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Eric Lefkofksy Helping Cancer Research With His Startup Tempus

Cancer is a disease that has gradually been becoming an epidemic. Millions of people are affected by it, and more or less, everyone knows someone who has cancer. As per the statistics, 40 percent of the US Population has one or the other kind of cancer. Even though many different types of cancers are curable nowadays, it leaves a profound impact on patients’ lives, physically as well as mentally. One of the core issues as to why cancer therapies are not as effective as they should be even till date is due to the lack of centralized data about cancer treatment and therapies. There is no single venue where one can find all the cancer therapies related data, and this has been one of the leading causes of concern for oncologists for years.

Tempus, a technology firm started by the successful and reputed entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, aims to change all that. It is a data analytics and management company that in a way takes into account and collects EHRs as well as other cancer therapies related data. It helps the oncologists and doctors to correlate various cancer-based data to help provide better and more efficient treatment. Tempus collects its cancer therapies related data from hospitals and medical facilities treating cancer. Ideally, such a task would take more than six months to one year when done manually, but with the help of technology, it is done at the click of a button today. Tempus has enabled the oncologist to pinpoint which cancer therapy is suitable for someone and which wouldn’t be effective. It has made it possible for the people to survive and battle cancer with confidence.

Oncologists can take the clinical and molecular data of each patient into account as well when deciding the treatment plan of each patient. It is helping in providing cancer therapy that is highly accurate and is known to have been effective. Eric Lefkofsky rose to fame in the corporate world after starting Groupon. He has started many other companies till date include Lightbank Investments, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies. Eric Lefkofsky is also a passionate philanthropist and has a family foundation that is associated with many charities.

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