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Serge Belamant and Blockchain Tech: A Primer

Blockchain technology is on the bleeding edge of the new tech revolution. Serge Belamant helped create that revolution in the 90s. While the late 1990s and early 2000s saw rapid technological developments with the internet, apps, and digital communication growing like wildfire- we have not had any staggering success in consumer-facing tech other than mobile phones. That is all changing with the rapid and widespread adoption rate of Serge Belamant blockchain powered applications for daily life.Net1’s technology has the potential to create massive free cash flows in the fin-tech space. If things continue on the same path, it is very likely that the company will be in a top business position to purchase all of their public shares sometime before 2023.

This means that Net1 stock is currently tremendously undervalued with a pretty significant amount of upside potential to rise.Net1’s UEPS technology is a patented type of blockchain tech that is written directly onto a smart card that is similar to a debit or credit card. These cards are compatible with any system that uses EMVs, or European Mastercard or Visa.The cards are used wherever these cards are able to be processed and work exactly the same as your debit card does now, at least to the end user. On the POS sale, these cards can process blockchain-driven transactions without the need for a plugged in or internet connected system– which is unheard of in the point of sale industry.

Serge Belamant created this technology and now consumers are going to benefit from it.The biggest selling point of these cards is the fact that they are able to be used without a central processing computer. Generally, these systems are used by financial providers to create the opportunity for transactions to be encrypted, analyzed, decrypted and declined or authorized. The fact that the tech developed by Serge Belamant works in places other than your standard store is a huge deal. The future is filled with potential uses for the blockchain, and digital/financial transactions are an ideal place to start. The ability to reduce fraud and overhead make this tech something we will all see in our daily lives.