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Jeffry Schneider’s Life and Work

Throughout the last 10 years, Jeffry Schneider has spent considerable time focusing on helping the disadvantaged while using his leadership skills to make a positive impact in his community. Recently, Jeffry decided to use his skills and resources to a help a charitable organization in Texas, where he currently lives. This organization works with the less fortunate in Latin America providing them with clothes, food, and shelter while also providing necessary surgeries and drugs. Commendably, Jeffry quickly became devoted to this charity, and with his help, support, and direction, the group has continued to make positively impact the lives of the less fortunate.

Jeffry is also dedicated to helping children and improving their health. A seasoned athlete, Jeffry has been increasingly troubled by the plight of today’s kids’ health: many children are considered obese at shockingly early ages. Understanding the future of our world depends on what today’s youth is taught.   Jeffry strives to help kids of various upbringings and at different stages in life better not only their physical health, but also their mental health. Through attention to personal wellness in organizations committed to helping mistreated kids, Jeffry seeks to teach children that by making subtle, positive changes in the present, their lives can be improved in the future.

Over time, Jeffry Schneider has been able to prioritize what’s truly valuable to him. Whether he’s spending time with family, volunteering at a hospital, fundraising for a children’s group, or helping a charitable organization build revitalizing programs, Jeffry is passionate about helping kids. A natural philanthropist, he even sponsors individuals who travel abroad to help children  overcome physical impairments.

In congruence with his dedication to children’s wellness and uplifting at-risk communities, Jeff Schneider decided to sponsor Elizabeth Stephens, a Dell Children’s Hospital oncology medical professional. In her spare time, Elizabeth visits Central America and repairs cleft palates for disadvantaged kids. Elizabeth had been using her own finances including her savings to fund these trips until Jeffry, moved by her dedication, decided to compensate her for all costs that she incurred while traveling. His reimbursement will allow her to keep providing critical care to children in need for years to come.

As he continues doing all he can to improve the lives of others, Jeffry Schneider is committed to making communities stronger than ever. By motivating kids to look toward their future and teaching them the value of personal health, Jeffry illustrates every day how one leader can guide an entire community. Follow Jeffry Schneider on Twitter.