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Former Hawks Ownership Sues Insurance Company over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Company, the former NBA franchise ownership group, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance Company for the contract breach which involved the claims for settlement made by the previous management team led by Danny Ferry.

The former ownership group of the Hawks (AHBE) had the inclusion of the controlling partner Bruce Levenson. The litigation did not have any addition of the current management of the company which is under the leadership of Tony Ressler.

The lawsuit filed in the Fulton County Superior Court in September against New Hampshire Assurance Company and Bruce Levenson. AHBE has a claim that the insurance company had them covered for any loss related to the wrongful termination of work, workplace torts, and employment practices. According to the documents presented in court, the company gave notice to the insurance form in 2015 about the covered claims for recompense.

Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement in closed doors with the insurance company in 2015. The six-year relationship ended with a closed sum of $18 million in 2012. The sale of the franchise was approved two days after the events were presented in court. The Ressler-led group was to purchase the team while the process in court continued.

According to a PR News report, the current ownership of Hawks, the litigation has nothing to do with the new management. For this reason, they are aware of the litigation. The parties involved in the litigation are former managers of the company. Therefore, they do not have any further comment on the matter.

According to the documents presented at the court, the settlement amount is confidential. The litigation states that the liability limits provides a confidential statement that the court can access. In the lawsuit, they state that the insurance company has refused to compensate them for the agreed settlement stated in the insurance policy that covers the company.

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Why is José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian Ad Agency Mullen Lowe the First Choice of Any Business?

Today any Brazilian business house looking for the best ad agency for his business would look no further than the Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian ad agency parallel to none in the country. The company is managed by the none other than the scintillating José Henrique Borghi, whose incredible depth of creativity has left many stupefied and agape. The amazing results, he had got for many of his clients have earned him an extremely high recommendation from all and especially his clients throughout Brazil and abroad. Everybody realizes that a great advertising strategy can make all the difference between a spectacular and a poor performance of any advertising and marketing campaign.

José Henrique Borghi and his team of experts are the ultimate in meeting all the requirements beyond expectation. Producing unusually inventive and graphically striking authentic ads, his ads not only capture attention but garner plenty of attention as well. He has helped create many campaigns that have managed to communicate the true essence of the company to its customers. His experience and exposure to a variety of business during his career come extremely handy. Over a period, José Henrique Borghi has proved that his unique ideas in creating ad campaigns faces no competition and yields outstanding results. It is his affectivity that has made many Brazilian business and entrepreneurs seek his help in turning the fate around of their ineffective and floundering advertising projects.

Throughout his career, José Henrique Borghi had worked for several ad agencies like Leo Burnett, Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB. He has over 25 years of rich experience behind him. One of his most celebrated campaigns is one that was created for Parmalat which spoke out against the prejudice meted out to people who have Down’s syndrome. His outstanding work has obviously won him numerous awards. He even got the ‘Advertising Professional of the Year‘ award in 2014.

New Video Chat Service Nets Talk Fusion Top Communications Industry Award

Talk Fusion is a revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their clients over email and other social networking platforms. The company offers innovative solutions for video marketing via proprietary video technology. It does this through developing video email, conferencing and broadcasting solutions, as well as video-based products for social networking.

The company was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, the founder, and current Chief Executive Officer. Because of his leadership, the concepts of philanthropy and giving back to the community are deeply ingrained into the company culture. The main aim of Talk Fusion is to change lives, and help businesses grow, trump their competition, and drive up sales through its video technology. The company’s products are affordable and are marketed through a sort of network marketing model in over 140 countries by independent sales associates.

In mid-2016, Talk Fusion’s flagship Video Chat product was awarded the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The award was created to honor revolutionary data, voice and video communication services and products. TMC Chief Executive Officer, Rich Tehrani, announced the award via a press release in August 2016. He lauded Talk Fusion’s innovative products, calling the company market leaders within the communications industry, offering the best products in the market today.

He went on to explain Video Chat’s ease of accessibility played a significant role in getting Talk Fusion the award. By harnessing the potential of WebRC technology Video Chat lets users talk with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. This accolade was the second Talk Fusion received from TMC in 2016.

On receipt of the award, Bob Reina explained that Talk Fusion would be launching a number of innovative products in the course of the year. These include FreeTrials and the WebRTC reader, as well as a new, more exciting website. Talk Fusion’s reputation for efficiency and innovation has meant that user anticipation for these new products has been growing exponentially.

Talk Fusion offers businesses a way to be memorable, create exciting content, and remain relevant to their clients. With the success of Video Chat and the other new products in the pipeline, businesses can now access new technological solutions to help them stand out from the crowd.

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How Fabletics Took Over The World Of Athletic Apparel

When actress Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in 2013, many people assumed that the brand was simply a startup company with a celebrity spokesperson attached. However, tens of millions of dollars later, it’s clear that the talented Kate Hudson was also born to be an entrepreneur.


As the CEO and founder of Fabletics, her athletic apparel brand, Hudson has developed several bold strategies to further the company’s success over the last four years. From the brand’s unique subscription service model to her innovative take on brick-and-mortar stores, it’s clear that Fabletics isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now that the brand is outselling Amazon in the workout apparel department, more and more business moguls are taking notice of Hudson’s fresh yet sharp approach to running a fashion business.


Aside from developing impressive business strategies, Fabletics is also highly successful because of its products. Launched at a time when the athleisure trend was just beginning to take over the fashion industry, Hudson stocked her online store with an endless amount of casual chic workout apparel items like printed leggings, slouchy yet fashionable tank tops and jersey dresses made with sweat-resistant fabrics.



The Subscription Service Model


Customers who shop on the Fabletics website are urged to subscribe in order to become VIP members. As a VIP member, customers can receive a brand new workout outfit each month for a recurring fee of $49.95. Shipping is free.


The convenience of this model has attracted fitness enthusiasts around the world. Upon signing up, VIP members must first fill out a lifestyle quiz that tells Fabletics about what kind of items the customer likes best. Then, Fabletics selects the outfits out for the customer and ships it to their door.


Blogger Teri Hutcheon was enticed by the value of the membership program. Because the VIP membership program discounts each item, Hutcheon was able to get high-quality athletic apparel items for an incredibly affordable price. While most athletic apparel brands charge $50 for a pair of leggings, Fabletics VIP members receive a complete workout outfit for just about the same price.



Fabletics Stores


Over the last couple of years, Hudson has been opening up physical Fabletics stores that follow the reverse showroom strategy made famous by tech company Apple. Instead of relying on the physical stores for a portion of the company’s revenue, Fabletics uses these stores to drive traffic to the online store.


When a customer tries on a piece of Fabletics clothing, that item is placed in their online shopping cart. While they shop, employees educate them about the VIP membership program. Plus, the stores allow customers to see the clothes in person before signing up for the program.


As of now, about 35 percent of customers who have made a purchase in a Fabletics store are already VIP members. About 25 percent of customers who enter a Fabletics store who aren’t already members end up signing up before they walk out.


Thanks to the success of this strategy, Hudson is opening up more stores around the world over the next few years.



Sign Up


If you’re not already a VIP member, visit to take the lifestyle quiz and start getting complete workout outfits in the mail each month.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Everything You Need to Know about Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital. The Austin-based company is a leading alternative investment boutique whose primary objective is to source profitable real estate, hedge funds and private equities that are constantly eluding potential investors. Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the company’s staff strength has astronomically grown from 1 to more than 30 employees.

Jeffry Schneider hails from Manhattan. He is not just a CEO, but also a man who delights in being a loving husband and an occasional marathon runner. Through his expertise and leadership, Ascendant Capital has been able to raise nearly $1 billion on behalf of several managers. Asides this great achievement, Ascendant Capital works constantly with over 250 investment Advisors, 50 broker dealers, and numerous family offices. The phenomenal growth of the company looks set to continue as Jeffry and his team plan on a record breaking strategy which will see the company raise $50 million on a monthly basis and more important information click here.

It is Jeffry Schneider’s philosophy that today’s markets require alternative investments which will help reduce volatility and diversify holdings. Ascendant Capital’s recent success can be attributed to this line of thought and the company’s unique culture of trust and transparency between team members. The company has a chain of interests but also make its primary responsibility to its investors a priority.

Living the life of a CEO and a regular life can be demanding but Jeffry Schneider manages to find a balance. He enjoys staying fit and eating healthy; his love for marathon running has enabled him to be a part of several Marathon events.

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Sam Boraie, Businessman, Humanitarian and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development in New Brunswick, New Jersey and he is also an active philanthropist and humanitarian. He is currently a Board member at the State Theater New Jersey, Boys and Girls Club and Elijah’s Promise in the New Brunswick.


Boraie Development has been in business for over 30 years. They focus on real estate development, property management and marketing and sales within the urban real estate market.


Sam Boraie’s company was listed as a honoree of the State Theatre Benefit Gala on May 17, 2014. The Gala fundraiser brought in $765,000 for the non-profit community theater. The fundraiser and the money it brought in, will help the theater to continue bringing quality performing artists to the New Brunswick area, as well as, encourage an appreciation of the arts through education.


Elijah’s Promise, where Sam Boraie is a member of the advisory board, motto is simple, “Food Saves Lives”. Their purpose is to help break the cycle of poverty by providing food for those that are hungry. And since their tool is food, they not only are trying to alleviate hunger but also offer individuals the personal training in cooking they may need to supply nutritious meals to their family or education and job training in the culinary and baking arts programs.


Sam Boraie is and has made his mark on the New Brunswick community. As you can see his business, his philanthropy and humanitarian contributions have helped to continually lift a community up and to thrive.

Investing in Real Estate

There are many people today who are interested in investing in real estate for a number of reasons. Not only is it a great way to learn about the overall economy, but many people are starting to have success making money again in this area. After the financial crash, the real estate industry was a tough one to break into. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in terms of investment financing as well. This is usually one of the biggest obstacles to starting out in this industry. However, technology is allowing people more options to borrow the money to make an investment.


Arthur Becker


Some people in the real estate industry have been having success for decades. Arthur Becker is an example of this, and he has built up a large empire that is making a huge impact on the world. With all of the changes that are taking place in the economy, you need to make sure you are prepared to invest for the future. Arthur Becker has a lot of tips for people who are just starting out in the business. He wants to prevent people from making the same mistakes that he made when he was young. With that being said, he has proven that he is ready and willing to take a risk when he sees the potential reward is worth it. If you are in line with this line of thinking, you can learn a lot of great things from him.


Final Thoughts


Overall, real estate is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy today. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place as well. If you are ready to start your journey to investing, you need to make sure you are learning form people who have had success in this area over time. Arthur Becker is one of those people, and he wants to help others in their journey as well. Start learning about real estate today before you jump in and buy an investment property.

Jim Hunt, CEO Of VTA Publications Talks About Recent Market Developments

The US presidential election of 2016 had quite an impact on the market with the unexpected victory for Donald J. Trump. In the days following Trump’s victory, the stock market took various turns from a 1000 point downfall, but then surging for an all-time high of 20,000 in recent days. Various investment experts have been unsettled by these events, but not Jim Hunt who has always taken an objective look at the markets. Hunt is the founder of a UK-based company, VTA Publications. Hunt says the overall downturn that happened in the market was far less of a crater than the events of 2008, though he also says the record upturn is very likely to come down soon. He does believe both the financial and industrial sectors will perform well under the Trump administration reported on

Jim Hunt is always finding ways to make good investments and trades in both bear and bull markets. He’s known for sharing secrets about investing that most investment experts and banks will not share with their customers, and he started VTA Publications because he wanted to serve the customers that most big banks ignore. VTA Publications offers information to aspiring investors and entrepreneurs about retirement planning, stock charts, trades and insights gleaned from some of the world’s leading investors and businessmen. The information on has been taken not only from Hunt’s research and experience in the field, but even from old books and manuscripts including the bible. VTA Publications distributes the information both in print and electronic media format.

In addition to the materials published at his company, Hunt also is known to show tutorials and post market information on his YouTube channel at He’ll take his audience through the latest stock market developments and show them how he executes his trades. He also founded two programs he’s posted video updates about called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about the hands money changes in a bear market, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about picking the right stocks to trade that can multiply 10 times to millionaire status. You can find out more about Hunt and his programs on

Road to Success with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC specializing in helping startup companies and also acts as Sr. VP of Legendary Investments started his career ( ) on Mortgage Industry in 1995. He started his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator for four years. During his stay, he worked hard to develop relationships with financial planners, Real Estate Agents and other people who he makes business with. In 1999, he became part of Legacy Financial Group that gave him the opportunity to grow more and expand his mortgage skills. He helped its Maryland office to produce a multi-million worth of loan volume yearly for six years.

He opened Legendary Properties, LLC on 2002. His involvement in real estate became successful. It resulted to fast development on purchasing, reconstructing, and profiting on hundreds of transactions. He had a great relationship with people involved in building trades that resulted to highly well executed products.

In 2003, he joined the Arizona Charter Funding and became the Senior Vice President at Charter Corporation until 2007, says his Linked In page. Because of the many changes happening on mortgage at that time, Todd decided to focus back on the origination of purchase money lending. He studied most of the scenarios in lending specifically those clients that are usually being overlooked by conventional lenders. He uses his firm to help those borrowers.

According to, Todd Lubar owned quite a few companies in the Demolition industry, Real Estate Developments, night clubs industry and recycling industry. His exposure on different industries developed his skills in understanding what makes a business successful. And despite of being successful, he never stopped; instead he created TDL Global Ventures to help those who are just starting their road to success.




Internet Of Things: Opportunities For Apple, Startups, And More

It is time to appreciate the great benefits which have come as a result of the internet of things. The future is here. Before the web evolves to take over the lives of the people, we must appreciate that it has done a great job so far. For this reason, we are here taking on the goodness associated with the comprehension of this fact to do better business.

According to Jason Hope, the internet has done business and lives better in many ways. For those who are looking for services and products and they have no idea where they can get them, they must also work to take the significant benefits associated with its use. For this reason, the businesses themselves have many things to get through their assistance and integration.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things was first developed to have two or more computers communicate in a way which was determined as seamless. For this reason, the internet developed through its innovation and strategic moves to have it better and more intense in innovation. Its use, which was seen through the 90s, became one of the fastest-growing and adopted the business idea. Any people sought to purchase computers for home and office use in various departments of state and companies in the country. They all worked to have a better way to conduct their business without having to do anything manually. When the world was enlightened about the use of the internet to become a source of all things you need, businesses and companies began working to improve their online management portfolios.

In the later times, everyone was acquainted with its use. For all daily businesses, everyone has a way to achieve internet connection. If you have a watch which accesses the internet, it becomes a smart watch. For this reason, there are many more devices in the world which have adopted to take on the use of the internet to make lives better. A smartwatch is capable of locating you at any time. I have access to your location using its in-built techniques. The internet of things has indeed worked for the benefit of the people.

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