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Paul Mampilly: A Different Perspective In Investing


Paul Mampilly is currently a research and investment analyst. He also runs The Profits Unlimited newsletter that gives explanations to regular Americans on how to invest their money.

Paul has a rich profile in the investments sector with more than 20 years of experience on Wall Street. This has not been a result of luck but dedication and extensive research.


From his market history, Paul Mampilly has recorded consecutive successful investments while managing accounts worth millions of dollars. He began his career on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager with the Bankers Trust. Through merit and visible achievements, Paul Mampilly quickly rose to prominent positions. For instance, he was managing multimillion-dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING.

As a result of his outstanding performance, the owners of Kinetics Asset Management, a firm worth $6 billion recruited him as a manager of their hedge fund. Under Paul Mampilly’s leadership, the firm’s assets quickly rose to more than $25 billion. This brought about Barron’s naming it as one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds because it averaged 26% annual returns during Mampilly’s tenure.

Mampilly’s excellent record earned him an invitation to participate in the Templeton Foundation coveted investment competition. Mampilly was given a starting investment of $50 million. In one year, he was able to generate returns growing the initial investment to $88 million. This was even more impressive as he achieved it in the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

The Different Perspective

Despite his exemplary record on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly eventually grew tired of the pressure and the pace on Wall Street. In addition, he was not satisfied by making money for the 1% elite class. Therefore, he retired from Wall Street to spend more time with his family. Even after retiring from Wall Street, Paul Mampilly is still an investor.

Paul Mampilly has shifted his focus to ensure that he is able to help the Main Street Americans. Through his newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, Mampilly manages to show the regular Americans how they can invest their money something he could not do while on the Wall Street.

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