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Sean Penn Latest Work, a Novel Comedy as he Switches Gears to Writing

Even though Sean Penn is known for theater and film work as an actor, writer, producer and more, he’s now given up the acting scene temporarily and now living a life of servanhood. He has worked with people such as the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, Cuban President, and Mexican drug lord El Chapo to speak about war. In other countries he’s helped relief organizations do charitable work to help places experiencing disasters get back on their feet. But now Sean Penn’s latest work is to write his first novel called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novels about a man who works as a septic tank salesman but just happens to be employed by the US government as a mercenary for hire. Already The New York Times and many other reputable sources are calling it a hit, truthful, and hilarious.


In a recent interview with vogue, Sean Penn is asked several questions about writing the book and the differences between finishing a screenplay or film rather than a novel. He discusses that when coming to the end of a film project requires much collaboration from other individuals it truly depends on how you may feel. To walk away feeling proud or disappointed. However, when you are writing a book it may have slightly a collaborative effort, but the majority of it is your ideas and information that you decided to be put out. You get to feel complete knowing that you left nothing out and have no need for leaving an apology. Sean Penn described how he had gotten to a point in his career where he did not like working and collaborating with others, not the people but sharing the creative space. Having so much on his mind that he needed another creative outlet without the burning expectation to release a hit work.

Sean also gave a hint that he is working on another book. I actually spoke about how he has another movie in my mind. However, he doesn’t really have an interest in making movies at the moment. But to spend majority of his time and creative energy writing more books. Sean hopes to leave his books open for people enjoy meanwhile enjoy the new freeing creative process.—following-his-muse-with–bob-honey-who-just-do-stuff—-extended-interview


Barbara Stokes Makes an Effort to Keep Helping Others

Despite being the CEO of an extremely successful company, Barbara Stokes knew there were things she could do that would make everything different for her. She also knew the company would keep getting better as long as she could help people see the positive opportunities they received. Barbara Stokes always wanted people to keep seeing what they could do and how they could get more with the company. It was her goal of helping that allowed her the chance to do things the right way. Between the work she did and everything that came with it, Barbara Stokes knew what to help people with. She also knew there were positive experiences that come from the industry she was a big part of and that’s how she performed her job. Without her help, other people couldn’t get the options they needed and couldn’t do anything to make their own lives better. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

For Barbara Stokes, helping people was something she could feel good about. It gave her the chances she needed to try different things and make more out of the issues that were going on around the industry. For Barbara Stokes, things continued getting better and changed despite the hard work she put into the business. There were things that made it easier for her to try on her own. She knew the company needed someone who is a strong leader and that’s what she did on her own. It was her goal of helping that allowed her to keep showing people how things would get better.


Barbara Stokes always works to try helping people. She also does things that are different for people who need her help. There are positive experiences she can use that will keep helping her get better and will keep giving her the options she needs for success. Without these options, Barbara Stokes wouldn’t have the chances she needs to show others what they can do. It also makes it easier for her when she’s trying new things. She feels good about what she’s doing and knows everything will make sense for her if she continues helping other people with these issues. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Whitney Wolfe: From Social Network To Dating App

When Whitney Wolfe has gotten started on her app, she has originally wanted to build a social network for women. However, when she has met a businessman by the name of Andrey Andreev, it has turned out to be a huge influence in the direction she was going in. For one thing, it was Andrey who has convinced her to create a dating app of her own.

Whitney Wolfe has described Merci to him. When she was done, Andrey has told her that it would make a great women first dating app. Then Whitney has thought about and has decided that she can move forward with this plan.

Once they have come to an agreement, Andrey has given her the funding that was necessary to get the app off the ground. There was the development process of course. Then finally, it was released to the public. Women were able to look at the app and learn about the intention behind it. Once they have seen what it does, they have decided that it was an app worth joining. Of course the men were able to join the dating service as well. The difference was noticeable right from the start.

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One thing that women have noticed is that their inbox was not flooded. Perhaps the thing they noticed about it was the difference it made to them. They did not have to look through their messages only to deal with what they see as junk mail. This has given them the room to look for people they might be interested in. Bumble did however match them to someone. When they were matched, the women had 24 hours to message the man or else he will disappear and be replaced with another match. This has made a huge difference for both men and women.

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Highland Capital Uses Positive Experiences to Help Customers

Even when Highland Capital first started, they knew their main goal would be helping clients have a more positive experience. They also knew everything would keep getting better because of the hard work they put into the business. It’s their goal of giving back that allows them to feel like they’re part of something important. It’s also something they know how to do because of the hard work they put in their own business. As long as Highland Capital can keep helping people, they feel confident in the skills they have. They don’t feel the need to worry about how hard they’re working at different things and they certainly don’t feel like their business is at risk of going under because of the lack of people. They have a lot of customers and a lot of people who use their services and take advantage of the things they have to offer. Read this article at

When Highland Capital started seeing results from the work they put into the business, they knew what was happening. They also knew things would keep getting better as long as they saw the positive experiences that came from the industry. There were times when Highland Capital had to make sure they were doing everything right because of how hard they had to work on their own. They also had to make sure people saw the things that were happening as something that would make more sense for them to experience. There were times when Highland Capital continued getting better and continued showing people the right opportunities for success. Visit to know more.

No matter what issues people had or what they were doing in different situations, Highland Capital felt good about the business experience. They also felt it was important to make sure people understood the positive experiences that came from looking at different things. The ideas Highland Capital had for success all depended on the right way to do things and the right opportunities. It’s their goal of giving back that makes things easier for Highland Capital even when other companies in similar segments are struggling to get the help they need for success.


GreenSky Credit eschews revolutionary disruption for creating real value

In the battered fintech sector, one company has weathered the industry’s perennial challenges and come out on top. GreenSky Credit is one of the only remaining fintech companies that has proven to have a truly profitably business model that has made money year in and year out.

The company was founded in 2006 by polymathic entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik had been tossing the idea for GreenSky Credit around for a couple of years. As a principal in e-consulting firm Outweb, he had worked extensively with some of the biggest players in the home-improvement business. He realized that there was a huge opportunity for someone who could help contractors to overcome the sticker shock that many customers were experiencing as job bids came in wildly above what they had expected.

What Zalik realized is that the home-improvement game was an area where everyone involved could consistently profit with near certainty. The homeowners themselves could proceed with projects that would have otherwise certainly fallen outside of their budgets. This would allow homeowners to create the living environments they desired as well as helping them to increase the value of their homes.

At the same time, the GreenSky Credit platform has been a godsend for contractors. Before, contractors had no way of providing bridge financing to customers. While bridge financing is a critical part of larger real estate development and improvement projects, with major real estate developers having access to sophisticated credit lines that allow them to stay nimble as investors, few, if any, average Americans have access to the kind of 5- and 6-figure revolving credit that is often needed to complete major home renovation projects. Now, GreenSky Credit had provided these customers with the functional equivalent of bridge financing for individual homeowners.

Finally, because the average GreenSky Credit borrower has a FICO score of 760, the lenders themselves were able to benefit from their relationship with GreenSky by padding their books with top-quality loans. GreenSky currently works with 14 of the top lenders in the United States, including Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s Bank. The company is positioned soundly for continued growth.

A Closer Look At Roberto Santiago And His Wonderful Contributions To Brazilian Culture

Roberto Santiago has become one of the most highly respected entrepreneurs in Brazilian culture and his story is definitely one that needs to be shared with all of the up and comers everywhere. It is a story about refusing to accept the status quo. It is a story about deciding to carve out your own path.


As a child growing up in Brazil, he often found himself lamenting the fact that there were no shopping malls readily available. All of the stores that he and his friends and loved ones wanted to visit were simply not available to them. Instead of accepting the status quo, he elected to change it.


He attended college and received a business administration degree that allowed him to learn all of the various ins and outs that he needed to know more about. Roberto Santiago applied this knowledge at his first job with Cafe Rosa. This home decor company gave him his start, but he would soon set his sights on larger accomplishments.


Instead of continuing to work at Cafe Rosa, he decided to strike out on his own. This is the decision that would set the tone for the remainder of his career. Roberto Santiago realized that he was better served by working for himself and that there was no point to working for someone that he should actually be competing with.


He has also drawn on his immense knowledge of the country of Brazil to create the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He purchased the land and constructed the mall with the needs and wants of the Brazilian people in mind. This mall has anything and everything that the Brazilian shopper could want.


That is why it is full of shoppers each and every weekend. This mall has become one of the primary entertainment hubs for the area. Whether citizens are looking for art, merchandise, food or general entertainment, this mall is the place to be. The mall is large enough to double as a small city of sorts and this makeshift city will continue to thrive for years to come.


Domus Hall was recently added and it has quickly become the heart and soul of the entire mall. With an enormous theater that can comfortably seat thousands of attendees, this hall is now one of the go to locations for those who seek a top notch live entertainment venue. There are also banks on site and even a college.


Roberto Santiago is certainly not the type of entrepreneur who is ever going to rest on his laurels. His mall will continue to provide residents with the life necessities that they need and allow them to spend their hard-earned money within their own community.


How Dr. Mark McKenna Aims To Change The Elective Healthcare Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane Medical School. It was while he was still training to become a doctor that he realized the industry was changing and it would be pretty hard to earn a lot as a doctor. Because of this he started a real estate firm in 1999 after he had graduated from college instead of going into medicine. He was very successful building this company up, buying many properties across New Orleans, but that all basically came to an end when Hurricane Katrina put most of the city underwater. He tried to recover by changing his focus to building low and moderate income housing but he saw that the real estate industry was in trouble when anybody could qualify for a loan so he made his exit.

After moving to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna entered the elective healthcare industry by establishing a company called ShapeMed. This offered cosmetic procedures to clients and assisted patient’s efforts to lose weight in a healthy way. This company was very successful and in 2015 a publically traded gym company offered to buy his company, an offer which he accepted. He worked for this company for a few years but eventually decided working for others wasn’t really what he wanted out of life.

OVME is an Atlanta-based company Dr. Mark McKenna established in early 2018. He offers his services in a luxurious clinic that uses the latest technology to help patients. His goal is to reinvent the elective healthcare industry by offering products and services which are tailored to each individual client and the precise results they are looking for.

Another way Dr. Mark McKenna wants to shake up the elective healthcare industry is through a mobile app. This app can be used to bring a licensed cosmetic doctor to them, sort of like Uber’s business model. He says this offers a level of convenience no one else can offer and he envisions this app being used across the United States before too long. He is busy partnering with freelancing practitioners in many American cities in order to make this vision into a reality.

Lawrence Bender and Michael Masden Create the Tragic Budd of Kill Bill Vol. 2

An unimportant character in Kill Bill Vol. 1, “Deadly Viper Budd” takes on a prominent role in the second film in the series. As Bill’s sad-sack brother Budd, Michael Masden almost steals the show from the other actors. Ultimately,  and David Carradine aren’t upstaged in the film. Director Quentin Tarantino and Producer Lawrence Bender knew enough to give Masden the proper room to expand on the character of Budd. In doing so, audiences gain sympathy for this one-time world-class assassin who has fallen on hard times. Instead of skipping all over the world to take on deadly missions, Budd succumbs to alcoholism and works as a bouncer in a strip club.

The scene where the strip club manager brutally berates Budd further adds to the sympathy audiences feel for the character. Truly Budd has fallen from grace. Considering who his brother is, Budd could return to prominence in some way. He chooses not to. Perhaps severe guilt over the murder he committed in his life led to his downfall. Maybe guilt over only one incident played a role in his decision to move on. Budd certainly hasn’t lost his propensity to be a killer. After all, he does try to suffocate The Bride by burying her alive.

Budd definitely needs money. We know this because he attempts to ransom The Bride Did he squander all his earnings from his assassination days? Incredibly, the financially-struggling Budd won’t sell his samurai sword even though he could receive millions for the blade. Sentimentality exists in Budd’s heart and mind regarding the glory days of his membership in the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

Maybe Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino should revisit their plans to team Masden and John Travolta up in the proposed Vega Brothers movie. Maybe the duo can bring Masden back in flashbacks for the proposed Kill Bill Vol. 3 film in development.

Lawrence Bender has a lot of his production plate. His name appears connected with several films in development. A few of those projects could lead to Lawrence Bender receiving more Oscar and BAFTA nominations. The chances of seeing Budd back in a new Bender/Tarantino film are slim, but the world of Hollywood filmmaking can be surprising.

Adam Milstein Has Hope For The Future

Some people of Jewish heritage have forsaken their ancestors by totally ignoring Jewish culture and religion. Not Adam Milstein! Adam Milstein shows his zest for Jewish identity by supporting organizations that help Jewish people to get a leg up in the world. He supports fellow Jews through his organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that he founded with his wife, Gila.

He is super-duper pro-Zionist, which means that he is avidly pro-Israel. He is in favor of anything that favors the well-being of the state of Israel. With passion, he keeps a close eye on international affairs to gain an understanding of the Jews’ position in the world and where they are heading.

“Why I’m Optimistic About The Jewish Future In America,” is an article that he wrote for Jpost. In the article, Adam Milstein describes how he feels that there is a promising base of young Jews in America who are enthusiastic about Jewish identity.

It’s worth it to read his article, though it is also just as worth it to read the comments that people posted in response to the article. Judging from the comments, it seems that many people have developed negative, Debbie-downer attitudes when it comes to Jewish identity in America. Some people say that it is useless to have hope about the future of Jews in America, because Judaism and Jewish identity are on a steep decline. The vast majority of Jews in America are scattered among various sects of Judaism that are not considered to be the official sect.

However, Adam Milstein is not wrong to say that there is a reason to be hopeful because there really is a following of young Jews who are up to fight for and defend their Jewish identities. There may not be a lot of them, but there really aren’t that many Jews in America, to begin with.

Ricardo Tosto Legal Business

Brazil is a nation that is changing rapidly. Many people are moving to Brazil in search of economic opportunities. Ricardo Tosto manages a small legal firm in Brazil. He has experienced a high growth rate in recent years. Many people who live in Brazil want to start companies. With the strong economy, it is a great time to start a business.

Ricardo Tosto offers legal advice so that people have financial protection. The banking laws in Brazil are much different than the United States. Some people wrongly assume that they have more financial protections than they have. Working with an experienced lawyer is a great way to have financial and legal protections for more info about us:

Early Life and Career

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career in the legal industry. When he graduated from college, he immediately starting working at a small legal firm. He had to complete a lot of menial tasks, but he learned valuable lessons about the industry. He quickly received a promotion with a higher salary. He saved a large percentage of his income so he could start his own company one day.

Business Success

The first few years of operating a legal company were not fun. Ricardo Tosto had to learn how to advertise his new legal services to customers. Advertising legal services is not a quick or easy process. Ricardo Tosto eventually developed a strong business concept that made money. Although Ricardo Tosto is busy, he enjoys interacting with clients each day. He is the type of person who wants to continue improving in the years ahead.