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Todd Lubar Tips For Investors

Todd Lubar is one of the most prominent real estate experts in the country. Not only does he own a real estate company, but he is also an avid real estate investor. He donates his time and money to various causes in his community. He firmly believes that successful business owners should utilize their resources to help other people.

Starting Out in Real Estate

The real estate industry is always changing. There are usually financial opportunities when changes occur. Todd Lubar started out as a real estate agent decades ago. Although Todd Lubar enjoyed selling homes to buyers, he wanted to increase his income and have more freedom in his life.

Todd decided to start a real estate company. Property management was a growing industry at the time. Starting a property management company required almost no capital. Although it was difficult the first few years, Todd Lubar now owns a huge property management company that generates profits every month. Check out


According to Inspirery, while helping clients with property management services, Todd Lubar learned that real estate investing is a great way to generate monthly income. He decided to start purchasing rental properties when he had the capital to do so. Over the years, he acquired dozens of rental units. These rental units generate monthly income for him to use on other investments.

Helping Others

Todd Lubar enjoys helping others in various ways. He started a mentoring club for young real estate investors. A mentoring club is a proven concept to help people in numerous ways. Todd Lubar also started a private equity business to help real estate investors raise capital. One challenging aspect of real estate investing is getting approval for real estate loans from a bank. Todd Lubar works with other investors to offer money to new investors at a reasonable interest rate.

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