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How Jason Hope Perceives The Implication Of Internet Of Things In The Airline Industry

The internet of things is no longer a fictional story. Though it has not fully developed, soon, your slice of bread will be alerting your toaster that it’s not toasting uniformly.

The internet has facilitated a wireless connection in almost every object we use. This is altering how vehicle, toothbrushes and even medical equipment operate. According to Gartner Inc., a front-runner in technological exploration, by 2020, over 25 billion items would be linked globally.

The vast implication on the airline industry, which is attributed to the internet of things, is making senior officials in the industry to pay close attention to the new development. Actually, by now, 37% of airlines have set aside a portion of their budget, which will proceed to implement rehearses based on IoT. About 58% of the executives plan to start employing these means within the next three years. With such statistics, it clear that in days to come, the internet of things with be an essential part of the airline business. In fact, its effects have started to be felt as of now.

In this editorial, Jason Hope, a futurist and technology entrepreneur, highlights that the internet of things will improve the airline industry.


Jason Hopes say that Beacons will be used to monitor the condition of safety items such as life jackets and toolboxes. Jason Hope points out to the safety of the Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s, where from the nose to the rudder, each part of the plane is linked to a wireless network. Data within the plane is gathered and analyzed, and planned maintenance is routinely monitored.

Customer Service

Heightened security threats and Impulsive ticket prices have recently caused a lot of suffering on travelers. Airlines are employing IoT to resolve that. With the implementation of IoT, Jason Hope says customers will now enjoy:
• Easy check-in
• Personalized travel- beacon will guilde throughout one’s journey. The technology enabled on Qantas Airways recalls one’s previous use of virtual reality on a trip and suggests choices accordingly.
• Creature Comforts- various airline are mounting seat sensors to track passenger enjoyment.
• Baggage Handling- travelers will be able to check their luggage throughout their journey with the help of Beacon.

The future

According to Jason Hope, internet of things implication will not just be felt now. Technologies being advanced and executed by now will have a significant impact in the future. Jason considers that opportunities are virtually unbounded. IoT expertise will change the manner in which people fly.

To sum up, there will be handles along the way. Jason Hope is optimistic about how IoT can transform not only the airline industries but also the other sector. As of now, airlines are starting to implement technologies that geared towards making traveling a pleasure.

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