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Karl Heideck, Experienced Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck explains Litigation

Karl Heideck explains Litigation

What is litigation? Litigation is a legal court hearing that involves two people in which one is defending and the other is enforcing. In a legal court proceeding, one party is the plaintiff and the litigator represents the plaintiff. The litigator oversees the whole litigation process from start to finish. To be a litigator, the individual must have an undergraduate degree and pass the Law School Admissions Test.

The next stage in this process is obtaining a Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited law school. The last step is passing the bar exam and to keep up with continued education courses for renewal of the license as it requires and learn more about Karl.

The litigation process is the litigator initiates the process with a letter of demand. This takes place after an investigation of the current issues at hand. Afterwards, the attorney and the plaintiff files a document called a complaint with the courts and in turn the defendant gets served. The defendant has a specific amount of time to respond by filing a response. Sometimes the parties agree to settle outside of court and if that happens, a conference follows. If the parties do not agree to settle, the trial starts with all the evidence presented and a jury renders the verdict. Trials can take months to years to resolve before a verdict is rendered.

Karl Heideck is a skilled litigation attorney with impeccable experience to handle all litigation needs. He started his career as an associate at Conrad O’Brien. His role at Conrad O’Brien was to handle commercial litigations and representing the clients in those cases. He also reviewed the government investigation documents in those cases. Karl Heideck specializes in pharmaceutical litigations, white collar defense, and bankruptcy. During his time at Pepper Hamilton LLP, he was a project attorney that handled trial preparations and reviewed the documents for investigations.

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