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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo‘s behind the “why” of marketing initiative for Grupo Televisa. Many remember Porfirio for his common skills in business analysis, blogging, business storytelling and intelligence, communication, computer research, consulting, content management, data and analytics, editing, science and data administration, digital media, digital marketing, database management, finance and economics, executive endeavors, event planning, admin. developments, hospitality, hiring, human resources, information technology, information management, information security, leadership, management, marketing, market research, Microsoft Office, media planning, negotiation, network and information security, presentation, newsletters, on-camera speaking, project management, PR or public relations, recruitment, relationship management, rate risk management, social media management, social networking, strategy tactics, technical training, user testing, WordPress, writing, web programming and nearly 30 others: As such, this top leader has had the opportunity to prove himself on countless occasions, for Televisa’s proud to hold him as its Editor in Chief.

Grupo Televisa holds more than 50 years of experience in the business and is considered Mexico’s number one news agency. It tells the truth while showing you perspectives from many other angles at the same time. It links Mexico’s many TV stations as well. It’s first color broadcast was in 1963. Ever since then, it has only continued to grow rapidly – decade after decade.

It holds its own within the television programming world and is known by many for its truthfulness, its steadfast views and its overall integrity in promoting balance and diversity altogether. It has been through many mergers. To this day, it is considered by many as the Number One Spanish American News Organization: It competes with Fortune 500 companies; it even competes with Netflix for viewer counts.

It’s now the second largest media conglomerate in all of Latin America, following swiftly behind Grupo Global. Galindo’s had the privilege of working with Comercio Mass, Izzy Telecom, UA Stict, Globe America and Bolinas. It also programs itself to four other major networks within local Mexican programming: These 253 Mexican TV stations primarily operate through other major providers, known as Sistaya, Canal 5, Gala TV, and Photo TV. They’re considered the most original TV stations within the country.