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GovPayNet’s Services Is Now Available At Securus Technologies, Inc.

The criminal and civil justice technology solutions company, Securus Technologies, Inc. has announced that they have obtained GovPayNet as a means to expand their payment processing business. The recent acquisition will substantially help Securus Technologies to provide another source of payment solutions for many correctional institutions and other various government entities. This new addition means that Securus Technologies could now process more than 40 million payments each year. We can now expect to see the tech solutions company provide more services across the United States and also create newer innovative products.


GovPayNet is one the nation’s go-to payment processor for credit card as well as debit card payments, specifically for government institutions. The business has over twenty years of experience and have a good reputation with customer service and feedback. They currently service more than 2,300 government agencies in thirty-five U.S. states and help manage payments involving restitution, criminal and traffic fines, probation oversight, towing and impound fees and administered child support payment to name a few. Securus Technologies will still use JPay, a correctional service provider for money transfers and other services. The usage of both JPay and GovPayNet can attract new clients and government agencies to purchase Securus’s cutting-edge services.