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Paul Mampilly: A Different Perspective In Investing


Paul Mampilly is currently a research and investment analyst. He also runs The Profits Unlimited newsletter that gives explanations to regular Americans on how to invest their money.

Paul has a rich profile in the investments sector with more than 20 years of experience on Wall Street. This has not been a result of luck but dedication and extensive research.


From his market history, Paul Mampilly has recorded consecutive successful investments while managing accounts worth millions of dollars. He began his career on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager with the Bankers Trust. Through merit and visible achievements, Paul Mampilly quickly rose to prominent positions. For instance, he was managing multimillion-dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING.

As a result of his outstanding performance, the owners of Kinetics Asset Management, a firm worth $6 billion recruited him as a manager of their hedge fund. Under Paul Mampilly’s leadership, the firm’s assets quickly rose to more than $25 billion. This brought about Barron’s naming it as one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds because it averaged 26% annual returns during Mampilly’s tenure.

Mampilly’s excellent record earned him an invitation to participate in the Templeton Foundation coveted investment competition. Mampilly was given a starting investment of $50 million. In one year, he was able to generate returns growing the initial investment to $88 million. This was even more impressive as he achieved it in the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

The Different Perspective

Despite his exemplary record on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly eventually grew tired of the pressure and the pace on Wall Street. In addition, he was not satisfied by making money for the 1% elite class. Therefore, he retired from Wall Street to spend more time with his family. Even after retiring from Wall Street, Paul Mampilly is still an investor.

Paul Mampilly has shifted his focus to ensure that he is able to help the Main Street Americans. Through his newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, Mampilly manages to show the regular Americans how they can invest their money something he could not do while on the Wall Street.

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Eric Lefkofksy Helping Cancer Research With His Startup Tempus

Cancer is a disease that has gradually been becoming an epidemic. Millions of people are affected by it, and more or less, everyone knows someone who has cancer. As per the statistics, 40 percent of the US Population has one or the other kind of cancer. Even though many different types of cancers are curable nowadays, it leaves a profound impact on patients’ lives, physically as well as mentally. One of the core issues as to why cancer therapies are not as effective as they should be even till date is due to the lack of centralized data about cancer treatment and therapies. There is no single venue where one can find all the cancer therapies related data, and this has been one of the leading causes of concern for oncologists for years.

Tempus, a technology firm started by the successful and reputed entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, aims to change all that. It is a data analytics and management company that in a way takes into account and collects EHRs as well as other cancer therapies related data. It helps the oncologists and doctors to correlate various cancer-based data to help provide better and more efficient treatment. Tempus collects its cancer therapies related data from hospitals and medical facilities treating cancer. Ideally, such a task would take more than six months to one year when done manually, but with the help of technology, it is done at the click of a button today. Tempus has enabled the oncologist to pinpoint which cancer therapy is suitable for someone and which wouldn’t be effective. It has made it possible for the people to survive and battle cancer with confidence.

Oncologists can take the clinical and molecular data of each patient into account as well when deciding the treatment plan of each patient. It is helping in providing cancer therapy that is highly accurate and is known to have been effective. Eric Lefkofsky rose to fame in the corporate world after starting Groupon. He has started many other companies till date include Lightbank Investments, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies. Eric Lefkofsky is also a passionate philanthropist and has a family foundation that is associated with many charities.

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How Securus Technologies Helps Officer Prevent Crimes

Crimes in our city have recently seen a surge, and my team of officers were called in to try and identify the source and maintain order. What we discovered was there was a gang who felt that their area was being moved in on by a rival gang, so they lashed out the only way that they could. Night after night, there were robberies, car thefts, and violent attacks on residents, all in an effort to take back control of their turf. We needed to step in and get back control quickly.


The biggest issue me and my fellow officers have when it comes to dealing with gangs is that you get little information by way of informants or from family. The family and friends are all associated with the gangs, and strangers will not say anything for fear their own families will be the next target of the violence. This limits our ability to get solid information, so we have to try and use other sources to help us to close the gap on the violence taking place.


We headed to the local prison because of the huge population of gang members currently there. We knew we would not get anywhere questioning these gang members because they all live by a strict code, but we did have that ace up our sleeve. Securus Technologies installed their inmate telephone call monitoring system in this jail, and allows officers to be able to listen to all calls and identify chatter on multiple subjects. The company is based out of Dallas, and has these units inside thousands of jails around the country. We were going to get these members to talk, they just didn’t realize it.


After talking to them about how gang members on the street helped, the ones in jail ran to the phones to complain and reveal details we didn’t know. By feeding them misinformation, we got the information we really wanted now.


Jose Henrique Borghi of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe

There are businesses today that offer the best deals and services for the world. There are companies with a vision for the best ideas that can help a country or a group of individuals grow. With José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian of the ad agency Mullen Lowe, this vision gets translated to many good products that help market many useful products for the whole world.

Mullen Lowe Group has its headquarters chosen London, England to establish their roots. It is in England that it’s able to offer the outstanding products that provide communications and entrepreneurial strategies to different companies and programs and learn more about Borghi.

Some of the specialties that the firm continues to excel in service are in the areas of marketing, advertising platforms and advertising in social media and other online businesses.

With the Mullen Lowe Group trying to make sure that everything that it does is perfect, it is no wonder why it is the best company to offer the best products in the field of advertising today and read full article.


Jose Borghi: The Leader Behind The Mullen Lowe

In the article from Terra, Jose Borghi said that it is only in understanding the power of the consumer’s opinion that a business can create an impressive product. He believes that the best marketing needs today can only come from ideas that answer the demands of the market and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Being the experienced expert at Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi can be the leader in the consumer market and profile the needs of people.

The creativity of Jose Borghi can tap at the requirements of many companies and can provide for a well-driven platform for various companies’ communication system to work. With Mullen Lowe‘s leading brand, it’s not hard to see how Jose Borghi remains one of the best leaders in the company today. There’s a lot of growth in Jose Borghi’s name and more is expected from him.

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The Role of George Soros in Social Reform and Political Empowerment of the Marginalised

In most societies, it has always been the role of the fortunate to defend the interests of those less fortunate. Those in a position of power speak out on issues concerning the public. George Soros has done this throughout his life. He has always defended and taken issues that concern the public to heart. George Soros is a billionaire who gained his wealth through risky currency trades. With an estimated net worth of $24.9 billion, he has the power to influence others. At 85 years old the Hungarian born New Yorker has been an avid supporter of the Democratic Party and has funded many of its causes in the past. He donated funds to the party when John Kerry was running for president, in 2004 during that bitter loss to George Bush. When Barrack Obama ran for president, George Soros donated to the Democratic Party. Now he is back and is giving to the Democratic Party to enable Clinton to beat Trump. Soros is currently more politically engaged than he has been in the recent years. The engagement has been attributed to faith in Clinton and fear of the GOP candidate who Soros has accused of stoking fear in the people.

Mr. Soros has committed more than $25 million to Clinton and the Democratic candidates; as reported to Federal Election Commission records.Mr. Soros’ willingness to donate to the Democratic causes has been viewed as a positive sign for Clinton. Soros is one of the few that can influence other wealthy activists to donate to the campaign. It is similar to the 2004 elections when Soros, inspired by his opposition to the Iraq war, gave $27 million. In 2005 he was part of the formation of the Democratic Alliance. The aim was to focus more funds on groups that were seeking to build intellectual infrastructure for long-term causes such as climate change, income inequality and the role of big money in politics.

Mr. Soros is also a prominent defender of human rights. During the Ferguson riots, he donated $33 million to the movement. Through his nonprofit organization, Open Society Foundation, he was the man in the middle of all financing of the Black Lives Matter movement. Soros has always believed in equality. His organization has been donating to these types of groups since its formation in the 90’s.National Civil rights groups together with George Soros funded the “Black Lives Matter.” They saw it grow from a hashtag to a social media phenomenon. More than 500 people traveled from all across the country to support the Ferguson community. George gave a total of $5.4 million to Ferguson and Staten Island grass-roots efforts. The protest was to aid in the pursuit of more police reform, accountability and public transparency. Soros believes that whatever is not perfect about the society can be rectified and he uses his influence to create a better society.

Todd Lubar’s Numerous Companies

Todd Lubar has turned out to be among the best businessmen in the world. He is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments and the president of TDL Global Ventures. Apart from dealing with entrepreneurship, Lubar is also a philanthropist who is on the journey of helping the society become a better place. He majors in finance and real estate. Since he is connected to real estate, as a philanthropist he is dedicated to developing homes for those with no homes. From Syracuse University Todd Lubar achieved a B.A in speech communication.

First of all, Todd Lubar was a loan starter at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. This gave him an opportunity to connect with prominent business people who advised him on business. They include; financial organizers, real estate agents, and insurance agents. He was able to acquire better skills on mortgage banking.

Soon after that, he joined Legacy Financial Group. He was great at his skills and as a result, this company earned $100 million when it came to loan. His hard work in his beginning career encouraged him to begin his first company called Legendary Properties LLC. This organization has achieved success due to the excellent business skills of Todd Lubar. The firm has completed more than 200 contracts. The other job that the company does is advertising to assist various real estate buildings.

On Ideamensch, he said that his achievement in business and especially in his career helped him connect with other business people in sealing business deals which led to him attaining $20 million. The hard work of Todd Lubar in the firm motivated him to start a branch called First Magnus Financial Corporation. Multifamily and single-family properties are greatly helped by Legendary Properties.

The organization has good services that are unique and as a result, the employees work even harder to make the firm better. Legendary Properties is among the top mortgage firms in the US, reveals The achievement of the company led to the next company which is Legendary Financial LLC. One of the jobs of this organization is lending loans to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Success does not come on a silver platter but through hard work and great skills.

Rick Smith Brings Safety to the Society with Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is known by many for his excellent leadership skills, and being the CEO of Securus Technologies has made the company’s sales grow. Securus Technologies is a company famous for its technology serving many prisons and correction facilities in the United States. The company is found in Dallas, Texas and was started way back in 1986. The firm’s technology is useful because it protects the society as a whole, as well as the inmates in the prisons and correction facilities. The technology is also used in certain investigations of crimes committed. Securus Technology, therefore, focuses on technology involving criminal and civil justice. The firm is also involved in investigating crimes that are perpetrated by the inmates and eventually prevention measures are put in place.Rick Smith became a leader of Securus Technologies in July 2008 when the company thought of him as the person with the needed skills and experience for the job. Rick has made the company continue providing the correction facilities with quality services and products.

Currently, Securus serves 2600 correction facilities and approximately over 1000000 inmates as well as public safety agencies in the United States, especially in North America. More services linked to Securus are an emergency response, monitoring, public information, biometric analysis, incident management and communications.Rick Smith attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and gained an associate’s degree. Later acquired a bachelor’s degree in engineering from a good school, the State University of New York where he also did his masters. Rick has his education as an added advantage. Rick has also worked with different companies such as the Global Crossing North America Inc. Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant Operations, Eschelon Telecom and much more. In all these enterprises he held the top positions in leadership and made each one of them more successful. Rick acquired enough skills and experience working with all the former companies.

Recently Securus Technologies bought JPay Inc. The deal will accelerate Securus’ success. JPay is a firm also involved with technology that brought email, electronic payments and even apps which are for entertainment and also educational to correction facilities. JPay was serving several prisons in the U.S, approximately more than 33 prisons. JPay’s technology will enable Securus to have an expansion when it comes to the products and services they will be offering. Securus will have the technology needed to operate and serve a modern jail or prison. Rick appreciated JPay’s technology, and he even stated that the transaction would push Securus to a higher level even when it comes to their rivals.In recent news, Securus received emails and letters from citizens who were showing their appreciation to Securus Technologies for keeping them safe. The society was giving Rick and his team gratitude for the good job they were doing. Rick responded to the emails and letters by giving thanks and assuring them of a better Securus.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Today, one of the most influential people in the meat industry is 81-year-old Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Mr. Lavin is well known throughout the meat industry, but his foray into this business was indirect at best, as he began his career as an outsider with little knowledge of the operations of the meat industry. Before Mr. Lavin considered getting involved in the meat industry, he was a successful business executive and investor in the banking industry, all while heading his own financial investment firm. While he initially began as an outsider in the industry, today he has taken the small company to the top, transforming it into a global powerhouse. It was in 1970 that Mr. Lavin had his first encounter with the business side of the meat industry, as he agreed to help secure funding for Otto and Sons; a small company that needed funding for a proposed meat processing facility that would allow Otto and Son’s to become the Midwest distributor of meat for McDonald’s Corporation. While helping to secure funding for Otto and Son’s, Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to come aboard the company due to his strong knowledge of financial operations. While Mr. Lavin declined to become a full partner at Otto and Son’s, he did agree to become a consultant, with the option to join the company at a later date under the initial terms. In 1975, Mr. Lavin became more involved with the operations of Otto and Son’s, which at that point had been rebranded OSI Group. By the 1980’s, Mr. Lavin had acquired a controlling stake in OSI Group and pledged to take the company to a new level, overseeing its rapid expansion into untapped areas around the world, such as China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Mr. Lavin is still currently very involved in the daily operations of OSI Group and also contributes substantially to various charities around the world. He and his wife of 55 years are also enjoying flourishing marriage, and consider OSI Group as their extended family.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Discovers Cancer Treatment Breakthrough


Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology scientist that has been praised for his contributions to the world of oncology, a branch of medicine predicated on diagnosing and treating cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, located in Buffalo, New York, where he researches cancer and aging; in his role with the institute, he has helped develop pharmacotherapies that not only promote healthy cells but also helps to mitigate cell damage. Blagosklonny is a First Pavlov State Medical University alumnus who earned his MD in internal medicine, as well as a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. Blagosklonny began his career as an associate professor at New York Medical College and went on to become the senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute, before becoming a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in 2009.


Mikhail has made significant contributions to Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed open access medical journal, where he explains how the body’s ability to rejuvenate cells can help stymie the prevalence of cancer amongst the aged population. In the article, he debunks the myth suggesting that aging is nothing more than a process of continued molecular damage; instead, he points to TOR signaling (the target of rapamycin) as a way to explain the relationship between cancer and aging. These findings have introduced the possibility of prescribing Rapamycin, originally developed as an immunosuppressant to prevent organ transplant rejection, as a cancer treatment drug.


Blagosklonny believes that Rapamycin could reduce the aging effect by limiting the body’s production of inflammatory cytokines, which are known to expedite aging. Blagosklonny’s hypothesis on anti-aging and cancer holds significant weight amongst fellow researchers; in fact, he has been recognized as an expert in the field of molecular biology and cellular differentiations. He is also well-regarded as an author, he has co-authored numerous books on research reviews and has published upwards of 180 articles revolving around the subject of cancer and the effects of certain drugs on patients. Furthermore, he has been lauded for his insights concerning the origin of cancer growth in the body’s immune system.


Mikhail Blagosklonny has a strong predilection for cancer research and anti-aging drugs; his studies consist of cancer therapies that protect human cells from damage, as well as biogerontology, which is a delineation of human aging. In fact, it’s through these studies that Blagosklonny discovered a new therapeutic use for Rapamycin; he concluded that in addition to reducing the spread of cancer cells, Rapamycin could also help boost the immune system.In addition to his scientific work, and his work as an author, Blagosklonny is also a proficient editor; he has edited who works for Oncotarget, Cell Cycle, and Aging journals, as well as Cancer Biology and Therapy, a publication predicated on publishing original research on the molecular basis of cancer. Furthermore, Blagosklonny serves on the editorial board for Cell Death & Differentiation, a journal that closely examines cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry of cell death and differentiation.

Wine Investments Grow In Popularity With The Aid Of UKV PLC

The 21st-century has been a time when the financial markets have seen many moments of record highs alongside periods when problems have beset the investment industry on Wall Street and across the planet. One of the investment areas so far unaffected by the potential pitfalls seen in many different areas of the investment markets has been the growing trend for investing in fine wines that have been sweeping the traditional markets of Europe and the growing markets identified across portions of Asia.

UKV PLC is one of the most respected and important wine merchants in the world with a growing client list attracted to the knowledge and excellent customer service offered by a small, yet impressive team of experts at the company. The experts at UKV PLC are always looking to make sure each and every individual investor has the chance to make the correct moves in creating their wine investment portfolio by retaining an independence guarded fiercely over the life of the company; UKV PLC has always shown its understanding of the benefits offered through an investment in fine wines that can reap major rewards for any individual.

Among the many impressive aspects of the work of UKV PLC is the fact the fine wines markets have always been somewhat protected against the problems facing wider markets; a good example of this is the destructive nature of the “Brexit” decision taken by the electorate of the U.K. as they set out to break away from the European Union which has played a major part in the destructive nature of the London stock exchange in 2016 and 2017. Fine wines have proven to be an aspect of financial markets immune to the “Brexit” decision as the wine markets have been growing in popularity for many looking for safe and stable investments.

UKV PLC has the ability to guide any individual in purchasing investment wines through the many impressive partnerships built by the wine merchant with vineyards and wineries across the globe. Across the financial markets, UKV PLC has the ability to help fine wines investors find the best route for their investment needs.

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