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The Power of Wikipedia in Developing an Online Presence


In an article by the Times Higher Education, Chris Havergal describes a new trend in academia that affirms the use of Wikipedia and other online sources, a move that contrasts previous attitudes towards these online platforms. Many professors have discouraged the use of Wikipedia in their classrooms but as Havergal has observed, the incorporation of online encyclopedias into the classroom could positively transform the ways in which students and professors interact. By utilizing the tools and platforms granted by the Internet, professors recognize that students do not operate in a vacuum — rather, they work within digital ecosystems that rely on the circulation of content outside of the classroom. In giving students the opportunity to create and update a Wikipedia page, professors give their students a greater sense of purpose as their content develops a tangible presence on the web. 

While it is clear that students benefit greatly from Wikipedia page creation in the classroom, Wikipedia has become a powerful resource for a countless number of businesses, organizations, and individuals. It provides anyone with Internet access an immediate repository of information on any topic. When using a search engine, Wikipedia entries related to the search are almost guaranteed to be within the first few results. This accessibility can truly aid an organization or public figure in advertising ideals, products, and messages. But in order to make the most out of Wikipedia, hiring Wikipedia editors from the service provided by Get Your Wiki is crucial.

The process of creating, editing, and maintaining a Wikipedia article can be a laborious process. When you create a Wiki page it involves the intricate citation of a variety of sources and must follow specific stylistic guidelines. The article must convey the information as extensively as possible while maintaining a neutral tone. Even if the process of writing the article is manageable, there is also the task of maintaining the page. Since Wikipedia articles can be changed and updated by anyone on the web, it is important to continually check that no one has introduced errant information to the page when doing their Wikipedia edits. These challenges are solved by the use of Get Your Wiki, a Wiki writing service that creates, edits, and maintains Wikipedia pages for all kinds of businesses, organizations, and public figures. Get Your Wiki is composed of a team of Wiki editors for hire experienced in writing and maintaining Wikipedia articles. The professionals behind Get Your Wiki allow anyone to develop a powerful online presence without the headaches.