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The Reception of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has recently released the rest of his debut novel. The novel is written in a unique style. This style is inspiring a lot of criticism and controversy. For this particular novel, Penn has chosen a less traditional route and written in a difficult to understand manner. The confusing mix of subjects is written in a way that provides Penn with the opportunity to deliver harsh truths among a mix of events. Overall, the reception of this novel has been passionate. Many people believe that the novel is an opportunity for Penn to vent his personal opinions and views on the world. Penn however, fails to concede this point. He is quoted as saying “I think, we are in a sad to state where fiction is attributed to opinion… Where fiction can’t be just read as it is.”


This quote seems to imply Penn may not agree with every opinion of his character but it is not conclusive. What is conclusive is the attention being received by Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In the last few years, the acclaimed actor has in his own words fallen out of love was acting. He intends to make novel writing his new creative outlet. In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, he seems to express some doubt that his future novels may be published however he does intend to write them. Overall, he expresses an appreciation for being able to work independently.


Sean Penn’s main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a depressed middle-aged man who supports himself through a variety of odd jobs. These jobs include selling to septic tanks as well as acting as an assassin. The main character engages in a series of tirades throughout the book expressing his disgruntlement with the world as it is in his story. Within the book, the main character writes a letter to what many people believe is a symbol for Donald Trump. The parallels between Sean Penn’s politics and the politics of his main character lead many people to believe that this is just a vent book for that actor.