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How Duda Melzer became the President of RBS

The Sirotsky family is one of the most influential Brazilian family names today. According to Acaert, the RBS group was founded by one of these names, Maurício Surotsky Sobrinho, in 1957, so it’s a relatively old company considering that Brazil itself does not have more than 200 years as an independent country.

The RBS network controls most of the Brazilian media, including 12 TV brands that are related to the most influential name in Brazilian television, Rede Globo, as well as 15 radio stations and an internet network as well, the e.Bricks Digital, founded by no one else than Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, commonly called Duda Melzer.

Having graduated in Business Administration at the University of PUCRS in 1998, he also had his MBA at the Harvard Business School four years later. This period was also when the businessman won the award of “Media Professional” at Caboré Award.

Eduardo began as a consultant at an American group, Buzz Allen & Hamilton, and later got the spot as Senior Financial Analyst at the Delphi Corporation at the US. It was only after his graduation from the Harvard Business School that he won the role as Director for the National Market of RBS and later he finally replaced the spot of his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, as President of the corporation.

According to, among the highest achievements of the businessman Duda Melzer, he won the ABP award of professional highlight, Entrepreneur of the year by the week APR communication, a Brazilian 3D Illustration, and Communication Company in the city of Porto Alegre.

In 2015, Duda Melzer got the honor to be among the 25 chosen leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, knowing that they only invite names that are highly influential around the world. As the President of one of the largest corporations in the Brazilian media, Eduardo Melzer has a bright past and future towards him.