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EOS Holiday Lip Balms Make a Difference

For the holiday season, the EOS company makes lip balms every holiday season for a select collection that they only sell around the holiday timeframe. The beauty vlogger Lip Balm Queen has beenn reviewing the holiday collection items from EOS this season. One of her recent reviews is of the holiday EOS lip balm trio pack.

The EOS holiday lip balm trio pack includes three different EOS lip balms from the exclusive holiday collection. Peppermint Mocha, Vanilla Bean, and Sparkling Ginger are included in the pack. The Lip Balm Queen viewed this as a really difficult product to find. She bought it on eBay initially, and then she finally found them stocked up at CVS. The three packs are also available from Ulta, Target, and most other retailers sells EOS lip balm products. She did reviews on Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla Bean, so the focus of her new review was the Sparkling Ginger lip balm in the pack.

The three pack of holiday lip balms have what the Lip Balm Queen calls an 80s looking designed package. The scent of the Sparkling Ginger lip balm reminds the Lip Balm Queen of a newly opened can of ginger ale. She said it tastes pleasantly of ginger without being overwhelming. The holiday three-pack EOS are available for a limited time only, so look for them soon this holiday season.