According to the documents presented at the court, the settlement amount is confidential. The litigation states that the liability limits provides a confidential statement that the court can access. In the lawsuit, they state that the insurance company has refused to compensate them for the agreed settlement stated in the insurance policy that covers the company.

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