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Helane Morrison: Feminist Icon of the Business World

Helane Morrison is an iconic woman that is breaking out of the mold business leaders have created for women in business. She has become known as the “voice of change” from those from her circle and is allowing people to rebuild their trust and see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the 2016 election.

With people unable to trust Wall Street since the economic crisis in August 2007, which was the worst America has seen since the Great Depression, Helane Morrison has paved the way for the American people to believe there can be a change. An overwhelming amount of Americans believe the economy is not on the right track, and that the presidential candidates have no solid plans of improving it.

Helane Morrison has a balanced life while still ensuring that clients are making safe investments after she implemented her “examination team” that was created for the sole purpose of investigating any financial adviser or mutual fund before they are trusted with the clients money. She does all of this while also serving on the board of many important organizations. She has a passion for the environment and animal rights and is very active on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation.

Currently she sits on the board of the hedge fund subcommittee on the American Bar Association where she volunteers her time to ensure that these hedge fund managers provide the same information as other fund managers to avoid them taking advantage of any clients.

Helane Morrison has paved her way in the business finances and is trying to do the same for other females after seeing the segregation and lack of equality between female and male representation in the financial corporation.

All of these accomplishments and her LinkedIn resume are examples of why she was given the title Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector four times (Crunchbase). She is a fascinating and inspirational woman that every person in the business can admire.

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