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Lifeline Screening For Preventative Healthcare

As many people know, the actions a person takes to assertively prevent disease and other health complications starts with early prevention and identification of risk factors that contribute to our overall wellness. The time to start looking into one’s healthcare starts far before any symptoms of disease or sickness have started to invade our bodies.

At LifeLine Screening, their motto is “The Power of Prevention “. Together with LifeLine screening, a person can fill out a short questionnaire on past and present health, family risk factors, and current smoking habits that may contribute to health problems later on in life or maybe even right around the corner.

LifeLine offers a series of preventative testing measures that can identify current health issues, but may also pinpoint associated risk factors through diagnostic testing. This in turn, may prevent future complications and help one seek active methods to reduce and eliminate these healthcare issues before they start or get out of hand.

After completing a simple online health survey, the team at LifeLine will highlight for you their recommendations on what health screening services may benefit your personal profile. For example, an overweight smoker with a family history of heart disease and/ or stroke could be recommended to do the following: The top recommendation for this scenario would be a screening package that includes stroke/carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, osteoporosis, atrial fibrillation, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Alternative screening packages are also offered and recommended in three different packages with different price points, depending on what the testing is for.

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After scheduling your appointment with LifeLine at a location close to you, a board-certified Physician will review your screening results and will forward to you within 21 days of your appointment any results and/ or findings that will need to be discussed.

If any abnormal results are found, printed images may be included in the results of your written report. And if there are any immediate concerns, LifeLine will reach out to you immediately. A follow up appointment with your own personal Physician will be the next step to determine your course of action.

LifeLine offers these services to the customer to identify health concerns and risks. It also offers peace of mind knowing you have taken the necessary steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle.