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Road to Success with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC specializing in helping startup companies and also acts as Sr. VP of Legendary Investments started his career ( ) on Mortgage Industry in 1995. He started his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator for four years. During his stay, he worked hard to develop relationships with financial planners, Real Estate Agents and other people who he makes business with. In 1999, he became part of Legacy Financial Group that gave him the opportunity to grow more and expand his mortgage skills. He helped its Maryland office to produce a multi-million worth of loan volume yearly for six years.

He opened Legendary Properties, LLC on 2002. His involvement in real estate became successful. It resulted to fast development on purchasing, reconstructing, and profiting on hundreds of transactions. He had a great relationship with people involved in building trades that resulted to highly well executed products.

In 2003, he joined the Arizona Charter Funding and became the Senior Vice President at Charter Corporation until 2007, says his Linked In page. Because of the many changes happening on mortgage at that time, Todd decided to focus back on the origination of purchase money lending. He studied most of the scenarios in lending specifically those clients that are usually being overlooked by conventional lenders. He uses his firm to help those borrowers.

According to, Todd Lubar owned quite a few companies in the Demolition industry, Real Estate Developments, night clubs industry and recycling industry. His exposure on different industries developed his skills in understanding what makes a business successful. And despite of being successful, he never stopped; instead he created TDL Global Ventures to help those who are just starting their road to success.




Internet Of Things: Opportunities For Apple, Startups, And More

It is time to appreciate the great benefits which have come as a result of the internet of things. The future is here. Before the web evolves to take over the lives of the people, we must appreciate that it has done a great job so far. For this reason, we are here taking on the goodness associated with the comprehension of this fact to do better business.

According to Jason Hope, the internet has done business and lives better in many ways. For those who are looking for services and products and they have no idea where they can get them, they must also work to take the significant benefits associated with its use. For this reason, the businesses themselves have many things to get through their assistance and integration.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things was first developed to have two or more computers communicate in a way which was determined as seamless. For this reason, the internet developed through its innovation and strategic moves to have it better and more intense in innovation. Its use, which was seen through the 90s, became one of the fastest-growing and adopted the business idea. Any people sought to purchase computers for home and office use in various departments of state and companies in the country. They all worked to have a better way to conduct their business without having to do anything manually. When the world was enlightened about the use of the internet to become a source of all things you need, businesses and companies began working to improve their online management portfolios.

In the later times, everyone was acquainted with its use. For all daily businesses, everyone has a way to achieve internet connection. If you have a watch which accesses the internet, it becomes a smart watch. For this reason, there are many more devices in the world which have adopted to take on the use of the internet to make lives better. A smartwatch is capable of locating you at any time. I have access to your location using its in-built techniques. The internet of things has indeed worked for the benefit of the people.

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Get The Minutes That You Need To Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones In A Correctional Facility

Do you want to become a part of a leading inmate communication network? There are thousands of families around the world that complain about the rising costs of inmate communications. Securus Technologies is an award winning inmate communications regulator that provides surveillance, monitoring, and communication safety. They have grown to become one of the largest inmate communications providers in the network. A recent PRN Newsire article has named them one of the largest growing networks in the industry and Securus has recently been awarded the BBB Accreditation award by the Better Business Bureau.


Securus has integrated with companies like JPay Services and Vimeo to bring you services that will bring you and your loved ones closer with advanced technological features. You can talk to your loved ones over the internet and save more money than ever before. You don’t have to worry about that difficult to interact with third party authorized agent. There are a thousands reasons for you to switch from your current provider, but the numbers are as simple as $4 to $1. More customers are choosing Securus over competitors like Global Tel-Link. You have the option of building a relationship with your loved ones in a correctional facility.


How would you like to talk to your loved ones over the internet? You can utilize the Vimeo feature that allows you to talk to your loved ones over an interactive video that is accessed through a downloadable app. Best of all, you pay a small one time fee at the time of your visit and that’s all. You can use their telephone network to put money in an inmate’s account or to get advance calling credits. You’re invited to visit the customer friendly Securus Technologies team for more details on programs, services, and promotional offers.



Timothy Armour’s Primary Focus In 2017

Timothy Armour is a finance and investment professional who has acquired a lot of experience in the sector. He has spent most of his career at the Capital Group Companies and currently serves as its chairman and the manager of equity portfolios.

Mr. Armour is also the current director, principal executive, and chairperson of the Capital Research and Management Company. He has been an employee of the firm for more than three decades and has acquired sufficient knowledge on its activities. The finance expert also worked for Capital Group as an equity investment analyst and his roles included overseeing all the undertakings of U.S-based enterprises and global telecommunications. He has been at the company from 1983 when he has hired by its associate program. Timothy acquired his degree in economics from the Middlebury College.

Mr. Armour is determined to work on various themes in 2017 and according to him, the year will be successful. The main issues that he will be addressing include interest rates. The rates were raised twice by the Fed is 2016. He will also be focused on corporate earnings, which are directly proportional to the rise of the global domestic product in the United States and the rest of the world. According to analyses, the country’s development rate will probably be high, and this will be clearly indicated in the corporate earnings. Timothy will also be dealing with the divergence between the growth rate inside the United States and outside the nation. Various countries in Europe and Japan have been facing different problems, but they are presently recovering. Corporate earnings can significantly rise if the economy of the world grows.

Timothy will also be having several investment meetings in the course of the year, and some of the principal matters that he will be addressing are the impacts of the rise in interest rates. These will include the probability of having inflation in the country and industries that will gain or lose. International monetary organizations might be interested in having an inflated economy since it is beneficial to them. These are the major investment issues that should be addressed globally.

The Capital Group current has a partnership with the Samsung Asset Management whereby they are interested in developing investment plans for Korean retail and organizational investors. Tim believes that the joint effort of the two firms will be essential in the development of an excellent product that will be helpful in the addressing retirement, insurance, and saving requirements in Korea.

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Martin Lustgarten is Ahead of the Game when it comes to Investment Banking

An investment bank is typically a financial institution, usually privately held, but sometimes a public entity, that is the source for a variety of financial related products and services. The services are available to corporations, governments and individuals. Investment banks raise capital by acting as the agent for a client for the purpose of securing securities and underwriting programs that perform for the purpose of raising funds. An additional investment banking service is to assist companies involved in acquisitions and mergers. The facilities also provide such services as equity securities, derivative trading and market creation.

Investment banks do not take deposits, as commercial banks do. The two entities of business in the investment banking industry are the “sell side” and “buy side.” The “sell side” revolves around trading securities for cash or other securities or for the promotion of securities. The “buy side” involves offering advice to institutions that buy investment services, such as hedge funds, unit trusts, life insurance companies, mutual funds and private equity funds.

Investment banks can be split into public and private functions. If such an institution opts for both public and private entities, the two entities are essentially closed to each to prevent information from crossing over to the opposite side. The public side offers services including public information such as stock analysis. The private side deals with private insider information that is typically not available or disclosed to the public.

One such investment bank professional is Florida based Martin Lustgarten. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm and has provided services to assist clients raise funds for a variety of business projects. His clients include organizations, entrepreneurs and corporations not only domestically, but worldwide. His services are among the most recognized in the industry, as he employs unique and innovative methods and strategies.

One of the most important services Lustgarten provides is customer service. Martin Lustgarten develops unique strategies for each individual client as he knows one size does not fit all. He always makes sure his clients spend their money their money in the right place and in the right way. Lustgarten has assisted numerous clients create successful projects that are profitable and greatly enhance their own portfolio.

Wen Can Make A Drastic Improvement In Your Hair

Women today have tons of choices that they must sort through to find products that work for them. It is usually trail and error that helps them decide which products to buy and become loyal to until something better comes along. When you go to the store to buy products there is usually an overwhelming amount to sort through unless you already know what you are there to buy. When you tire of the brand you have been using and want to try something different you may find yourself staring at tons of products which can leave you at a total loss.

Most of the products on the market strip the natural oils from your hair which leaves it damaged and frizzy. Shampoos usually contain sulfates which are damaging to hair and leave it feeling and looking in poor condition. It is important to find shampoos that are free of sulfates in order to get a healthy head of hair. There are a few on the market but they are soap based and can still strip the oils from your hair. One of the most effective products on the market for cleansing your hair without stripping it is Wen by Chaz Dean.

Wen is not a shampoo but rather a cleansing condition. It is made of botanicals and natural ingredients that leave hair looking better than ever before. Wen was created to give celebrity stylist Chaz Dean’s clients clean and manageable hair that would shine and bounce. He knew that shampoo was damaging and he created a blend of herbs and other essential oils in a creamy conditioner base that nourishes hair. See,

Wen has become incredibly popular ever since people have been witnessing how wonderful hair behaves after using it. After just one use you can see what a difference it makes. Wen is the secret to healthy and manageable hair. Wen products are available online at the website, and


Todd Lubar Understands The Real Estate Loan Process

Many people purchase real estate. There is almost never a day that goes by that people do not purchase real estate. In every city, there are usually real estate purchases that occur on a daily basis. At the heart of the real estate purchases that occur are usually several real estate professionals. While many people are aware of some of these real estate professionals such as the real estate agent and the real estate broker, one of the real estate professionals that is rarely noticed is the real estate loan professional.


In the real estate industry, there are many important areas. One of the most important areas is real estate loans. Inside the real estate loans area, there are numerous positions that help to keep the real estate industry moving efficiently. One of these positions is the real estate loan originator. The real estate industry has a large percentage of its real estate purchases that require the use of a real estate loan. There are many things that must be done to ensure that all real estate loans meet the requirements in place regarding the loans.


A real estate professional who understands the importance of real estate loans is Todd Lubar. As a real estate professional, the first job that Todd Lubar had was as a real estate loan originator. He started this job in the 1990s. The job provided Todd Lubar with the chance to learn a lot about real estate loans and the real estate industry.


Another important thing that the job provided was it gave Todd Lubar the desire to start a career in the real estate industry. He decided that he wanted to work in real estate loans because he really enjoyed the real estate loan originator position. Over the span of a decade, Todd Lubar held several real estate loan positions. He did very well in each position and learned about all aspects of the real estate industry.


After a decade of working in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar established his own real estate company that became very successful. He eventually started other real estate companies, which also became very successful. The focus of Todd Lubar’s real estate companies is on providing loans for people interested in purchasing real estate.

Dealing With Online Reputation Management Issues

Are you dealing with a reputation issue that needs to be addressed by a professional? Do you want to hire the services of a renowned online reputation management company? Perhaps you are aware that professionals can do a better job than you can in resolving reputation matters and rebuilding your brand.

With the power of the Internet growing every day, most small businesses can benefit from having an online presence. From social networking sites, to email marketing and advertising, to small business websites and SEO, there are a lot of process to promote and grow your business online.

Many years ago, online reputation management focused on repairing malicious content. Developing a strong social media presence for your company executives is a proven way to be proactive in protecting your company’s reputation and building a good brand.

Today it is easier to remove such information. Reputation management professionals from have the skills and resources to remove or suppress such content. They use SEO techniques to push down negative content and push up positive content in search results.

Responding to review and comments on social network sites is something you may wish to consider outsourcing or delegating to a social media sites marketing techniques manager for your business.

To sum up, online reputation management should be taken seriously in order to attain the success you desire. If you have a good relationship with your customers or clients, they will keep patronizing your business and spread the word about their pleasant experience. A flawless online reputation can be achieved by utilizing a blend of well-optimized websites, numerous positive reviews, and a well-developed reputation management system.

It can be time-consuming and really tough to not only stay on top of all mentions of your brand online, but to also perform it on a timely basis.

Reputation management professionals are available and can help you set up a good system to monitor conversations and address matters appropriately. They will evaluate your business and your current reputation monitoring method and suggest steps that need to be taken to ensure great results.




Anthony Petrello’s Work In Oil Drilling And Neurological Research

Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and was one of the most brilliant students in his class. He attended Yale University as a young man, and originally considered becoming a professional mathematician. He even studied under world famous mathematician Serge Lange who was instrumental in forging algebraic math. But when he came to graduate school at Harvard, he had a change of heart and decided to go into corporate law. After completing his J.D., he entered private practice at Baker & McKenzie in New York. While there, he served clients through advising compliance issues, taxation, corporate structure and other financial laws. It was through meeting executives from Nabors at Baker & McKenzie that he was offered employment at the oil company.

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Anthony Petrello is the CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries, one of Houston’s largest oil drilling and rig equipment companies. Petrello has helped the company maximize both land-based and offshore drilling production and has helped bring investors and capital funding to the company. Petrello has also led Nabors to develop proprietary software and automated technology for operations, and as of 2006 the company has had one of the world’s largest land oil rig fleet, Nabors Industries. Petrello joined Nabors over 25 years ago as Chief Operating Officer and has had years of business and legal experience at other places.

Anthony Petrello is also married to Cynthia Carrafa Petrello and has a daughter named Carena. Carena was born with a neurological disorder that could not be cured, but it drove Anthony and Cynthia to be a part of a foundation to help other children born with similar disorders. He met Dan and Jan Duncan who also shared the passion of philanthropy at Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Anthony Petrello and his family gave a gift to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to help fund research. Petrello is hopeful that one day a cure can be found for Cerebral Palsy and similar diseases.


Chris Burch Partners with Ellen DeGeneres to Launch Lifestyle

The relationship between fashion and technology



There is no doubt that fashion and technologies have an excellent relation and synergy in this generation. Although the two may seem different in many ways, they have evolved gradually over the years. One thing they have in common through the metamorphosis process, however, is their close interaction because, on some days, fashion transforms to technology while technology becomes fashion. The fascinating journey of growth and transformation between the two elements borders a lot of facts which questions the possible change in future.



Technology Becomes Fashionable



In the last century, let us say in the 70’s, most youths carried around their preferred tunes and stations for entertainment. They also brought cassettes decks and cassette music players until the 80’s where they added movies to the list of entertainment. In the 90’s the later took a turn for most people investing in personal music equipment like the Walkman which saw the transformation to the introduction of iPod. It, therefore, means that technology becomes a fashion with time depending on the numbers that embraced the new equipment.



Fashion Employs Technology



In the current generation, fashion is going through a metamorphosis process with fashion designers always developing styles that require the employment of technology. The need to create great pieces for clients calls for the demand in technology for excellent service delivery. Also, such requirements call for the need to generate innovative technology. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a great Dutch fashion designer, technology is like a playground, an arena for the experiment. To him the deeper you delve into the arena, the deeper its secrets and fascinations as it offers more ideas for the future. Anouk is prominent for her designs bordering the avant-garde element. She has designed several clothes including DareDroid, Pseudomorphs, Drink –making a dress and self –painting dress.



About Chris Burch



The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Chris Burch commenced in 1976 when he was a student at the College of Ithaca. He joined his brother in investing in a clothing line called Eagle’s Eye Apparel and after an enormous growth; they traded it to Swire Group. Chris is the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful businessperson and investor and has put his money in companies for over forty years. He is the great brain behind amazing brands like Faena Hotel and Universe, Voss Water, Poppin, and Jawbone. In 2011, Chris launched C.Wander, accessories, and home décor line. When Ellen DeGeneres was launching her brand dubbed lifestyle, Chris announced their partnership. Chris Burch loves fashion and technology.