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Dr. Clay Siegall: Changing Lives Via Targeted Cancer Therapies

Cancer seems to strike fear in most people’s heart and for good reasons. This deadly disease has taken the lives of millions throughout the years. Cancer can manifest itself from the lungs, from the prostate, from the skin and from other organs. Fortunately, cancer has seen better days because today’s advanced medicines are giving it a striking blow. Antibody-based therapies are the game-changers in today’s cancer-research society. These powerful therapies has one of the best progressive approaches to fighting the disease. On the other hand, Dr. Clay Siegall stands at the top of the ranks when it comes to developing these medications and here is why.

Dr. Siegall is the president, the founder and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. This special organization is located in Bothell, Washington, and it has made a huge imprint on cancer research. The organization has estimated 1,000 employees and with many more job openings in the future, it will definitely be adding to this total. Drug development is something that this organization and Dr. Siegall has thrived-off. Of course, drug development just happens to be one of the organization’s core principles. Seattle Genetics develops and commercializes high-quality medications for fighting cancer, which are known as antibody-drug conjugates. The organization has had its ups and its downs, especially from its inception, but it has pulled through to become one of the most important institutions in this dynamic field.

Having an extended educational-base is a good thing and Dr. Siegall certainly fits the bill. This man is multi-talented in a number of fields that pertains to the medical community. He has been honored numerous times with awards, and he currently holds more than 15 patents. Dr. Siegall’s philanthropic ways has helped to set himself apart from other individuals in this sector of business. Thanks to the recent developments of targeted-cancer therapies, more and more lives have been saved at a much higher rate than before.